Marry the person who makes me sleep well

At the age of 26, my colleague introduced me to a boyfriend called Chen Yuan. He is 4 years older than me. He is an excellent and ambitious man. The most important thing is that we are very happy to talk. He often gives me some guidance in life and work. It is a good teacher and friend in my life. I have been together for more than a year, and I feel good about each other. Chen Yuan wants to take me back to my hometown in Hunan to see his parents. I am so happy to see him so sincerely want to come with me. In the New Year, he drove his new car and took me back.

In order to get home as soon as possible, we got up early and set off at 5 in the morning. If it goes well, you will be home that evening. Unexpectedly, the road was still blocked, and the car had to stop for a long time. It’s hard to get to the service area that doesn’t look far on the navigation at 8 or 9 in the evening. At this time, I was so sleepy that I couldn’t open my eyes. I asked Chen Yuan, “How long will it be?” Chen Yuan comforted. “Come on, normal, only two or three hours’ drive, then stick to it, baby.” I am a little unhappy, “That’s not Is it a traffic jam? Or if we first find a hotel nearby, take a good sleep and start tomorrow morning.” Chen Yuan gave me a serious analysis. “Many people live in the hotel at night, so the hotel is not good. Looking for it, another one, everyone is staying at the hotel, the car on the road is not so much, we are just on the road. Otherwise, it will be blocked in the daytime tomorrow. If you are sleepy, just squat in the car for a while, at night. The car should be less, we can get home in the early hours of the morning.” I habitually convinced him. The body listened to his orders and got into the car, but his heart was separated from him.

At one o’clock in the morning, I finally arrived at his home. I thought that I could sleep down to life. I didn’t expect to be called up by Chen Yuan early in the morning: Baby, don’t rush to sleep late today, see my parents on the first day, you have to make a good impression on them. They have all cooked their meals, get up and say hello to them and have a meal together. Let’s make up our minds this evening. When I saw it, it was only 7 o’clock, and I pressed the anger in my heart and reluctantly got up.

After coming back last year, I proposed a breakup. In fact, I just want to test him. If he can recognize his mistake, I will forgive him. But he still couldn’t figure it out: “Because I didn’t let you live in the hotel, because I didn’t let you sleep late?” At this moment, I know that everything is over. We have been with each other for so long, but he has not really understood me. What I want seems to be just a good night’s sleep, but the meaning behind it is far more than just sleeping. In my opinion, a man who doesn’t care even the most basic needs of sleeping, how can I really think about it for me?

Although it was my breakup, I was particularly uncomfortable. I was insomnia that night. I want to talk to a person, but the night is already deep. I saw a few avatars in QQ. One of them was a colleague I met when I participated in the event. His name is Lin Biao. We only talked a few words and left the phone and never contacted. But I can’t take care of it when I am in a hurry. Maybe because I am not so familiar, there is no burden. I hesitated to call him, but it really went. There was a sound of sleepiness in the phone. It turned out that he had already slept, just forgot to turn off QQ, so the avatar is still on. I was about to hang up. He adjusted the sound of sleeping and encouraged me to go on. I told him what he broke up. He listened quietly to my long story, and comforted me from time to time. Soon, the day will be bright. After a conversation, I feel much better in my heart.

Since then, I have regarded Lin Biao as a man’s girlfriend, and often confided to him, he always listened to me. Once Lin Biao went to Shanghai for a business trip, when I asked for dinner at night, I asked him, “In fact, we are not very familiar. You obviously can not sleep on my phone that night. Why do you want to pick it up?” One serious saying, “You are a girl who is outside. It is definitely not a trivial matter to call this late. If something happens that can’t be done, I want to find a life-saving straw. If my last hope is extinguished. Isn’t that sin too big?” I didn’t expect this guy to be not only good at heart but also very careful. After a meal, I started to have a good impression on him.

Later, I quit my job and opened an online store. The initial stage was extremely difficult. Lin Biao called me every day to encourage me. I also helped me to recruit a lot of business. My online store has gradually improved. Later, the business was getting better and better, and I often responded to customer inquiries at 12 o’clock in the evening. Lin Biao always reminds me not to be so late, the body is tight. I am listening to these things during the excitement, and I am still doing the same every day. He saw that I was ineffective in persuading me, and I started the store for me. Every night at 10:30, he called to remind me to sleep, and for the next two hours he served as a customer service for me. When I got up the next day, I saw that his last reply in the chat record of the first day sometimes even lasted until 1 am. And he did not say anything when he was willing to do all this for me silently.

On the day of the Double Eleven, it was too busy to come. I needed a person to pack it for me and send the goods in my hand as soon as possible. After Lin Biao learned that, after the completion of the shift, he rushed from the company to the place where I rented it alone. It was already 10 o’clock in the evening. He didn’t say anything, just let go of the bag. I taught him to play a few and he will. We played at 11:30 and saw that I was too sleepy. He said with distress, “You go to sleep first, and the rest of me come.” “Do you still have to go to work tomorrow?” He lifted the cloth. The big, bloodshot eyes said nothing, “Nothing, no delay.” Later, I realized that every time he stunned his eyes, he would have bloodshot eyes. I put down the goods in my hand, went into the bedroom, and looked back. He didn’t have a tall figure in the light and he was so busy that it made me feel sore and sore.

The next morning, when I woke up, Lin Biao had disappeared. I called him, he was coming out of the hotel near my house and went to the company by car. The goods piled up in front of me made me relieved. I roughly figured out that Lin Biao helped me pack at least half of it last night, and the last one was shipped at 3:40 in the morning. I remembered the bit by bit with Lin Biao, I made a decision.

Lin Biao’s birthday is a weekend. We made an appointment to come to my house in the morning. We went shopping together and cooking. I also said that I would give him a special birthday present. Lin Biao was very happy and came over early in the morning. I am still asleep, completely ignorant of his arrival. When I woke up, the familiar figure was already busy in the kitchen. I stared at my eyes. “No, what time is it? Are you breakfast or lunch?” Lin Biao was not the first to teach me, and while washing the garlic in his hand, he said with dissatisfaction: Hey, someone said that I want to send my most special birthday present. I know that I can’t tell you. It’s a sin to see you sleeping so much, and then wake you up, so I have to buy food myself. You Let me see what time it is. I will leave you in the steamer for breakfast. I am doing lunch now.” My heart was stunned: Lin Biao thought that the birthday gift I sent him was to make a meal for him. The guy is too easy to satisfy.

I squinted and slammed on his back, clutching his waist: “The birthday present is me! From then on, my great living person is yours.” Lin Biao looked confused: “You Wouldn’t it mean to marry me?” “Why, you don’t want to?” “Of course not. I am too happy to come. But you have to give me a reason? If you are impulsive, then regret it?” “I looked at the ceiling shyly. “Because you would rather sleep with me than sleep, and I wouldn’t let me squat and sleep; because you would rather stay up all night for me to stay up all night; because you are busy with my business. After delaying myself to sleep, there is no complaint; in short, because you are the one who makes me sleep well and keeps my heart steady…” Lin Biao smiled, because of this? Why, this is not enough? He looks like a pity of jade, “It seems that my wife is also an easy-to-satisfather! I am relieved now, marry me, you must not regret it!”

When the spring blossoms, we received the certificate. The house that Lin Biao bought near the company was also renovated. We moved in for a while and moved in. After the marriage, Lin Biao took care of all aspects of my life. In addition to caring about whether I am eating well, sleeping well, I have considered my future very well. Because the house was bought before he knew me, only his own name. But in order to protect my interests, he offered to add my name.

In the summer, I was bitten by mosquitoes in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep. He climbed up and gave me mosquitoes. In the winter, I always love to sweat, and when I sweat, I will take the quilt aside, and there is always a big hand in the squat to cover me. Whenever this time, I will be glad in my heart, marrying such a person who makes me sleep well is the most correct choice in my life. Because I believe that in the long years, we spend most of our time in triviality. If the most instinctual needs of eating and sleeping can’t be taken care of by the other side, how can we extravagize him for the first time in a moment that cannot be considered? thought of you? And one moment, remembering whether your smallest needs are met, and treating all your small things as big things will certainly protect you at the most critical moments, making you feel safe and steady.