Love myths through life and death in the flames

Saxophone sounded in the smoke of the fire
Crad is a saxophone player, and he is fascinated by a combination of ensembles that have always been a talented lover, Jenny. On the evening of July 20, 2004, the “Sunset” nightclub in the northern city of Amarin, Texas, invited Fred and Jenny to play for the ball. The ball is held on the 6th floor.

The dance is going on in a lively way. Two hours later, the lights in the ballroom suddenly went out, and a scream came from outside the ballroom: “Fire, escape!”

This creepy scream made people horrified. People shouted at each other and desperately ran towards the bright exit. After the fire, Creed also took Jenny’s hand and rushed out. In the chaos, Creed and Jenny did not throw the saxophone away.

After the crowd rushed to the stairway, a thick smoke quickly rushed up and forced the crowds who fled to the door to go back. At this time, the people who escaped from the downstairs slammed the crowds that were rushing out. The two forces joined together at the entrance of the ballroom, and the push was even more fierce. Creed realized that the fire broke out from the downstairs, and the downstairs must be a raging fire. Thinking of this, Crade hurriedly took Jenny back to the ballroom with the crowd. Soon, nearly 200 people gathered in the dance hall, and there were whine and shouts echoing around.

The scenes of horror in the dance hall made Crade understand that he fled in a panic, not burned by fire, but also trampled on each other and died. Crade shouted loudly and asked everyone to remain calm. However, in the bursts of smoke and the panic of people, his lonely voice was quickly overwhelmed. This situation, let Craid a sense of sorrow, he lifted the saxophone to his lips.

In the panic-stricken dance hall, a long-lasting “go home” sounded soothingly. The melodious music of Creed touched people, and the crowds in the ballroom were quiet and quiet.

Go through the raging fire and go home
Although Jenny’s hand has been tightly held by Creed from the beginning of the fire until “Going Home”, her heart is still fearful. When “Going Home” sounded to suppress the panic of the ballroom, Jenny couldn’t help but watched Fred smile.

However, the music of a “going home” has not been exhausted, and the smoke in the dance hall is getting thicker and thicker. There was a hint of ominous hunch in her heart. The fire started to spread from below the 6th floor. Undoubtedly, the way out must have been completely sealed off. As the fire area expands, a large amount of smoke and the release of toxic gases, people in the dance hall will also suffocate and die. As the smoke intensified, the people who were temporarily quiet at the beginning began to riot again. There was another panic scene in the dance hall, and the crowd pushed each other. Some people were pushed to the ground, and then trampled by others, making a heartbreaking scream.

The cluttered scene in the ballroom and the screams of screaming made Creed feel powerless. In order not to be suffocated by the smoke coming in, Crad hurriedly took Jenny to the bathroom. He took off two pieces of clothing and prepared to soak the clothes with tap water to filter the toxic substances in the smoke. Clay let Jenny wait for him outside, and he squeezes in to get water.

However, when Clay came out of the bathroom, he couldn’t find Jenny. He looked around and shouted, but in the noisy shouts and crying, he couldn’t hear Jenny’s voice. The surrounding of Creed is full of smoke and visibility is very low.

It turned out that when Creed squeezed into the bathroom to take water, Jenny was pushed by a huge external force and left the bathroom door.

Suddenly, someone shouted: “There are windows here, you can escape!” Jenny followed and ran over. However, after running through, the person who shouted found a thick anti-theft net outside the window, and people could not go out at all. At this time, the fire downstairs began to spread along the stairs to the 6th floor. Jenny could clearly hear the “beep” sound from the flame.

When Jenny’s spirit was about to collapse, she suddenly found her hand holding the saxophone. The saxophone’s cold steel tube spurred her and made her wake up from the confusion. “If I sing the saxophone, its unique voice can overwhelm the shouts of people, and it will definitely attract the attention of Fred. He will definitely be able to come back to me.” Thinking of this, Jenny lifted the saxophone to her mouth. On the side, I blew “Go Home.”

Although Jenny played from time to time and sometimes had to stop and cough, she still forced herself to insist that even if the saxophone could only make a sound, she thought that Fred would definitely hear it.

Love beats death
Just as when Fred was annoyed, his familiar “Go Home” sounded in his ear. Although the sound was intermittent, Creed was still ecstatic, and he knew that it was Jenny calling for his voice. The saxophone sounds exceptionally clear in the noisy vocals. He was able to tell that the sound was 15 meters to his right. In order to let Jenny know that she is okay now, Crade also raised the saxophone. Suffering from the spur of the smoke, it also blew the saxophone: while playing, groping and going to the right…

Under the guidance of the saxophone’s voice, after a short break, Creed and Jenny finally met in the messy ballroom.

After the re-aggregation of Creed and Jenny, the smoke in the ballroom was even greater. At this time around them, someone has fainted to the ground because of suffocation. Clay quickly handed the wet clothes to Jenny and told her to cover her mouth and nose. Then she took her to continue searching for escape routes.

Kredra took Jenny and looked for a way out, thinking: “If the two are looking for an exit together, they actually waste the power of one person, which is much smaller than the hope of finding a separate exit.” Nila went to the window with the anti-theft net, which allowed her to breathe a little fresh air. Cred calmly said to Jenny: “I am going to find the channel. I will blow the saxophone every 30 seconds. If I find it, I will speed up the rhythm. You will follow the sound and look for me there: If I have one I didn’t blow the saxophone in minutes, which means I can’t do it anymore, and you just want to escape…”

After that, Crad rushed into the thick smoke…

In the rolling smoke of the ballroom, the besieged crowd is still crying and crying. Jenny silently prayed in her heart: “Cred, you must be good, we must be together. I am waiting for you, waiting until you take me home…”

Just as Jenny was anxious, there was a sudden saxophone melody that accelerated the rhythm. Jenny’s heart trembled, and she squeezed desperately into the place where she made the sound…

Through the crowds of the group, Jenny found Crade by the window outside the ballroom corridor. At this time, some escapers jumped from the 6th floor desperately by the window.

The smoke in the ballroom quickly rushed to Creed and Jenny—the elevated temperatures had evaporated the moisture of the wet clothes in their hands, and the poisonous gas surrounded Fred and Jenny. Finally, Jenny felt that her body and mind had reached the limit. She painfully pulled Crade’s hand and said, “Dear, I can’t seem to be!” Creed encouraged Jenny to say, “We will keep going, sure. Will wait for the rescuers.”

At this point, Crad found that there was a window bezel nearly one meter wide at the junction between the 3rd and 4th floors below the window. There was no fire on the 3rd floor. If Jenny was placed on this baffle, she could escape the fire. Clayd lifted Jenny up, then put her outside the window, then grabbed her hands and used her height to throw Jenny to the bezel.

Jenny was just on the baffle under the throw of Crade, she was out of the smog. Looking at Fred on the 6th floor window, Jenny is in a hurry, what should she do?

Creed knows that if he jumps to the baffle, the weight of the two bodies must be crushed, so that his efforts are at his own expense.

Thinking of this, in order to avoid being suffocated by smoke, he climbed out of the window and grabbed the window with his hand to get his body out of the siege of smoke.

Seeing Fred’s thrilling move, Jenny understood that Crade was not willing to jump to protect herself. She had to cry desperately, expecting firefighters to come and save them. Although the firefighters have arrived at the scene. However, the fire area was too large and there were too many people who needed rescue. They did not care about Crad and Jenny. Crad’s body is suspended in the air, supporting the weight of the body by the strength of both hands. I don’t know how long it took, and Fred was black in front of him, and his body fell straight…

Crad fell on the baffle. Fortunately, the baffle was very strong and caught him. Although Creed’s head was severely damaged and many soft tissues were injured, his life was preserved. At this time, firefighters also found out that Crad and Jenny were in danger and sent them to the hospital for treatment.

With their wit, Creed and Jenny created the miracle of life with the power of love.