Legal documentary reveals the influence of the first lady

“French Vice President” “has always been a teacher of Mark Long”! On the evening of the 16th, local French BFMTV TV broadcasted an investigative documentary called “Bligit, Influential Woman”, which gave people a deeper understanding of the first lady in France. The great influence of Brigitte on Mark Long and even on French politics in the documentary is surprising. In addition, the documentary has not avoided the controversy surrounding Brigitte.

“I am not a vase”

The first section of the documentary, entitled “French Vice President”, said that Brigitte secretly exerted influence in the Elysee harem, extending from the presidential advisor to the appointment of cabinet officials. For example, Brigitte and Education Minister Bronze never concealed the intimacy of the two. The latter bluntly said “For me, Brigitte is an important trump card.” One year before the presidential election, Brigitte read and was inspired by Brownkai’s book, The School of the Future. Bronze had a reputation in the education industry, but it was not enough to be a cabinet candidate. After Brigitte told Mark Long that “he was the education minister of my dreams during the coaching period,” Browne was recruited into the cabinet by Mark Long six months later. The documentary also revealed that Brigitte persuaded Mark Long to participate in a documentary in January this year, calling for social attention to child protection, as a result of repeated requests for help from child protection organizations. Nine days after the film was aired, Prime Minister Philip resumed the former Secretary of State for the Protection of Children, which was previously abolished by the current government.

Judi, editor-in-chief of the French “Paris Competition”, said that as the teacher of Mark Long, Brigitte is also the most dare to say among the “a group of courtiers” when the president “drops the chain”. When Mark Long said that “the French are lazy” “we spent a lot of money on social security, but the poor are always poor,” Brigitte directly criticized him: “Are you crazy? Why? Out of those stupid words? You are personally ruining your five-year term!” Under the supervision of Brigitte, there have been fewer cases of “difficulty” since Mark Long took office.

Among the many books and family photos, a porcelain bottle with the words “I am not a vase” in the First Lady’s office is conspicuous. According to Brigitte’s biographer Shuk, the 600-square-meter East Wing of the Elysee Palace is the “First Lady” office area, close to the president’s office. Brigitte renovated the two offices, and this setting for direct communication with the President was the first in the Fifth Republic. Although Mark Long has a lot of opportunities, he always arranges his wife and even a few minutes of “lightning meeting.” In addition, there is always Brigitte at the Elysée Palace political dinner twice a month. “She never spoke, but if you find that the president’s views have changed between dinners or meetings, then 80% is cloth. The result of Ligit’s blowing on the pillow,” said former French Interior Minister Cologne.

The cornerstone of the road to the president

Markron began to engage in politics during his tenure at Rosschild Bank, a veteran European bank in 2007. Brigitte began teaching at Franklin High School in Paris, where she was the son of Arnold, the president of the French richest LV group. Brigitte often has a banquet at home for the heavyweights of the political and business circles. The guests include former President Hollande and others, and weaving the network for the husband. After Mark Long became the Minister of Economy in 2012, Brigitte resigned from his job and assisted his husband. In order to sell her husband, she hosted a dinner more often, sometimes even two meals a night.

The documentary shows that a friend told Mark Long before the start of the 2017 presidential election: “I chose Juppe in 2017, Vals in 2022, and you in 2027.” Mark Long responded that it was too late to advance to 2022. Participate in the election year. Brigitte said after listening: “You can wait until 2022, but my face can’t wait.” A year later, Mark Long偕 Brigitte successfully entered the Elysee Palace. Mark Long has repeatedly thanked Brigitte for his dedication: “I owe her a lot, she made me.”

The “Queen” who is hated?

From the cautious act of “entering the palace” to the later control of power, until June last year, Brigitte was almost impeccable, and the public’s feelings were as high as 60%. However, the “yellow vest” crisis that followed and the presidential bodyguards’ scandals soon pulled Brigitte out of the water. At that time, the angry French people directly compared Mark Long and Brigitte to Louis XVI and Antoinette, who were pushed to the guillotine that year, holding her and Mark Long’s “born” without a good reform and being decapitated and filled with personal persons. Attack slogans and comics marching on the streets. When the demonstrators burned the wealthy Fukai restaurant in Paris, the presidential couple was smashed on a ski holiday in the Pyrenees. Although Brigitte repeatedly admit her mistakes afterwards, her favorite style of fashion has become the focus of public opinion for a time, and she has been cast aside by most people.

After the film was aired, there was a lot of discussion in France. Some people think that the documentary truly shows the secret influence of Brigitte in the Elysee Palace. Some commentators also believe that the documentary is too prominent for Brigitte’s strong side, and does not fully demonstrate her instinct, generosity, good at listening and sympathizing with the weak. Brigitte received 150-200 letters a day, which is much more than the previous First Lady. It proves the fact that the French like her and is willing to ask for help.