Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.

Last actress

Through the narrow and dark corridor, I turned left and turned a few turns, and the director took me to a fitting room. The temperature here is very low. I don’t know where the yin wind blew my calf. If I hold my breath, I can’t hear a little silence. I saw the instructions on the fitting room in Chinese, English and Arabic. I only understand Chinese – the strong colony.

“You go ahead, pick the right clothes, I will handle some things, then come.” The director told me through a suspended metal ball that it hovered over the door of the fitting room. This dark gold metal ball, 30 cm in diameter and infinitely close to the perfect circle, is the “director” and it is also a part-time photographer for the secretary. From the time I was recruited into the crew until now, only this metal ball gave me instructions and told me what to do. It stayed one meter seven away from the ground, kept a distance of one meter five from me, and always followed me, and now It said to leave me and make me panic.

“Hey, where are you going, how do I know what to wear? Shouldn’t it be the costumer who helped me choose?”

“Well, the final choice is for the costumer to choose. The thing I am going to deal with is to upgrade the costumer module. You can choose it first. I will go there.” After that, the metal ball steadily retreats and then slowly enters. In the dark corridor. I looked at the figure that I left, as if I heard the ticking of the flowing water coming from the depths of the darkness.

I quickly opened the door of the fitting room, and the white light lit up, giving me a little sense of security.

Obviously, no one has been here for a long time. The suddenly opened door stirred the internal stagnant air and activated the dust on the surface. I covered my mouth and nose and tried not to inhale them. Most of these dusts are dead skin and debris on the surface of human skin, indicating that there has been a high popularity.

The lights of a list of showcases illuminate in sequence, showing me the strong colony inside. I was surprised to find that most of these armor were “second-hand goods” after the elimination. The above-mentioned friction marks and bullet holes are obviously not old, but True traces of use. Looking at the order, I recognized a few of them, the Imperial Expeditionary Forces Colonial Armored Suit, the Third Cruiser Light Armored Suit, and the Royal Guard Reloaded Armor…

“How, do you like it?” When I was wide-eyed to admire these costumes, a sudden sound came from behind and scared me.

It turned out that the director was back, and it was almost silent in the air suspension.

“Ah, the director, scared me a jump, or let the costumer choose, I haven’t seen the script of the movie, how to choose a costume,” I said slyly. When I was looking for a job, I accidentally saw an advertisement for recruiting actors on the Star Network. I sent my resume photo with me. I had already forgotten it. I didn’t expect to receive a notice of employment and the evening of the graduation party. A road toll, anyway, on the eve of leaving school, nothing to do. I just came here – Deep Blue Film Studio, I thought there would be an audition, but I was told by the director that I had been selected as the heroine and the filming began immediately.

“I am a costumer. You can choose what you like first, and then I can’t analyze it properly,” said the metal ball.

Whether it is a director or a costumer, I can’t figure it out. The sound of the metal ball has not changed, and the style of speech is the same as that of the director. Regardless of it, let me choose me.

Among the many armor, the blushing armor of the refining tower garrison has attracted my attention. I heard that only a few elites will be equipped with this kind of armor. The armor’s chest has faded, revealing the original silver-gray, and some blushing paint on the hips and legs, as if symbolizing the dying sun of the empire, melancholy and deep.

I stared at it and looked at the director again.

“Then you chose this one, no problem, but not enough. Let me think about it, you still need a robotic arm, the plot needs.”

“Ah? But I don’t have a robotic arm, and I don’t want to remove an arm for a movie.”

“The model is OK, I will put a mold on your left arm, it will look very realistic, so let’s put it on and try it. When you are dressed, we will start shooting.” It is slowly finished. I left the fitting room and left me alone. I think this is what I want to wear. Honestly, all this feeling is a dream, too fast, illogical and unreasonable. Are the movies of this era so photographed?

My impression of filming still stays in the documentary. A group of people are commanding around an actor on a green background. Maybe it doesn’t need a big scene, but at least it is very lively and popular, not like what I experienced now. In this way, no matter whether it is a director, a costumer or a screenwriter, they have not appeared. Do they really exist?

“Hey!” My mobile phone received a text message. “Deep Blue Movie Studio intends to hire you as the heroine, prepaying 10,000 points of common currency, accept click to confirm.”

Ok, I started to get rid of my clothes, and I can’t make money if I have money. In the deep and deep passages, the ticking of the water is utterly absent.


The metal ball director told me that it seemed to be very satisfied with my body, turned around me three times, and then gave me a robotic arm set on my left arm, perfect, as if tailored . Looking at myself in the mirror, I imagined that I was soaring in the sky and fighting the enemy, what a heroic look would be.

At the request of the director, I tried to make a standard smile, revealing only four front teeth.

“Not enough, you have to make all kinds of laughs, smiles, laughter, joy, joy, laughter, laughter, etc.” The metal ball circled around me and said.

“Ah, why?”

“Photographing is needed.”

“Photographing needs? Is it already filmed? But I haven’t even seen the script, I don’t know what to play.” My heart is full of doubts, as if a thick paste is poured into the brain, cold air enters me. The lungs make my body tremble, have I been cheated? Where is this filming, I thought that my body may appear in the depths of a canyon in Mars, or the rest of my life in the brothels sold to the caves.

“You don’t need to watch the script, you don’t need to know what you are doing, just do what you want to do. I will capture your expressions, movements as material, and then spell out the story in the background. “The metal ball said, the tone is very dull, as if this is the right thing to do.

“What? Is this also called filming? You said that it is all the movements and expressions of my body, and then create a variety of stories like 3D printing? I have not touched this line before, this kind of thing is really the former Didn’t smell, isn’t the film now so filmed? I don’t believe it.”

“This is the latest technology of our company, very avant-garde, you don’t have to wonder, this is very simple for the actors, no professional training is needed.”

“No, I don’t accept it, I want traditional shooting.”

“What you want is to appear in the movie, not the process of shooting, and you have already accepted the advance payment, and the breach will be subject to high compensation.”

Ok, this damn metal ball is right. I haven’t come under the thief, I can only insist on shooting. I haven’t seen a human being in the crew so far. They don’t seem to exist except me. From the beginning, only this metal ball gives me instructions, only this metal ball.

“Well, I have already captured enough expressions. Now I am going to the next stage. You need to put on a cloak and put on a mask.”

I realized that the metal ball was shooting me all the time, capturing my facial expressions. It was very clear that I could not refuse the shooting conditions, and I did not intend to tell me the conditions. I can only accept it and accept it unconditionally.

“Can I know what I am doing?”

“No, you can go see it after the movie is released.”

Subsequently, the metal ball did not give me the power to choose props. Probably it had already produced the plot, and it was necessary to choose props in line with the plot, not my wishes.

It brought me a very worn spider cloak, which was made from the mutated tarantula, and the layers of woven clothes were very thin and light, and could resist the shooting of the steel bullet without being broken down. It also brought me a silver helmet with a mask decorated with fangs. This accessory is very close to my armor. It is a master of the costume. I believe that it is really a costumer. .

“Okay, it looks good. Now I want you to run up and pick up the gun.” A laser in the middle of the metal ball, pointing to a metal round table at 300 meters, to get there, I have to go through The diamond-shaped door, all the way to the garbage, has not been cleaned for a long time.

“Why can’t you give me the gun directly?”

“If you need to shoot, you can do it.”

It was a shooting need, and I sighed helplessly. In the past two days, I have made all sorts of strange demands on me. In addition to letting me make all kinds of laughter, I also made all kinds of crying, even according to the rhythm. I jumped into a set of radio gymnastics. Really, if I played it in the form of a war-jumping gymnastics, it was really ugly, but it said that it was just for collecting action materials and would not use my broadcast broadcast directly. The picture of the gymnastics made me feel a sigh of relief.

This battle armor seems to be very heavy. It is actually very light to wear on the body. The joints are also re-added with lubricating oil. It requires me to run at full speed and pick up the gun. I can only do this. I guess the story. The story has reached a critical point and is a war film.

I modeled the athlete’s starting position at the sports meeting, crouched down, hands on the ground, the toes on the parallel line of the heel, and then rushed out, evading large obstacles, skipping small obstacles, only used In a dozen seconds, I rushed to the round table and picked up the gun. Thanks to the armor’s blessing on the body function, I was as light as a swallow, and the speed was far faster than ordinary people.

I recognized this gun. It is a single mobile phone gun dedicated to the Starfleet. It is famous for its fast rate of fire and strong penetrating power. As for why it is this gun, even if I ask the metal ball director, it will not tell me. .

“OK, kill!”

Almost as soon as I picked up the gun, the metal ball announced the killing.

I am confused, “killing? Is this going to kill?”

“Yes, the filming is over, the rest is late, the last paragraph will be put into your account, put down the gun, take off the armor, cloak, helmet and left arm mold, you can go. “When I finished, it slowly drifted away, leaving me alone.”

Ok, I am used to this way. It doesn’t matter if there is any human being behind the metal ball. The important thing is that I can finally leave this ghost place, damn it!

A week later, the haze experience that was filmed in those days has not dissipated from my heart, and I saw the poster of the movie “Missing Woman”. I was amazed to find that this poster is the camera that I ran at full speed to pick up the gun. After the background treatment, it turned into a place resembling a metal grave. The whole gave a vicissitude and majesty feeling. I held it in the poster. Gun, eyes blurred and playful, is this my true look?

I am afraid no one can tell me this answer. I saw that the movie’s box office estimate is 10 billion universal points. I know that my pay is less. When I try to contact the metal ball for more pay, it tells me.

“You are just a lucky girl who has been randomly selected. It just did a few moves as required and contributed for three days. Anyone who can do this heroine can do it. Our advanced film technology can be completely detached from humans, director, Writer, etc., I have an AI enough, so I will be content with the rewards. You will be the last actress of mankind.”

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