Is your marriage at the time of the stop loss?

Just when the girl rejoiced for her 652 points in college entrance examination, her mother gave her a message on WeChat: Baby, I am sorry, I am divorcing with your dad, this is my mother’s cautious decision… The girl’s eyes are hot, yes. She saw her father’s alienation, her mother’s forbearance, she knew she should not stop, but whoever she left would be heartbroken. After another year of college entrance examination, it is another year of divorce. The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau once said: If there are young people coming to divorce, we will persuade them; if the children wait for the college entrance examination to complete the divorce, they do not have to persuade, it must be dead. Because the parents who divorced after the children’s college entrance examination, most of them have been forbearing for a long time in marriage, struggling for a long time, and even suffering for a long time. All the departures are long-awaited for hundreds of days and nights.

Knowing that there is a topic, what kind of marriage makes people feel divorced? There are 5,703 people who have elaborated on various divorce reasons. Happy marriages are similar, but painful marriages have their own misfortunes… So, what kind of marriage is coming to an end?

Story one:
Pregnant woman, Thailand, cliff: encountering scum male, life is at stake
The couple came from Jiangsu. On June 9, 2019, the wife Wang Ting (a pseudonym) who was pregnant for three months fell miraculously after falling 34 meters high cliff in Thailand. “Bangkok Post” reported on the 18th that the incident was not an accident, the woman’s husband was arrested on suspicion of pushing it off the cliff!

On June 17, after the arrested man was arrested, the truth of the matter gradually emerged from the public from the investigations released by the Thai police and the dictation of the Chinese pregnant wife on the cliff. Wang Ting recalled that on the morning of June 9, her husband Yu Wei (a pseudonym) drove her to the Pha Taem National Park in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand to watch the sunrise. The two watched the sunrise with more than ten local Thai tourists on the observation deck on the mountain. After watching the sunrise, Thai tourists went down the mountain, but at this time the husband said that she would take her to see the ancient human murals on the rock and then walked to the remote mountain road. After a while, the road with signs indicating the murals on the road was not yet repaired, so the two had to stop at the edge of the cliff. The wife began to turn back and go, but… “He suddenly grabbed my waist from behind, and hugged me, and kissed my face.” At first, Wang Ting didn’t care. Thought that the husband is just playing with her. However, the next moment, the unpredictable nightmare came. After kissing his wife, the husband suddenly forced his hands and pushed Wang Ting from the back toward the cliff. Unsuspecting wife was instantly pushed down a 10-story cliff.

Perhaps she should not be killed, Wang Ting, who was pregnant for three months, was buffered in the dense forest at the bottom of the cliff. Although there were many serious injuries in the body, there was no fatal injury! In the state of waking, Wang Ting endured severe pain and lay on the ground for help. After about 20 minutes, she was discovered by tourists. Later, Wang Ting was sent to the intensive care unit of the local hospital. The examination found that the child and the adult did not have a serious problem. But this is not a happy thing, because her husband is a “devil.” Since she was admitted to the hospital, her husband threatened and monitored his wife in the name of “seeking care”: if you dare to tell the truth to the police and family, then Killer, take her life!

At the time of the investigation, the Thai police also focused their attention on the husband who was suspicious. Finally, after some improvement in the body, Wang Ting took the opportunity to entrust the hospital to come forward, forbidden her husband to “see”, and then told the police the truth. On June 17, Yu Wei was arrested and bail was banned.

Wang Ting’s family is well-off, and the assets under his personal name amount to tens of millions of RMB. At the gathering of friends, I met her husband Yu Wei (a pseudonym). The two fell in love at first sight and only married in two months. Moreover, Yu Wei confessed before marriage that he was sentenced to 12 years for robbery, 4 years for the reduction of sentence, and 8 years in prison. This is the kind of problem that the two sides do not know each other before marriage, and they slowly discover a lot of problems after marriage. For example, Yu Wei is not willing to work and likes to play games. After the marriage, he told his wife that he had more than one million yuan in debt, but actually there were more than two million, mainly due to business failure, profligacy and gambling. As for the point of robbery and imprisonment, Wang Ting knows, but because Yu Wei took the initiative to confess, Wang Ting actually felt that he was honest enough. Yu Wei once asked his wife to pay the debts for herself, but failed to get the “full help” from her wife.

What is sighing is that Wang Tingming knows that Yu Wei is a robber and dare to marry. After the marriage, Wang Ting found that Yu Wei had gambling and debts, and also helped him to pay off part of the debt. After Wang Ting’s pregnancy, Yu Wei’s performance was cold: he was willing to live and he would not be born. You thought that you married a good man, married and had children, repaid his debts, and traveled abroad together, but he didn’t expect him to talk to you about the second before, and pushed you into the ghost gate one second later. The only thing that is fortunate is that Wang Ting in the cliff case is a big life, not dead, or no one knows the truth.

In October 2018, Tianjin man Zhang and his wife Xiao Jie traveled to Thailand. A few days later, Zhang said that Xiao Jie drowned in the hotel’s open-air swimming pool. Xiaojie’s parents are grieved, but they are also suspicious. Later, Xiao Jie’s body was bruised and bruised, and the right rib had a large bruise, and multiple fingernails were broken. The Thai police concluded that Xiao Jie died of drowning and was beaten before drowning. Later, the truth of the matter surfaced, Zhang bought several large insurances, and he was the first beneficiary, thus killing his wife. Zhang was a good man in front of him. He seemed to go out to work every day. Actually, he had resigned shortly after his marriage. After that, he had no work and no source of income. However, it is frequently used in the Internet to reward the anchor and purchase special services. When Xiao Jie discovered that her husband had no intention of cheating her, she did not realize the seriousness of the matter. If Xiao Jie carefully observes the details of these life, she will find clues, but she only stays in the illusion of happiness.

The victims did not really understand each other before marriage, but discovered their bad habits and true colors after marriage. However, after discovering it, it was not timely to withdraw, and again and again, tolerated, it would be a big mistake. If you find something wrong in your marriage, don’t make a mistake. The more opportunities you give to each other, the less chance you have for yourself.

Story 2:
Leave a bottom line for yourself, though that looks cruel
I have seen such a video, a big sister crying and swearing at his man. It turned out that a month ago, because of the girl’s child, the older sister went to wait for the month. After returning, I found that the 80,000 yuan of hard work survived. The card is in the hands of the man, and the problem naturally lies with him. But let the big sister ask all the questions, the man only said that the money was spent, but did not say where it was spent.

Under the serial bombing of the host and the big sister, the man said with a sigh of relief, please go to Shenyang to play with the dancers, and even eat and drink, plus shopping. Soon, 80,000 yuan saw the bottom. When the big sister heard it, she immediately cried incoherently.

When the host asked the man, will the days be passed? The man said innocently, I said a big story after drinking, said to take them to the big city to play. I am a man. If you say something, you have to cash it. There is no way. The older sister calmed down her emotions and pointed at the man. I have been with you for a lifetime. Have you taken me out once? The dancers are so important, you and them are gone! The older sister also said that when a man is young, he is a shopkeeper, and he does nothing but dance. At that time they opened a canteen in the village, and once they had money in the drawer, they would be stolen by men. How much is spent, stealing 50 yuan can be spent, stealing 200 yuan is not left. The eldest sister worked hard for a lifetime and fell into a bare hand.

The host said with regret, big sister, how did you come over this life? The embarrassed eyes of the eldest sister make people feel pity, but today’s ending, men are hateful, if the older sister knows how to stop loss in time, life is another ending. The man’s behavior has long been revealed. It is the repeated retreat of the older sister, which makes the man become insatiable.

My friend Xiaoxu cried and called me: I want to divorce him. I have endured him for 8 years, and my children have gone to school. I should have a conclusion with him. Xiaoxu cried, if in the past 8 years, he can one day care for his wife as much as other husbands, and accompany his son as much as other fathers. I can’t make this determination. But he never asked me, the migraine headache of the moon is not good, even if I have to wear a shawl on a hot day, he can turn a blind eye; my gallstones have gone on, and I have to die in the middle of the night to come to the hospital. He can be hangover and not awake… he can not ignore the decoration at home, the toilet is blocked and he will stand by and wait for me to go. But now I just want to thank him, because these years, I found that I have long since no need for him!

The most desperate place for a man is not that he can’t shelter you from the wind, but when you are most helpless, he feels that you are weak! When he feels that you are getting less and less eye-catching, you may have collapsed countless times. In life, some problems cannot be compromised, because one day, you will find that you have no way to go. As a woman, please don’t live with your breath and draw a bottom line for yourself. It is the best protection for yourself.

Story 3: The rest of your life, you are too tired, no how happy you are.
This is an article that has been clicked on the Internet for more than 100,000. It is quite emotional to read. We have selected it here and would like to give more warnings to our partners.

A newly divorced man talked about his ex-wife. He said that when we came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, I was crying. She is smiling. She told me that she had waited for 10 years for this day. The son’s 10 years of hard work is her 10 years of retreat. She told him many times that she would divorce after the children finished the college entrance examination. He thought it was his wife’s momentary words, but he didn’t want his wife to say it was true. And since then, I have already planned for divorce.

He thought about his wife’s independence and gentleness over the past few years, and suddenly found out that he was self-righteous, but his wife did not want to care about him. He used to hate his wife for his housework. Later, he didn’t know where he started, and his wife would not let him do it. He still felt very happy at the time. Women were like this. They were not used to her. She did not do housework herself. Now think about it, the wife has already given up on him at that time. She didn’t need him, so she did everything herself.

The wife probably had several years and didn’t ask him for money. In the past, when a child was young and his wife did not go to work, he would ask for money every month. He remembered that time, he would be particularly annoyed by his wife asking for money. I earned that I spent a month at home. Every time his wife asks for money, he will say: “You can’t spend less, what kind of air conditioners are bought in the living room. If the lock is broken, you can make use of it. What is the use of clothes for you to buy those clothes every day? Can’t you feel bad about me? Is it easy for a man to make a profit?” He remembered that his wife would initially refute, and then he would accept it.

After the child went to elementary school, the wife went out to work. After that, she never asked him for a penny. Their money has been completely separated since then. If the wife wants to buy something, buy it by himself. He wants to buy what he wants and buy it himself. He doesn’t know how much his wife earns in a month, and his wife won’t manage how much he earns in a month. He remembers that for a while, his wife suddenly spent a lot of money. I bought a lot of clothes and good cosmetics for myself. He also blamed her at the time: “You can’t save some money, and the children will go to school in the future.” As a result, the wife returned to him for the first time: “I make money myself, I don’t spend a penny, you manage No need for me. The child grows up, how much money you pay, how much I give out, only more than you, no less than you.”

He was paralyzed at the time. However, he did not pay attention to it, and he would not let the tube do not matter, as long as he did not ask for money. He only realized until now that his wife was estimated to be financially unnecessary. No, the wife has been independent since the years, not only the economy, but also the spirit. She rarely quarreled with him at first. He said what he said. If she doesn’t want to hear it, she will hide in another room. At that time, he still felt that his wife had finally become gentle and gentle, but he didn’t want to be the wife who even quarreled with him and felt that it was unnecessary.

He thinks about his own years, really wants to do what to do, no matter what he does, his wife does not care. Once he didn’t go home one night, his wife didn’t make a call. At that time, he also laughed at the men who were urged by women. They felt that they were not capable and were strictly controlled by their wives. Now think about it, the wife of the family has at least love, but his wife has long since loved him. He still feels proud and feels that this woman is finally quiet. He further thought that the years when his wife was a child would not quarrel with him. Because she has taken care of everything about the child, and he is happy to leave nothing. At that time, he was still complacent about one thing. All the money for the cram school was from his wife. He thought at the time: “Flow it, raise a child for me, I don’t have to spend money to report it.”

In 10 years, the wife earned her own money, took her own baby, and cooked all her housework. Even the wife’s parents had anything to do, and the wife had never asked for help. He used to be complacent about these things and thought that his wife should be like this. He even felt that his wife had troubled him and he felt that his wife was annoyed. He does not want to take care of his wife, as long as his wife still provides services to him, does not ask him for money, and he does not care about his wife. Another time his wife was sick and called him first. He clearly remembered what he said at the time: “You have no one in your house, you don’t have money, look for me.” The wife hung up without saying anything. Later, his wife was fine. He was a little embarrassed. He thought his wife would cry, but his wife had never happened. He thinks that his wife is no different. He really doesn’t care about her, she can’t do anything. He never thought that such a “safe” woman could be so determined when he divorced him.

Is that kind of resoluteness that she has enough in her long marriage? Just like the wife once said: “You have never been my husband, but my son’s father.” So, she endured for 10 years, prepared for 10 years, and waited for the children’s college entrance examination, the child is big, she is completely Leave yourself. Think about it, he really has nothing to be worthy of his wife. Because, in this marriage, he can’t find out himself, what he has given his wife. Only one child is their only involvement.

From the Civil Affairs Bureau, he was crying. Because he doesn’t dare to think about the future, he will cook his own clothes in the future, he has to sort out his housework, and he has to face everything himself. He has not been able to drink the nutritious soup of his wife in this life. The wife is laughing, and marriage to her has no benefit. After the divorce, the wife is only taking care of a bad-tempered person.

You are not strong when she is raising a child, bullying her, abandoning her, looking down on her, never giving her a little love. You look at her love of the child, do not want to let the child grow up in an incomplete family, ignore her, cold violence, and even just treat her as a free babysitter. You think she will always be so weak and bully. But I don’t want to, she didn’t have a choice at the time. When she has accumulated enough strength, when she is strong enough, when the child has grown up, she will not hesitate to leave you. Because, a man who doesn’t love himself, there really is nothing to be attached to.

It’s time to know how to stop loss in time.
Lu Qi said in the blog post “Love Needs Stop Loss” that in this world, what you want, you will get what. If you get something you don’t want, you should discard it in time, otherwise it will be more and more wrong. There must be someone who can’t bear it, because stop loss also requires courage. Even if the pain is helpless, too many people spend time “consuming” with their lives, never thinking about their own initiative in grasping relationships, and not wanting to see the truth of the relationship.

Women often magnify the man’s pre-marriage and ignore the badness he has made to himself after marriage. Every time I was wronged, I was always comforted by myself. He was very good to me. This kind of pay is in exchange for the greater harm of men. Don’t be greedy for the temperature, don’t be obsessed with walking away, learn to turn beautifully, open a new life, you will find that life is still bright. I know there is a problem. At what moment did you decide to leave a marriage? Some people have summed up a few bottom lines. If they cross, they must consider breaking up.

Habitually derailed marriage
The other half is derailed. It should be a divorce. It is a problem that plagues many people. There may be no absolute standard, but once derailment becomes a habit, divorce is a timely stop loss. The lack of loyalty in a marriage means that the marriage itself has no soul.

Domestic violence
Many times, women who encounter domestic violence do not even know how to step into such a desperate step by step. Perhaps at first the husband only occasionally started, not serious. They comfort themselves, men love themselves, but their emotions are not well controlled. Gradually, it has become more and more intense, and her husband has also intensified. There is no difference in degree and frequency between domestic violence, only difference between doing and not doing. Jung said: “When love dominates everything, violence does not exist; when violence dominates everything, love disappears.”

Marriage lacking common goals
One party pursues the current high-quality life, while the other party wants to save money for future plans; one party is eager to work overtime, the other party is immersed in leisure and entertainment; one wants to go east, the other wants to go west… all of this, The goal is inconsistent. Two horses are riding a car, but the directions are inconsistent. The result can be imagined. Many women like to say, “If it wasn’t for children, I would have divorced you.” The tragedy began with the goal of treating children as marriages.

Emotionally unstable partner
For women, the most unmarried is the man with emotional instability and temper. Such a man does not say that there is no risk of domestic violence. Only a moody mood is enough for you to suffer. He can scatter the gas on you for the sake of a little work, and swear at you; you can push the responsibility of the child to cry on you, blame you for disturbing his rest; when the street is for a little thing, you are “what” Everything is not done well.” You can never foresee that he will whisper to you, yell at you, and even anger at what kind of trifle.

I don’t know how to be good to people, but I won’t be good to you.
There is no match for marriage, but one knows how to accommodate and the other knows how to do it. If he is polite to others, only his wife is bitter, this is the most poisonous kind of marriage. Once they turn their backs, they won’t care for a bit of love. So don’t bet on anyone. Even if someone can raise your life, don’t lose the ability to support yourself. Only in this way, you have the confidence to stop loss in time, but also have the courage to get out of the dilemma!

a marriage without trust
No sense of trust often manifests itself as extremely sensitive to the other party, good at suspicion, guarding you all the time, not trusting you. In such a marriage, you are just an object belonging to him. It is not a “person”. You are not qualified to enjoy the basic rights that a person should have. Therefore, such a marriage must be abandoned.

Marriage with extremely poor personality
What is the poor character? Simply put, it is just that people are sceptical. The main performance is not to be a human being, extreme power, favorable and compellable, only in the eyes, others have become his tools, including you, have such a partner, in such a family environment, you can count on how excellent education Children? There are plenty of reasons to give up for yourself or for the sake of the child.

a disappointing marriage
You have to ask how a woman collapsed? Every time the baby wants to drink milk, you let the husband take the handle, the old man does not care about playing the mobile phone; the water leaks from the house, when the mouse ran in, you need to deal with it, even if you see the mouse shivering… when the husband When there is no sense of responsibility, then he will count on you for any big or small things in the family. I hope that you can make money to support your family. I hope that you will bring your children and expect you to deal with the interpersonal relationship inside and outside. In such a marriage, a woman lives especially hard, especially tired, because she has suppressed too much disappointment and grievances.

The failure of marriage is not the failure of life.
When you are tossed and crying, when considering whether to divorce, someone will always say in your ear: “Which men are all beautiful, you just jump from one pit to another.” I remember that there was a period in In “Lang Reader”, Dong Qing asked Zhang Xiaoyu whether she felt that marriage was the destination of a woman. She replied: I often think that whether a destination is a marriage or a man’s embrace. Later, I found out that my destination is to find out what is the meaning of life. The fate is always my own decision. The attitude of others to you often comes from your own self-love. When you make a choice, the life you want comes to your eyes.

Choosing the life you want and taking consequences for your choices deserve respect. Yes, you will eventually thank yourself for getting better every day!