Internet communication, either detonated or dumb

Many people have heard an inspirational story: a monk gently taps a big clock and does not move. But as long as it persists, slowly, the clock will swing. Of course, this inspirational story has a premise: the frequency of the monk’s ringing is the same, and it is impossible to knock. This is the magic of resonance. Resonance means that the amplitudes can be superimposed as long as the frequencies are the same. The superposition of tiny forces can produce tremendous energy.

The Internet is decentralized, and decentralized propagation is the result of co-frequency resonance.

When studying resonance, there are two key words: one is the frequency, the same frequency, the same frequency can resonate; the other is the critical point, to reach the critical point, to the critical point to have a breakthrough effect.

At the same frequency, there must be resonance. “The world is so big, I want to see it.” This resignation letter was rated by the netizens as “the most resignation letter in history.” This resignation letter can be popular because it is too easy to resonate. Resonance, the same frequency. It is possible to resonate with the same frequency.

The critical point is the demarcation point from quantitative change to qualitative change, and is the absolute number of propagation. Below the critical point is the net input, above which is the net output. This is like filling a pit. It is only valuable if the pit is filled. Otherwise, the previous investment has no meaning.

In any era, the number of headlines that the public is concerned about is always constant. The attention resources of the society are constant. It will not be because of the large amount of communication in the media era, and the headline will be more. Because the number of headlines is constant, the critical point of propagation detonation will be higher and higher.

When the spread does not reach the critical point, it will be marginalized. Internet communication has only two outcomes, either 0 or 1. Propagation, either detonated, or dumb, no intermediate state.

Because of this, Internet communication hopes to create miracles. As long as a miracle is formed, it is possible to detonate the phenomenal level of the second round.

There is a saying that the number of critical points in the detonation is 144,000.

The 100,000+ article will always form a high degree of concern within a certain range, or form a secondary spread, perhaps the number of people close to the critical point of detonation. The public article, spread more than 100,000+ articles, but the commercial spread is more than 100,000+.

Propagation detonation, one is to find the critical point of propagation; the second is to get a method close to the critical point. The propagation critical point was found and the communication has a goal. The method of reaching the critical point is found, and the propagating detonation is controllable.

144,000 people are the critical point of communication. This judgment has a premise: uncontrolled transmission. If it is controlled propagation, such as directed propagation, it may not be necessary to have so many absolute numbers of people.

I propose another concept of detonation propagation: propagation density. When the number of absolute transmissions is not enough, increasing the density of transmission can also detonate. The ratings of traditional ads are very low, and 1% is already a good rating. The ratings can be considered as the propagation density. Because of the low propagation density, continuous propagation is required. The community spreads and people are divided into groups. Therefore, it is possible to achieve directional propagation or to spread to a specific area.

When resources are directed to a specific population or a specific area, the density of transmission can be increased. Cross-over coverage can be achieved when the spread reaches a certain density. As long as the cross coverage reaches a certain number of people, even if it does not reach 144,000 people, it can also detonate the spread.

Propagation, absolute propagation or absolute propagation density are all necessary conditions for propagating detonation.

In addition to the lack of resonance in the content of the communication, the C-end propagation is uncontrolled, which is why the spread is difficult to reach the critical point. Although the B-end propagation is controlled, the propagation efficiency is very low, and it is more difficult to reach the critical point.

If the B-end propagation is combined with the C-end propagation, the propagation before reaching the critical point is controlled, and whether the propagation after the critical point is controlled is not important. To conclude, Internet communication, two factors are key:

The first is to disseminate content. The content does not resonate and cannot resonate at the same frequency. The paid distribution of traditional media, even if it lacks communication, is still done every day. Internet communication, if the content is not suitable for dissemination, it will certainly not be able to spread, even if paid, the amount of transmission will not be much.

The second is to establish a B-side communication organization. Communication is controlled only by controlled communication organizations. How to establish a B-side communication organization? It is to use the offline organization to open up the three-dimensional space, enter the community from the offline, and enter the cyberspace from the community. From the offline to the community, this is controllable and is a linear spread that reaches a critical point. From the customer base into the cyberspace, as long as the critical point is reached, the spread of exponential growth can be achieved.

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