Idealistic escape

It is an indisputable fact that today’s era attracts attention, traffic, and business operations. It is said that now is the age of traffic, you can not understand music, do not understand performance, but you can not understand the business at the top of the food chain of this industry, saying that idealists can do art, but can not do business, you can lack professionalism, but As long as there are fans, it is enough. Most people just use the soft underbelly and preferences of users to cater to the needs of users, and they can easily realize their “dreams”, but the original dreams, blood and even positive energy have become the foil. The object was replaced by numbness.

Many people say that idealism is only a spiritual pursuit. In the real world, living is the last word, living in a pragmatic way, and living better is a better choice because the material foundation determines the superstructure. In today’s era when idealism is generally ridiculed, whether it is spiritually rich and self-disciplined, or material satisfaction and enjoyment is more touching, different people have different views. Idealists are self-disciplined and mature in spirit, but they are naive and savvy in their postures, but they often fail to survive the hardships of life, and compromises succumb to reality.

In today’s pragmatism, whether it is a business or an individual, it seems that more and more pragmatic people, and fewer and fewer idealists. In the idealistic camp, a lot of deserters were killed and slowly disappeared. Today’s idealists need to live in a more integrated attitude, which fits the times and does not blindly cater to the times. They have a strong sense of social responsibility and are good at using keen intuition to perceive the world and establish correct values ​​of existence. .

Yu Guangzhong wrote in a letter to the child:

Child, I hope that you are an idealist from beginning to end.

You can be a farmer, you can be an engineer,

Can be an actor, can be a tramp,

But you must be an idealist.

Teenager, we let you touch poetry, painting, music,

It is to fill your heart with noble taste.

These noble tastes will support your life.

It will not forget the fragrance of roses in the harshest winter.

The idealist’s ending is tragic but unreasonable.

In a seemingly bumpy life,

You will meet many wise men and gentlemen.

You will see many landscapes and wonders that no one else can meet.

As a media person, although we have been affected by business and have many uncompromising modes of operation, we still have deep obsession, social responsibility and our uncompromising nature as a hard-core literati. We are thrown into this colorful sea of ​​business, but we will not be the merchant’s mission for the rest of our lives. We are still a cultural person with idealistic colors. Even if we don’t have a way to live, we must seriously participate in the story of this world, even if it is devastated. Better than ever. In this struggle between idealism and self-interest, even if it is defeated, it will eventually lose its body.