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How to deal with active and passive in sex

Husbands often want their wives to “get out of the hall, get into the kitchen, and get a bed.” But once the wife took the initiative in bed, the husband felt that something was wrong. So, where is the problem?

There are 100 kinds of their own ways of sex in 100 couples in the world. It is understandable. However, to find the best way to sex between husband and wife, not only must physical interaction, but also psychological understanding. Sexual love is an act of equal enjoyment between men and women, and in theory is completely equal. However, because of the influence of traditional culture and the physical and psychological differences between men and women, the roles played by both sides in sex are not the same.

Usually, men are more active in sex and are “offensive”, while women are often passively accepted. Therefore, men’s subconscious often want to grasp the initiative of sex. At the same time, they have another kind of psychology, that is, in sex, I hope that the woman will cater to him and stimulate his sexual confidence, which in turn will bring greater psychological and physiological satisfaction to the woman and herself. Some husbands are also in such a state of mind that their wives are “active”. It is obvious that they ask their wives to “take the initiative”. In fact, they want their wives to cater to him and use her actions to express their feelings about sex. He is “sticky” and can bring happiness and satisfaction to his wife; instead of hoping that his wife takes the real initiative and puts him in a passive position. Obviously, if the wife mistakenly understands the meaning of the word “active” that the husband asks and implements “capture power”, it will damage the husband’s sexual self-confidence, feel that he has been “violent” and become weak, and some husbands can cause Sexual psychological disorder. In fact, the feminine beauty of a woman is a beautiful scenery. The confidence and majesty of a man will bring great happiness to a woman.

Generally speaking, as long as the relationship between husband and wife is not deficient, it is not too difficult to solve the problem of initiative and passiveness. First of all, let them understand the role they should play in sex and not transpose. Second, the wife should fully respect the husband’s initiative, and the husband and wife exchange their sexual feelings and requirements to achieve sexual improvement and harmony. Third, it is impossible to overcorrect and return to the stage of complete passiveness in the past, but to be active and moderate. As long as the two sides can communicate and cooperate well, the husband and wife life will be harmonious.

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