High blood pressure is quietly hurting your eyes

Mr. Tang, 45, suddenly had blurred vision in both eyes half a month ago, no dizziness, headache and other discomfort. On admission, his right eye had a visual acuity of 0.5, his left eye had a visual acuity of 0.2, his blood pressure was 214/145 mm Hg, and retinal edema was visible in both eyes. Hemorrhagic foci, exudation and cotton-like plaques were diagnosed as hypertensive retinopathy, hypertension, grade 3, and extremely high risk. After 1 week of treatment, Mr. Tang’s binocular vision increased to 0.8 at discharge.

Middle-aged and elderly people have high blood pressure not only have to worry about blood pressure, they can’t be angry, they can’t get angry, they can prevent blood pressure from “exploding the table”, and they should also be wary of eye diseases caused by high blood pressure. About 70% of patients with hypertensive eye disease have fundus changes. The positive rate of fundus lesions is closely related to the age of patients. The older the positive rate, the higher the positive rate. The extent of fundus lesions is also closely related to the length and severity of hypertension. Hypertensive eye diseases are very harmful, and preventive and control measures must be taken.

Complications of hypertensive eye disease

Hypertensive eye disease is mainly characterized by retinal artery contraction and even retinal and optic disc disease. If the disease is not treated in time, it will cause the following complications.

Visual decline occurs with dry eyes, burning sensation or foreign body sensation, headache, eye pain and other adverse symptoms.

Epidural hemorrhage of the ocular surface hemorrhage, a large bright red, very eye-catching, bleeding itself does not bring serious adverse consequences, if it occurs frequently, you need to see a doctor.

Fundus hemorrhage is mainly caused by decreased vision, black eyes floating in front of the eyes, and severe vision only light perception.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma has severe eye pain, nausea, vomiting, or fever, cold and other symptoms. It is easy to mistakenly think that it is a gastrointestinal disease or a cold, more common in older women.

In the fundus ischemic hypertensive patients, the inner wall of the blood vessel is rough and narrow, and it is easy to form a thrombus. Once the embolus blocks the artery, the visual acuity can be suddenly lost.

Prevent eye complications, first regulate blood pressure

The best way to treat eye lesions caused by high blood pressure is to control your blood pressure. High blood pressure is a lifestyle disease, so pay attention to clothing, food, shelter and transportation.

Self-test blood pressure to develop self-test blood pressure can know your blood pressure at any time, is a level of protection.

Weight loss As the weight increases, the blood pressure level also increases accordingly. Hypertensive patients are mostly overweight or obese and need to control their weight.

Smoking cessation and alcohol withdrawal studies, long-term drinking, smoking can lead to increased blood pressure.

You must follow your doctor’s advice when taking antihypertensive drugs. Irregular medication can lead to unstable blood pressure, and should not stop bleeding if normal blood pressure.

Develop a good diet, eat light, eat more fruits, vegetables, milk and other foods, limit the amount of salt. It can reduce sodium salt to prevent high blood pressure.

Pay attention to the details of life to wear a tie as much as possible, underwear and shirt collars should not be too tight, keep the neck loose, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the brain. Get up after sleeping and pay attention to “3 and a half minutes”, that is, after opening your eyes, continue to lie flat for half a minute, then sit in bed for half a minute, then sit on the bed for half a minute, and finally go to the ground. In the morning exercise, first do some light exercise, such as walking, doing exercises, etc., and then slowly increase the amount of activity.

In addition, regular chrysanthemum tea, hawthorn tea, cassia tea, etc., help to reduce blood pressure.

Small medicated diet

Mountain chrysanthemum tea

Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of cassia seed.

Method: Put the hawthorn, chrysanthemum and cassia seed together into the cup, pour the appropriate amount of boiling water, and immediately close the lid of the cup. After soaking for 20 minutes, you can drink it on behalf of the tea and drink it many times a day.