Give up useless users and focus on super users

When the initiative to create and accept information is gradually handed over to users, how to use “a good story” to impress users has become the focus of corporate marketing. It can be said that we have entered an era of “content is king.” Many companies are gradually realizing the importance of content and have invested a lot of time and resources in content marketing. But the effect is often not satisfactory. How can I do a good content marketing?

I have seen an interesting saying: All the ways to make big money quickly are written in the Criminal Law. I also bought a special book on “General Law of Criminal Law”. I found that it is indeed a good way to make money, but if you do it, it will be illegal, so you can’t do it. So, what should I do if I don’t break the law and want to make big money? I think it is three things: follow the trend, find the right opportunity, and do the right thing.

Environmental change

Change 1: The new social class shuffling period

What we are now in is actually called the circle economy. It can only meet the very high needs of a small group of people, it is difficult to meet everyone.

Why is this era born Jiang Xiaobai? It is because of the existence of the circle economy. The circle economy will produce more very detailed brands for vertical market segments in the future, and their opportunities are here.

Change 2: The spring of the offline store is back.

I used to go to Wal-Mart to buy things, go to Wanda to watch movies, and go to Quanjude to eat.

However, there may be a new format in the future, from functional division to crowd division, such as the urban white-collar elite to go to the box. Now the box horse is getting more and more like a supermarket, there is a gym, there is a small theater, there are co-work, we-work.

Change 3: From making consumers loyal to you, to being loyal to consumers

Less competition for the competition, more customer association. It’s awkward to the right target because it’s dead earlier than you. It’s Internet companies, WeChat and Alipay. Kill your people, you don’t know where he is.

So, go and please customers. It used to be that we had to communicate with our customers and communicate our information to our customers. Not now, they are our fans, good friends, we have to play together.

Change 4: China is systematically building global influence

This is unstoppable anyway. Who can raise the national banner in China is still the most bullish in the industry, everyone will vote for him with the money in his pocket.

Change 5: National Consciousness and Cultural Confidence Bring Purchase Power Awakening

Whether it is the 5.6 billion movie or a variety of domestic products, everyone can think that it is a representative brand of China, and they will like them more and more.

Change 6: In the new media era, the first battle is final battle

When you try, others are in all. Sometimes I really need the courage to break the boat. When your investment does not exceed the marginal cost, it does not work.

Content marketing methodology

Tree concept

* Find differences.

Top policy: Discover differences in patterns.

Case 1: Netease cloud music.

Before China, all music apps had only one competitive dimension, which is the size of the music library. Netease cloud music introduces a new dimension – emotion. Every music has abusive comments, countless stories about lovelorn.

Case 2: Xiao Xiong’s home appliances.

The district-level enterprises under this prefecture-level city in Shunde recently entered the top 20 of the country’s individual electrical appliances. It found a brand new selling point. All of its products are very cute, with a variety of cartoon characters, to meet the needs of many small girls, a very segmented market.

Zhongce: Discover the differences that can be standardized.

Case 3: A hotel system.

Recently we have received a new customer, 90% of the country’s five-star hotels use their home system. So slogan is simple: 90% of China’s five-star hotels use our products is enough, you say who you choose?

When you choose me, you choose the authentic guarantee and choose the mainstream and positive energy. But you don’t choose me, you are a miscellaneous card.

The best policy: the best, the most fun, the most sense of design.


Thinking: Scenes and interactions.

People who think about products like to talk about functions and data, and people who think about marketing think about scenes and interactions. Xiaomi Xiaolong 850 processor, all girls do not know what it is. This is the function and data that people in product thinking like to talk about. And marketing thinking is going to transform professional language into a scene-style language. You tell her that the backlight is clear and brightens your beauty, enough!

A big new car owner of a BBA brand is playing home, telling us that the rear space is 179 liters, which is a big selling point. I have no concept.

Later, we said that the mother can stand in the back row and bend her waist to change the baby’s urine. This is called a scene!

* Make an analogy.

Alfa Romeo said that eating a pound of crayfish is a step closer to your dreams. It doesn’t seem to be that expensive.

The fragrance of the famous product is exactly the same as the fragrance of Jo Malone, and the blind test is not available. A 1280 buck, a 9 block 9, why not buy? I am happy to make a kitchen for 7999 yuan, we changed it to: an iPhone equals a new kitchen.

* Do a downgrade.

When someone meets our higher needs, there must be someone who needs to meet our more basic needs.

Stars and more fast cut, slogan is not hot, do not wash your hair, do not do cards, there is no Tony teacher, there is no Kevin teacher.

It simply cuts a hair and is very hot in Zhongguancun.

* Impression is more important than the truth.

Let others feel who you are, sometimes more important than who you are. For example, the word “light” is not enough to say that the product is light enough. Can it be said that life is light? We sometimes carry too much, so we have to break away and do a trip that says we will go.

2. Set users

* Multidimensional: Who, where, and preferences.

When a person is defined in multiple dimensions, the pain point of the person is extremely painful and extremely accurate.

“Who is” is the user’s portrait, “Where is it” called the delivery strategy, and “likes” is the content architecture. These three things are very important.

Case: Escape from the north to the wide.

who is it? Urban white-collar workers, target groups.

where? Concerned about the new world.

Like? Those boys and girls, the soul and the flesh must have one on the road.

* Abandon useless users and pay attention to super users.

In the past, I paid too much attention to potential users. I hope to turn it into an ordinary user through a funnel, and then become a paying user, a re-purchasing user and a super user, a loyal user, and finally complete the fission and let his friends buy it.

But in this era, why can’t you directly look for other big customers and customers, and pull them directly?

Case: China Merchants Bank.

China Merchants Bank said that his VIP is the VIP of the Bank, and the holders of VIP VIP cards of all banks are welcome to enter the VIP room of the Bank for business.

*Everyone thinks they are C.

What is Apple doing when Lenovo tells you about the long-selling 13-hour selling point? You are the most important thing in tribute to you behind the Mac. Because everyone’s love for themselves is endless.

3. Stand scene

To establish a cognitive relationship between the scene and the brand.

* To understand the real needs of customers.

Many times we don’t know what the customer’s inner needs are.

Case: An airline conducts research.

Security is always on the top of my choice of airlines, everyone is. But when you buy a ticket, you inadvertently ignore the safety considerations, meals, discounts, points are ranked in front of it. So this is not accurate. What we often get is optimized data.

* Scene brand is replacing a single product brand.

Case: Buying store model.

The store brand will add value in the future. A few words are the Eslite bookstores in my heart. After I go in, I close my eyes and buy them. It helps you choose. As long as I have chosen a few words, I am willing to buy it.

This mode is now more and more, NetEase is strictly selected, and Xiaomi has products. But only serve a certain group of people and study the biggest needs of this group.

4. Telling a story

* Good stories make the brand’s exposure increase.

Case: What else can you send for ten years of marriage?

This is a classic case that we sold the most in the circle of friends, selling more than 20 million goods.

Many people have been married for 10 years, and I don’t know what to send my wife’s husband. My friend often travels to Japan and one day forgets the wedding anniversary. He saw the loss from his wife’s eyes. This incident deeply reminds him that gifts may not be important to men because you have a career, but for your other half, this may be a comfort in her heart, don’t look so simple. What should I do at this time? He selected six products on Jingdong, all of which are gifts that can still surprise his wife after 10 years of marriage.

*KOL is not a channel, but a story producer.

Our own way of thinking is linear and one direction. But why can’t we let more people help us write with more angles? This is the brain hole.

* Interpret the brand worldview with real events.

Case: China Mobile.

China Mobile has only spent hundreds of thousands of advertisements to shoot, but the story is very touching and great. It was once there was a shipwreck in the outer seas of China. All the phones couldn’t get through, and only China Mobile had a signal.

Such a simple story is a true story, and the real story is extremely powerful.

*What kind of story can catch people watching.

Reverse is important. Our mobile phone is too small. If the video only tells a story, we can’t stand it without any change in 1 minute. Ok, we have 4 reversals in 2 and a half minutes, and even the ones who started this advertisement are unclear. Eventually, it becomes a content that is both touching, and makes people happy and deeply impressed. It is good content.

5. Strong experience

*All companies in this era are game companies.

Whether it is the showdown of the points system, or a variety of coupons, or the waiting time of the sea fishing door is very short, etc., are all in the game experience.

* Constantly lower the threshold for experience.

Case: Tencent Smart Beauty.

We empowered 10,000 hair salons, what should we do? On the line, I have made a software that can change hair style and change hair color at any time. Many girls want to try the ball head. They used to be able to make up the brain. Now you can choose purple, pink and green colors, and you will see your P look good 25%. Then I tell you which hair salons around you can do this one point, do exactly the same, and still make a 20% discount.

* The experience that can be spread is a good experience.

To create a sharing point.

Case 1: Flight record of the voyage.

My personal flight record, 170, 180 flights a year, hanging like a spider web, this is what I am willing to share.

Case 2: LEGO flagship store.

Lego asked us how to make more people willing to send photos of their flagship store? I used to send coupons, and now my mother doesn’t care about the 10 blocks. We helped it in every store, hired a professional photographer, and took pictures of the moment when mom or dad played with children.

Self-timer can’t shoot this kind of effect, but also grinds his face very smooth, everything is perfect, his son is also very beautiful, her husband has never been so handsome. Then you can download it on the official account. In the lower right corner, you write the official authorized store of Lego China. The XXX address, no one cut it off, and sent it out the first time.

Rethinking, instead of giving you the benefit, pushing you forward, it is better to find a better point, such as sharing this matter.

*Sense of participation and ritual.

Case: Buying a purse at the entrance of Wuzhen.

We usually don’t have the chance to put a purse around us, which is very strange. But now it lets you fill in the fragrance of flowers yourself. This flower is called the health of the old man. The flower is called the child to learn and progress, and more than 20 kinds of fragrance.

At this time, you are very involved, and you can make a completely independent, no-heavy purse, and give it to your husband, parents, and children, and represent your blessing to them.

6. Do the exposure

* Things, things, people can be the object of exposure.

Case: There is sand in the heart, and everything is Maldives.

Behavioral artist He Liping took a photo on the streets of Sichuan. The next day, Xinqi Interactive and Tuniu sent him to the Maldives and took a photo. Later, many people asked them to take a group photo and take a photo in this position.

7. Set IP

You can do official brand IP or you can do third-party IP. When we are not convenient to say it ourselves, it can be done by a third party. It is very important to take a good name. My friend’s company is called “You are right.” These names are self-contained and can be remembered quickly.

The good name of this era, to have fun, insight, reverse thinking, chat feeling, you can go to see the big V and these interesting accounts, and the message below it. Exploring some subcultures, finding some niche people, and sometimes having a great effect on the appreciation of the brand.

8. Propagation

The current spread must be clear from the self to the industry (To M). The spread of To M is to be seen by the industry. Going to be the leader of the market segment.

Raytheon notebook, the Chinese notebook industry, it must not be the boss, but it is the boss of the Chinese game book.

So you have to be clear about yourself and change to the industry. Is there a methodology? Is there any industry guarantee? Are there any future forecasts and data? This is called a white paper. It doesn’t matter if nobody looks at it, the impression is more important than the truth, and it is an entertainment interpretation.

Case: Gao De released a white paper.

When Gao De and Baidu were in full swing, a map was published, which was called the 2016 China Major Cities Traffic Analysis Report White Paper. One of the small points is extremely fun, saying that Cadillac owners have a higher frequency of destinations for bathing and massage. We don’t have to let others know about our content, but let others know that we have sent a white paper because we are the boss, so this matter is very important.

9. Building channels

Five directions for China’s Internet channels:

First, comprehensive e-commerce and integrated media.

Second, professional shopping guide platforms and institutions recommend products, such as small red books, gifts, what is worth buying.

Third, vertical communities and vertical communities.

Fourth, KOL and net red. It depends on his personality and what can be brought to me. Is there any scarcity?

Fifth, direct sales and micro-business systems.

10. Heavy data

When you really make up your mind to invite a spokesperson, it’s not a process of brainstorming, but an analysis of who the customer is following on the Internet.

So what is new media? I just said that it is a methodology, but in my mind, the new media is a worldview.

It tells us how to use it to interact with our mainstream people and with our consumer groups.

To give a small example, our understanding of wine 1000 years ago was called a song of wine, and the geometry of life. 100 years ago, our understanding of wine was called a pot of turbid wine, and it was a dream.

Today, our understanding of wine, called a cup of Jiang Xiaobai respect you have been, this is the change of new media.