French old woman kitchen is now a million paintings

A masterpiece of the famous Florentine painter Cimabue, “ChristMocked” (“taught Jesus”), was recently discovered and found in the kitchen of an old woman in a small town near Paris.

According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 24th, Cimabue was the first artist to carry out style innovation in the early Renaissance. The famous painter Giotto had been a teacher. According to experts’ estimates, the paintings rescued from the kitchen are worth between 4 million and 6 million euros. The old woman does not know its value. She only thinks that she is a “aged” religious painting. Hanging on the wall of the kitchen, there is a baking tray next to the wall.

The experts have carried out an infrared scan of the painting, which is considered to be one of the eight crucifixion maps drawn by Cimabue around 1280, and the other two are collected by the National Gallery of England and the Frick Collection in New York.

“Graffiti on the wall, rubbish on the sidewalk, abandoned shared transport, and ubiquitous shit…” A recent article in the British newspaper The Guardian once again criticized the health problem in the French capital, Paris. Even called Paris “the dirty man of Europe.” In this regard, Paris Mayor Hidalgo said to the French media that he is not satisfied with the health situation in Paris. In addition to strengthening education, Paris citizens should act on their own.

French BFMTV reported on the 23rd that the description of The Guardian changed the “City of Love” into the “Garbage Capital”. Paris Mayor Hidalgo said: “There was a similar article criticizing Rome and London before, but I am also very dissatisfied with the dirtyness of Paris.” Hidalgo explained that Paris is dirty, but it is not always possible to equip every Parisian with a cleaner. Parisians must start from their own to improve the environment. She believes: “This is an education issue. We need to start from the basics and educate everyone to learn to respect, respect others, the environment and the places where we live.” The city of Paris is currently working closely with many primary schools, and students are actively involved in urban cleaning. jobs.

According to the “Viewpoint”, a recent survey by the Ifop organization in France shows that in urban cleaning, pollution prevention and personal safety, people who choose to live in Paris are most concerned about urban cleanliness.

The city of Paris has launched the “My Home” mobile app, which encourages the public to report real-time reports of uncivilized behavior such as littering and shit, and imposes a fine of 68 euros on the offender (1 euro is about 7.8 yuan).

The city of Paris spends nearly 600 million euros a year on cleaning. However, tourists and Paris citizens often find that the streets are dirty, scattered around, and even filled with urine. The Guardian said that the above-mentioned dirty phenomenon is mainly It is the fault of the Parisians. Some citizens have launched the “filling bottle” challenge on the Internet this year, that is, using the cigarette butts on the streets of Paris to fill a plastic bottle to participate in urban cleaning, but the health situation in Paris is still worrying.

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