Find a good job that you like.

Dear friend:

Come, let Mr. and the manager of Sai Baiwei wait for a while. Let me first check if there is a message for you:

“My dear, I really envy you. I am studying and working. I hope that after I arrive in the United States, I can go through the same day with you in China and accompany my children into the United States and go to the world. However, you Look at me, different from young international students, in a situation that is not young or old. If you don’t look for a job, the economy is not allowed. If you are looking for a job, English can’t do it. What should I do?”

No, look at how I live. And ah, you can catch up with the good time.

In 2001, when I immigrated to the United States, it was the age you said. In the third month of the United States, I went to the seminary. Our seminary is available in English, Korean, and Chinese. I don’t know English at all, I can only read Chinese. After graduating from the seminary, I have been volunteering in the Chinese church and community. You can rest assured that after you arrive in the US, you don’t need English to find a job. There are several Chinese districts in Los Angeles, with their own media and business districts. It can be said that these regions are almost indistinguishable from China. Chinese immigrants to the United States for hundreds of years, many people will not be very moisturized in English. You can do the same. However, if you want to make friends with Americans and let your children adapt to American society faster and better, then you must learn English, and learning English is free.

It is human nature to go to the heights of the water and yearn for a better life than to pursue it. You don’t have to envy me, I don’t pay less than others. When you are extremely envious of my own hot water spa and huge swimming pool, there is a mountain in the backyard, drinking coffee in the upscale white area of ​​Los Angeles, listening to music, I have never told you that I live in the seminary for five days a week. In the warehouse, dust and mice made me a nightmare at night. I really decided to listen, speak, read and write English from the beginning, and I have already passed the half-hundreds of years. I have to go to the English school nearly one hour away at 7:00 in the morning.

It really made me walk into the United States, and I have a large number of American elite friends. It is not a luxury home, not my job, my belief and ideal. Pursuing truth, faith, ideals, loyalty, courage, integrity, not the patents of Westerners, we Orientals can still have, and be more determined. Dear, people, living not by food alone, to the United States, there is no difference between you and life in China, not just language and work. I hope that before you immigrate to the United States, it is not money that prepares you. Think more about how you can not waste the opportunity and grace that this free country brings to you. I have realized all the dreams of my youth in the United States, I hope that you are the same.

Ok, I went in for an interview.

The manager is wearing a pink jacket, not too funny, very serious. I am not natural.

“Hello manager. Thank you for waiting for me.” Awkward voice.

The first question: Introduce yourself. The second question, why choose Cypress. The third question, what questions do you have to ask me? My answer made the manager very happy. I told her that Sai Baiyu is very famous in China. If I work in Saibai, my friends in China must be happy for me. My question is how about the interpersonal relationships of the employees in the store.

Upon asking the question, the manager immediately said, “You go back first. If we hire you, I will call you.”

The next day, I received a call from the manager to let me go to the hotel in the city for training.

Of course, I was the first to sign it. Only one training executive was present at the time. Executives are very enthusiastic and talkative. Anyway, no one, the executives chat with us. Where do you come from? How long have you been in the US? Have you worked in the US?

I said that I have not worked in a US company. When the executive asked, I don’t know if it’s a fierce. She won’t hire me, right? I am thinking about it. Mr. sighed and chatted: My wife came to the United States to study, had a degree, then did social work, and also interviewed Jackie Chan and participated in the G20 Hangzhou Summit.

“Then why did you say that you have not worked? Have you done so many great jobs, and are you willing to work in Saibai?” The executives who heard the glimpse finally had a chance to speak. This problem has given me a reassurance.

“Probably some Chinese people do not have the financial reward as a standard of work. My wife is very capable. She will work very well in Saibai, believe me.” Mr. will always be me.

Friends, just like this, I got the first social job in the United States. Although I only worked for three months, I went back to Los Angeles, but the significance of this job is extraordinary.

First of all, my English has progressed far more than the first ten years in these three months. Then, what surprised me was that after returning to Los Angeles, Sai Baijun’s work experience brought me a second, third sincere good job. What makes me most happy is the manager’s words: each of us likes you, you don’t want to go back to Los Angeles. We want you to stay.

When I mailed the check to the Chinese brother and his American wife to support his service and family, mailing a check to the non-profit organization to support the construction of the wall, to the orphanage, I am satisfied with the meaning of my work.

After returning to Los Angeles, the experience of finding a job is very different. Mr. can’t help at all, how did I find the job now? Share next time.