Fatty liver is not a small problem

In recent years, the number of patients with fatty liver has been rising, becoming the world’s number one liver disease. At present, China’s fatty liver patients have reached 200 million.

Fatty liver is not far away from us. Drinking and obesity are all “good partners” for fatty liver. There are many people who have fatty liver, but don’t take it seriously, because it does not pay attention to fatty liver, it may develop into liver cancer.

So how do you know fatty liver correctly? What do we need to pay attention to regarding liver diseases? How to protect the liver and protect the liver? Let’s take a look at what experts in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery say.

The liver has “five fears”

Director Cai said that the liver has five “fear”. The first one is afraid of wine. Alcohol can damage the liver. The World Health Organization has already included alcohol as a primary carcinogen. In recent years, its published data show that the number of people dying from alcohol-related diseases and the number of patients with alcoholic liver disease in China is rising at an alarming rate. Someone asked me if I can drink less? “It is ok in a moderate range, but for example, more than 50 degrees of white wine, with more than 50 ml (1 two), long-term drinking will also cause some changes in the liver, leading to diseases such as fatty liver.” The doctor said.

The second is fear of obesity. With the improvement of living standards, the problem of obesity has gradually become serious, which will lead to some health problems, such as fatty liver and other problems will increase.

The third is afraid of drugs. People take medicine for health and solve their pain, but whether it is Chinese medicine or western medicine, it will increase the burden on the liver. Dr. Cai specifically mentioned that in clinical practice, patients often have a small problem, but because they are taking drugs at will, it leads to acute liver failure, and even to the point where they must change their livers to save their lives. .

The fourth is fear of poor sleep. A good rest is important for liver health.

The fifth is the fear of irritability. Frequent anger is very painful to the liver, to adjust their emotions.

In addition, it should be emphasized that in the diet, patients with liver disease should pay special attention to moldy food, especially peanuts and corn. The green color of corn is a manifestation of mildew, and aflatoxin is produced after peanut mildew. Aflatoxin is a very strong carcinogen, resistant to high temperatures, and the normal cooking temperature can’t kill it.

Correct understanding of fatty liver

Someone asked: Is fatty liver a disease? Fatty liver is of course a disease. Under normal circumstances, our liver has a fat content of less than 5%, and when the liver’s fat exceeds 10%, we call it fatty liver. Fatty liver can cause cirrhosis, and if you don’t pay attention, cirrhosis will gradually worsen. Do not think that there is no other hepatitis except for hepatitis A, which is called steatohepatitis. In addition, the current study also found that fatty liver is closely related to a series of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Many patients are concerned about how to treat fatty liver in the end. Dr. Cai said that the most effective method for treating fatty liver has not been widely recognized in the medical field. The most effective method is two points: the first is to control the mouth and eat less. Heat, high-fat foods, and don’t take medicines because drugs can cause fatty liver. The second is more exercise, patients with fatty liver should exercise more, and lose weight without the use of diet pills. “In fact, it is not the doctor who cures fatty liver, but the patient himself.” Dr. Cai said.

Common misunderstanding

Fatty liver is a fat “patent”?

Obese people have a higher risk of developing fatty liver, but “lean people” are not completely insulated. Malnutrition is also an important factor in the development of fatty liver. People who are particularly thin or long-term dieting, if the intake of nutrients is reduced, the reduction of a substance that “delivers” fat will also cause fat accumulation, which will form fatty liver over time.

Fatty liver is just a small problem?

Fatty liver is not an independent disease, often indicating abnormalities in other metabolism in the body.

About 40% of patients with fatty liver have high blood pressure, 10% have diabetes, 40% have high uric acid, and 60% are overweight. Therefore, if you have found fatty liver, it is recommended to check blood lipids, blood sugar, uric acid, blood pressure and other indicators to rule out related diseases.

Mild fatty liver don’t care too much?

“Milent, moderate, and severe” simply shows the amount of fat in the liver and does not indicate the extent of liver damage.

Although some people are only mild fatty liver, the liver damage is already very serious. If no corresponding measures are taken, it is likely to cause cancer. Especially those who drink alcohol, obesity, and hepatitis B, even if they are mild, recommend further examination of liver fibrosis, inflammation and other related indicators, and regularly monitor the liver.

Fortunately, fatty liver can be reversed compared to many diseases, and eating less is the key. If you have fatty liver, timely intervention, enough attention, not only can control its development, but also can make the fat deposited in the liver subsided.