Earth “ghost”

What is the ghost?

Simply put, it refers to those things that are gone.

So what is the so-called “ghost” plane and “ghost” ship?

Since modern times, the main manifestation of human beings suffering from mysterious disasters has been the disappearance of planes and ships. In fact, such disappearances are no stranger. Rarely, the missing planes and ships have reappeared as they were. These unmanned planes and ships, like a ghost, return to Earth from another time and space.

In 1985, a twin-engine passenger plane that had been missing for almost half a century was discovered in a forest swamp in New Guinea. What is incomprehensible is that the plane looks as new as it was when it disappeared, without any obsolescence. The clear and identifiable sign on the fuselage shows that this silvery plane is a passenger plane that was missing from Manila, Philippines, 48 ​​years ago. The newspapers found in the cabin were dated the 3rd Sunday in January 1937.

A group of aviation experts sent by the Indonesian military, after several hours of investigations in this “like new” passenger plane, came out with a variety of changes and shocked. The competent department in charge of the investigation immediately ordered the military to block the area where the aircraft was reproduced.

When the investigators first saw the plane, they couldn’t believe their eyes: the outer shell was so new, the body was completely flawless, and it looked like a mirror in the sun. The investigators thought that the door must have rust and it was difficult to open, but it was twisted and opened without a trace of “squeaky” sound.

After entering the cabin, you will not see any living or dead people. However, there were empty paper cups, cigarette butts and several 1937 newspapers that were completely free of yellow in the cabin, indicating that someone had recently taken a ride. In one of the ashtrays, an empty cigarette box was placed. Its brand was very popular in 1930, but production stopped in the second war. The clothing and hairstyles that appeared in the magazines were all during the Great Recession of the United States. There is hot coffee in the thermos, and its taste is completely unchanged. There are also sandwiches there, and they are equally fresh.

What surprised the investigators most was the condition of the aircraft. Its battery was still fully charged. When several switches were turned off, the lights inside the unit were all lit up. The tanks of the aircraft are almost all full. This kind of situation makes the investigators feel horrified.

The plane appeared to be an emergency landing with a wheel. It just landed on the marl, so it was completely undamaged and could still fly as it did 50 years ago. In order to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the passenger plane, the authorities are still investigating the aircraft from the “past”.

According to records, similar incidents have occurred in the 1960s. The “Ged” was an American Libe radar bomber. On April 4, 1946, the aircraft disappeared after it was launched. After the incident, the US military searched for 500 kilometers of airspace around its disappearance, and there was no result. Unexpectedly, in 1962, the “Ged” aircraft reappeared hundreds of meters outside the airport. The radio equipment on the plane is intact. According to the analysis of the equipment and equipment, it seems to have landed on the ground that afternoon, but in fact the aircraft has been missing for 17 years.

On a clear day in 1984, five US military aircraft suddenly appeared on the beaches of northern Mexico. The fuselage is shining, the fuel tank is full of petrol, but the cabin is empty and there are no traces. The American experts who were invited to the appraisal believed that they were the five fighters that suddenly disappeared in the air over Bermuda in 1945. However, the matter is still in dispute. Because some people have suggested that the aircraft number is different. Regardless of how this is concluded, the fact of the disappearance of the missing aircraft is undeniable.

As for the disappearance of the ship, the more famous one appeared in 1935. In August of that year, the “Aztec” merchant ship found a deserted American abandoned ship “La Dahama” on the sea at 37 degrees 57 minutes north latitude and 51 degrees 55 minutes west longitude. To the surprise of Captain Aztec and the seafarers, when their ship arrived in the UK, they heard from the captain of the Italian “Lexke” that they saw the ship sinking in the Atlantic before August. seabed.

More than 100 years ago, there was a ship that had been missing for several years in the Atlantic. When people found it, on the ship called “Mélily Celeste”, lifeboats and other items were all available. The expensive gems and gold in the cabin were not damaged, and even a seat was left on the boat. Half of the breakfast, but the crew did not know where to go…

At the beginning of 1990, a 24-year-old Ulysses, which suddenly disappeared for 24 years, suddenly stopped on a deserted beach on the outskirts of Caracas in Venezuela. Three sailors heard the locals informed that it was 1990. They are all scared. They set off from Aruba on January 6, 1966. When they caught a big tuna weighing more than 110 kilograms, the wind blew, so they rushed to the shore to shelter from the wind. Who knows that it has been 24 years! The reappearance of this missing vessel, although the return of people, is different from the previous “ghost ship” incident, but the mystery remains unknown.

Researchers have speculated that the “ghost ship” and “ghost plane” are missing in the “space-time trap” end, and reappear in the “space-time trap” and the occupant has been stranded (with the exception of a few). In this “space-time trap”, the passage of time and space is stopped.

Some scholars believe that the “space-time tunnel” is actually the “anti-material world” that exists in the universe. It is based on the total energy formula of the substance established by Einstein. According to this formula, the total energy of the substance has two values, positive and negative. Some scholars have linked it to the “anti-matter world”. We are only understanding half of the universe, that is, the range of positive matter; and the other half of the universe is a system of antimatter. These two parts are close to each other by gravitation, and when they are close to a certain extent, due to the “quenching” of some positive and anti-matter, huge amounts of energy are generated, and the resulting pressure separates the two systems in the universe. According to this, it can be considered that the mysterious disappearance is the phenomenon of “annihilation” caused by the two major material systems producing local gravitational field bending, and when the “annihilation” disappears, the missing person is reproduced when the gravitational field returns to its original state. This seems to be reasonable, but it has also been opposed by many scholars. It is believed that “annihilation” can explain the mysterious disappearance, but “annihilation” can only make everything disappear forever, and it is impossible to reproduce.

Some scholars believe that “time and space tunnels” may be related to “black holes” in the universe. This theory has also been opposed by many scholars. Because the “black hole” theory envisioned by scientists at present is a mysterious world of “light and light”, it “swallows” into any matter and energy (including light), but never releases it, otherwise it is not called “black hole.” Therefore, anything that is inhaled into the “black hole” is unlikely to have a renewed view of the day.

In the fierce controversy, scholars have also proposed several other theoretical hypotheses for the “time-space tunnel”: one is “time stop”, saying that for the material world on the earth, entering the “time-space tunnel” means missing, and When you come back from it, it means a mysterious reproduction. This shows that the “space-time tunnel” and the earth are not a time system, and its time is relatively static, so whether it is missing for three or five years, or hundreds of years, such as the same day, or from the time of disappearance to reproduction zero. The second is “time reversible”, that is, the time in the “space-time tunnel” is reversed. When the missing person enters this time system, it is possible to return to the distant past. However, when the time reappears again, the missing person is brought back to the moment of disappearance, and the result is a mysterious reappearance. The third is that “time closure” says that “time and space tunnel” is an objective material world. It can’t be seen or touched. For the material world of human life, it is closed and not closed, and sometimes it is occasionally opened once. This opening caused mysterious disappearance. Later, once again, the missing person reappeared.

At present, there are still many different opinions on the understanding of the “time-space tunnel”. However, none of them can provide a scientific basis for convincing everyone. It is a natural mystery to be explored.