Earth disease is anointed: 5 degrees, humans may be finished

Human beings are making the ultimate disaster in the past. At the beginning of 2019, Australia in the southern hemisphere was completely smashed into “human purgatory.” Since the strongest heat wave after World War II, the extreme heat of 50 degrees is baking this land. On land, hundreds of thousands of bats were killed by the sun, and the bodies of the corpses were dying. The deaths of millions of fish died in the cyanobacteria caused by high temperatures. The bodies floated more than 40 kilometers… The entire continent of Australia was The people who are hot are not bored, and the spirits are coated with charcoal.

In this case, in any case, it is unimaginable that this is Australia that once was picturesque and the seasons are like spring. But in fact, the heat wave that swept Australia in January 2019 was just a continuation of the global warming disaster last year. One year has passed, and the earth has not only failed to improve, but has become ill.

In the river, millions of fish died from cyanobacteria caused by high temperatures, and the bodies floated more than 40 kilometers.

Beginning in 2018, all parts of the country suffered from high temperature disasters.
Last year, the Earth just experienced a high fever. In July 2018, when the temperature of the Arctic Circle was as high as 32 °C, polar bears could not find food on the ice that was about to melt, either starved or drowned… not only the polar bears but also the Arctic musk ox, Arctic fox, Arctic seabirds are on the verge of extinction because of the reduction in sea ice.

On land, hundreds of thousands of bats were sunburned by the sun, and the corpses were everywhere, and the death was miserable.

What is even more disturbing is that the speed at which Antarctic glaciers melt is not at all slower than the Arctic.

A group of Antarctic penguins squeezing on a thin sea ice everywhere. Many penguins are hung up their heads and they don’t move. They look tired and hungry. As the Antarctic glaciers melt, the habitat of the Antarctic penguins is also decreasing at an incredible rate. The krill that the penguin relies on for survival, because the water temperature rises less and less, many small penguins can’t follow the big penguins to swim far away to prey, and have not starved to starve.

According to data released by NASA, in the past 26 years, the Antarctic glaciers lost as much as 3 trillion tons, and almost half of the 3 trillion tons of glaciers have disappeared in the past five years. In other words, the melting speed of glaciers is getting faster and faster!

The Antarctic glaciers are melting and the penguins’ homes are disappearing. The British “Nature and Climate Change” magazine wrote in the scientific report: If global warming is not inhibited, by 2100, the number of Antarctic penguins will drop 40 to 99%, and Antarctic penguins will be extinct in this century!

However, global warming is endangered by more than just the animals of the North and South, and the four continents of the seven continents, thousands of people on earth, including human beings!

On the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, more than 35% of the coral reefs on the sea floor are facing “whitening”. Once, they were so colorful and vibrant; however, now a full 1500-kilometer coral reef has withered and secluded, lying quietly under the water, like a bone, like a cemetery. The entire coral reef area is almost invisible to fish, and it is so quiet that it is scary. Because of global warming, seawater warms up, the symbiotic algae in the coral reefs die, leaving only a piece of white bones that are terrible. Once they die, they will never be resurrected and will not be saved again.

In addition to the seabed, the land surface is not optimistic. On July 15, 2018, a forest fire broke out in Kabul, Sweden. In the photos taken by two people, two people stood in the field and looked at the fire in the sky to burn the field into scorched earth, but they could do nothing.

Because of the high temperatures and the flammability of trees, and the warming of the northern hemisphere faster than the world, such natural fires abounded last year. In Canada, Quebec has experienced wildfires that have not been seen for 1,000 years. On the other side of California, the situation is not optimistic. In the summer of 18, California has become a California fire.

According to the California Department of Forestry and the fire department, the spread of the mountain fire in California reached 800 square kilometers, and thousands of houses were burned. Although there was an emergency evacuation, six people were still in the fire. The mountain fires of the century are burning over and over, and the smoke is rolling like the end of the world. In Greece, wildfires are completely uncontrolled because of the excessive fire.

From the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, the entire planet is suffering from fever.
Compared with the domestic surface temperature of 40 °C, the United Kingdom is located in a high latitude area, the country with low temperatures all year round, should not be hot? However, the fact is that the temperature of the UK has exceeded 30 °C last summer. The British people are suffering. The British Meteorological Administration even issued the first “yellow” health warning in 2018.

In some parts of the United Kingdom, there was a record of 50 days of no rain. The heat of the swamps in Sadrworth was ignited, and the fire could be seen 15 kilometers away. Some railroad tracks in the United Kingdom have even been heat-changed, and some railways have been interrupted. That is, the railway that can be started also starts to limit the speed limit, causing a large number of passengers to stay. What is even more terrifying is that most buses and subways do not have air conditioners. In Finland and Germany, high temperatures have caused asphalt roads to melt, and many roads are temporarily closed. Highway 10 in Berlin, Germany, is directly blown up. Invaded by heat waves, the temperature in Switzerland is 30 °C, and the temperature of asphalt roads is as high as 50-55 °C. The Swiss police put on small shoes for police dogs and launched a “hot dog campaign” to encourage the public to do the same.

Polar bear reaching the ice floe

In addition to land, there are waters that are poisoned by high temperatures. In Europe, the temperature of the rivers and lakes is 5 °C higher than usual. In Poland, because there is a poisonous algae in the water, the government reminds the public not to launch, and dozens of beaches in the Baltic Sea are ordered to close. In China, the disaster caused by high water temperature is also alarming. The seawater temperature in Dalian has risen by 10 °C compared with previous years, reaching 35 °C. A large number of sea cucumbers have been directly killed by heat, and the economic loss of the whole aquaculture industry has reached 6.89 billion yuan.

What is even more worrying is that no matter the world, many people have lost their lives because of heat and heat.

Not long ago, an Australian mother was killed alive. Last summer, Portugal and Spain approached 47°C, and four people in Spain died of heat waves. In Quebec, Canada, at least 70 people died of high temperatures in early July 2018. Japan continued its hot weather last summer, causing 57,000 people to get into the hospital and 70 deaths. The temperature in South Korea in July was as high as 40 ° C, breaking the highest record in 111 years, causing more than 30 deaths. It is reported that the Korean government is considering including hot heat in natural disasters. In April last year, Pakistan experienced extreme weather of 50.2 °C, the highest temperature in April in the history of the world, and more than 60 people died.

Some railroad tracks in the United Kingdom have even been heat-changed, and some railways have been interrupted.

Because of global warming, seawater warms up, the symbiotic algae in the coral reefs die, leaving only a piece of white bones that are terrible.

The high temperature makes the asphalt road melt, and many roads are temporarily closed.

The weather network shows high temperatures

Extreme weather, accelerate the arrival of disasters
According to Nature, scientists found that 190 extreme weather events in the world from 2004 to 2018 found that almost two-thirds of extreme weather is caused by global warming.

On August 10, 2018, the Australian Meteorological Agency issued warnings of bad weather to Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. Affected by super-strong cold winds, the southeastern region was hit by a cold wave of up to 125 km/h. Tasmania has an unusually high tide. With strong winds, the circuits in the three states may be interrupted. However, not long before this storm, Sydney’s rainfall was the lowest in 10 years, and droughts occurred in many areas. Once the grassy pastures, the river was full; now, the trees are dead, and even the grass with strong vitality is dead. The cattle and sheep can only eat the dry grass of the farmer. Even more frightening is that even the water of the lake has dried up. Cattle and sheep without water can only die tragically, letting the wind and rain hit the sun. In a dry place, there is no drop of rain; where it rains, it will not stop. Southeast Asia, such as Laos, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, suffered the strongest floods. A giant dam in Laos was destroyed by continuous heavy rains. The torrential rain drowned seven villages and nearly 7,000 people were homeless. Japan has suffered the biggest natural disaster in 30 years. Under continuous heavy rainfall, the floods destroyed nearly 10,000 houses and more than 200 people were killed. Northern Italy suffered from hail, floods, tornadoes, and reduced grape production, with some areas losing 70%.

Letting the world warm, the earth will no longer be suitable for living
In the face of extreme natural disasters, the Deputy Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Elena Manankova, said: “This is not the situation that will happen in the future, but the reality that is happening.” Although heavy rain, high temperatures, drought and even mountain fires It is a disaster that will occur in nature, and it is normal, but these horrific disasters that have occurred frequently have sounded the alarm for humanity.

For a fragile Earth system, a little bit of temperature rise can be fatal, and the living beings on Earth will face severe survival challenges because of this change. This is by no means an alarmist. The results of the recent research released by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology really surprised us. The report pointed out that in the temperature after the combination of humidity and temperature – wet bulb temperature, reaching 35 ° C, humans will not be able to survive outdoors for more than 6 hours. Unfortunately, according to modeling, from 2070 to 2100, the wet bulb temperature will exceed 35 °C in the North China Plain and eastern coastal cities, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yantai, Qingdao, and Rizhao. In other words, if the global warming is allowed, then the North China Plain will no longer be suitable for people to live.

In 2018, the earth was on fire, and she was uncovering her devastation, let us see how many lovely creatures she had lost in this century alone. In 2019, the earth continued to have a high fever. She gave a hysterical roar and let us hear that the destruction that was devastating was a painful groan. However, there are always people who ignore the problem of global warming.

In the Paris Climate Agreement adopted in 2015, many countries are committed to controlling the global temperature increase in the 21st century to 2 °C, and achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of this century. The United States, which is one of the world’s three largest carbon emitters, was led by Trump to withdraw from the agreement, which is really worrying.

In response, a Finnish environmental organization called “Iceberg Melting” plans to raise $500,000 to engrave a 115-foot Trump ice sculpture on the Arctic iceberg, hoping that the ice sculpture will melt and give people who ignore our environment. Some vigilance. However, this Trump iceberg really makes people who ignore global warming pay attention to this problem? As if there is no answer.

Perhaps, the New York Times has been investigating the Earth’s changes after global warming for 18 months. The text written is worthy of our deep thought: since the industrial revolution, the world has warmed by 1 °C. The Paris Climate Agreement calls for a temperature increase of 2 ° C. As the Earth heats up by 2 ° C, we will face the death of tropical coral reefs and rise a few meters from sea level. The Earth warms up by 3 ° C, and the Arctic forests and most coastal cities will no longer exist. When the earth heats up 4°C, Europe will always be arid. China and India will become deserts in most parts of the country, and the United States will no longer be suitable for human habitation. The earth is warming up by 5 ° C, and some scientists believe that this is the end of human civilization.

No one wants to see such a scene. Even if we do not suffer such a disaster in our lifetime, our descendants still live on this beautiful blue planet.

Algeria in North Africa has a temperature of 51.3 ° C, breaking the record of 1961.

In Greece, wildfires are completely uncontrolled. The picture shows that the fire is too strong, causing traffic jams and vehicle jams.

Japan has suffered the biggest natural disaster in 30 years. Under continuous heavy rainfall, the floods destroyed nearly 10,000 houses and more than 200 people were killed.

Huge carbon emissions have become a part of global warming that cannot be ignored. As one of the three largest carbon emission countries in the world, China has been committed to energy conservation and emission reduction, adjusting economic structure, and developing green and low carbon. This road, a long way to go, also requires us to work together to start from life. Even if you drive less, use less plastic bags and turn off the lights, it will be a good medicine for the earth to “burn down”.