Devil Tattoo Killing Mystery

Devil Tattoo at the scene of the crime scene
“Human Roulette” is a chat tool for chat sites. Unlike any previous chat site, entering this website called Chat Roulette, you seem to be standing on a huge casino roulette, forever I don’t know who will bring this person to you before the flying plate.

The game operation is very simple, open the camera, click on the new game, the network will automatically connect you to any user online, which is called “stranger” here. Every night, the site has more than 20,000 online users. The randomness of the game’s unpredictable results has deeply attracted Brod.

That night, Brod was idle, sitting in front of the computer habitually into the page of Chat Roulette, and then plunged into the fast-moving network roulette. The first thing that appeared in front of him was a man who was drunk on the toilet. Brod didn’t allow him to open his mouth and immediately clicked on the “next” to “bounce” him. Then there was a gentle girl in the video.

After chatting with the girl for a few days, once, the girl stared at him for half a second and suddenly cried: “I guess your identity… you are a policeman!” Brod was amazed, blurted. Cried: “There is a god, how do you guess it?” The girl smiled mysteriously, saying that the secret could not be revealed.

Brod was trying to tease her. A sudden sound of a man’s voice rang in the microphone: the night raven flew to the distance to meet the god of fire, Loki, the morning light had passed away, but the darkness gave birth to a new light, which was the rise of Lucifer. It solemnly declares that this is the century of Satan, the world ruled by Satan…

After listening to Brad, he suddenly shook and shouted: “Who is it? Who else is in your room? What is your name? Where do you live?”

The girl was asked a little worried, she turned and looked up, seeming to talk to someone standing behind her. Immediately, a hairy arm slid down from the right side of the girl’s head, encircling her white, delicate neck. The girl smiled and said something in her mouth. However, Brod here has already stunned a cold sweat, because he clearly saw that there was a weird and striking tattoo on the arm: a face, a long horn on the head, and two ends on the mouth. The devil of the tooth!

This tattooed Brod has only been seen in one person. He is the one who once sang the song! Brod screamed in panic: “Hurry tell me, who is behind you?” Just then, another fluffy arm stretched out to hold the girl’s hand holding the mouse, dragging the arrow slowly Slowly slide to the “next” button.

“Wait, don’t close!!” Brod eagerly wanted to stop, but his voice did not fall, the video picture was black, and the girl disappeared. Next, Brod is like a person who has lost the lost things in the vast sea. He keeps clicking on the “next” and constantly “pushing open” strangers who emerge one after another, but the girls never appear again. . For some reason, Brod has a strong ominous premonition.

Early the next morning, Brod received a phone call and a murder occurred in the area where Brod belonged. The deceased was a young girl.

Brod groaned, quickly jumped up, quickly dressed and called assistant Ai Wei to the scene. This is an old-fashioned apartment with a large open door and a lie on the floor. Everything in the room was neatly arranged, without traces of wrestling, and the lights on the desktop computer in the corner were flashing. Brod walked over and gently flipped the body, and it was a terrible bruised face with a purple-red mark on his neck. However, it is still not difficult to tell that she was the girl who spoke to Brod last night.

The girl named Martha, a supermarket cashier, lives alone in Pamplona. Colleagues and neighbors say that she doesn’t know that she knows a man with a tattoo on his arm. The manager of the apartment also said that he only saw Ma last night. Sha was alone in and out of the apartment and did not have a companion. How did the murderer come in? “God! Come see this!” Broad’s assistant, Ivey, called in the back room. Brod stood up and walked over, and Avi pointed his face at the small table. There was a white napkin on it, a goblet filled with red wine fell on its edge, and the napkin was dyed dark red like blood.

“This…this…should be…” Avi stuttered. “It seems to be Sutherland!” Brod added the latter half to him. Ivey nodded and murmured: “But he is dead!”

Brod shook his head and looked at the corner of the napkin with a dignified look. As expected, there were three red letters: LCF.

These are the signs that Sutherland left behind on the scene after each murder: red-dipped wine (in the Christian sense, red wine represents blood, and blood represents life. Jesus lets people drink his blood means that he lives in people’s hearts. What Sutherland did was to subvert the religion, so he poured the red wine that symbolizes the blood of Jesus every time.) And LCF (this is the abbreviation of the devil LUCIFER, Lucifer).

“You guess what kind of fingerprints will be on this glass?” Brod looked at Ivey. His assistant looked at the iodine pentafluoride in a complicated manner, and then screamed: “Sutherland! Really Sutherland!”

There are no circular fingerprints on the glass, but there are three strange blurred lines. Brod’s frowning eyebrows stared at the three horizontal lines, and an unpleasant memory emerged in his mind.

Mysterious Curse in The Devil’s Bible
Since 2007, there have been many cases of young girls being killed in Pamplona. The scenes of the scene have been dumped with red wine and LCF marks. Only the murderer acted cautiously, and there was no clue to trace the whereabouts of the scene. The case has been pending.

Brod was ordered to take over the case in early 2009, and he found a special detail: three parallel thin-line fingerprints can be found on the red wine glass. This fingerprint is associated with the rare genetic disorder of reticular pigmented skin disease (DPR). After more than a year of hard work, Brod finally caught the criminal Sutherland. His family is a very rare family without fingerprints. Their ten fingers have a common feature, that is, smooth and no lines, but on the thumb of Sutherland’s right hand, there are three parallel fingerprints. This is almost his special mark!

In view of the poor nature of the case, the court rarely sentenced Sutherland to death and executed it in February 2010, causing a huge stir. Brod and a reporter witnessed the death penalty. Before entering the executive room, Sutherland shouted the name of Broad. Brod walked over and looked at him calmly across the iron fence. In the face of the imminent death, Sutherland has no fear. He pouted and slanted Brod. The haze said with a strong provocation: “Hey! You must think that you are a hero? Can you not get up? But I tell you, I will come back soon, I will come back. I am looking for you. I want you to never be peaceful.” After he finished, he whispered his songs, and the lyrics and tunes were very weird: the night raven flew to the distance to meet the god of fire, the morning light has passed away…

Brod didn’t believe that someone in the world could be born again. But when Sutherland sang that strange song, only he and a reporter were in front of him. The video taken was also sealed by the police and was not allowed to be announced. Well, the person who appeared in the “human fleece” game last night is definitely not Sutherland. Who is it?

Brod called out the video and began to replay it over and over again, hoping to find some clues. Before the execution, Sutherland screamed a bunch of inexplicable words. For a gibberish of a dead person, no one has ever pursued its true meaning. Now, Brod feels that there seems to be some kind of information hidden inside. He consulted a linguist and learned that it was an ancient dialect of the same age as the Bible. Experts also said that the Czech National Museum houses a medieval manuscript called the Devil’s Bible, the most surviving medieval manuscript in the world. In addition to the Bible, the book also transcribes prescriptions and magic at the time. Spells, etc. Because the book is carefully drawn with a huge Satan image, this book is called the Devil bible. There is a legend about this book: a monk who will be executed for probation, promised to cast a monastery in a night, and this unreachable task forced him to sign a vow with the devil Satan before dawn, making the book a Satan’s endorsement.

The linguist tells Brod that the words in Sutherland’s mouth are a spell in the book called “The Curse of Rebirth”, and it is said that those who sold the soul to Satan by holding certain ceremonies before their death Sincerely chanting it will give you the chance to be born again. Brod looked at the portrait of Satan in the Devil’s Bible and immediately felt that the heart had been hit hard. Isn’t it the same as the strange tattoo pattern on Sutherland’s arm?

Brod visited the various tattoo shops in Pamplona with the devil pattern, but no tattooist said that he had stabbed such a pattern. He did not give up and continued to check. At this time, someone called and said that Binghamton had a wizard who would be a witchcraft. He is said to only serve those who are willing to sell the soul to the devil. Broad heard the spirit and immediately drove to Binghamton.

At dusk, he rushed to a dark tattoo shop. Under the dim light, a man with a beard and a beard is burying his head in a complicated pattern. He is the tattooist Esso that Brod is looking for.

Brod quickly took out the piece of paper and handed it up, saying that he wanted to stab the pattern. Essori glanced sideways and immediately raised his head, and the eagle-eyed eyes stared at Broad.

“You gave it to Sutherlane.” Brod looked back at him. Essori nodded and didn’t speak. Brod couldn’t wait to ask if there were other people in this pattern except Sutherland?

Esso suddenly grinned, and the yin and yang said: “You don’t seem to be tattooing.” Brod then showed the police officer’s card and admitted that he was coming for a murder. Essoppi smiled and said, except Sutherland, he never stung this terrible thing for anyone. The experience of handling the case for many years tells Brod that the person in front of him is lying, but no matter how intimidated he is, Esso is not willing to reveal half of the words, and Broder has no choice but to return to Pamplona.

The next day, when Brod entered the police station, he was found by the boss. The boss told him that there was a murder in Binghamton town last night. The tattooer Esso was dead. Many people proved that the dead had seen Brod before he was killed, so now he is suspected.

“This is a fall! Why should I do that?” Brod yelled angrily. The sheriff said helplessly, although he believed in Broad, but the police psychologists analyzed that Brod was witnessed by the death of Sutherland, and the usual work pressure was too much, and he felt Sussarian. Not dead, but born again, so Esori, who is good at the devil’s tattoo, is Sutherland, because Esso’s arm is on the pattern!

Brod is very confused. The sheriff said that he would re-send someone to investigate the case and let him temporarily take a vacation. He can no longer intervene in the case.

Really hidden behind the game
Depressed Brod returned home, habitually turned on the computer and logged into the Chat Roulette website, and set up a simultaneous recording of the chat video. He always felt that the murderer was probably hiding behind the game and sneer. After nearly a hundred clicks, no suspicious people were found.

At this time, a red-haired girl stopped him: “Hey, where did I offend you? I will run away when I see you?” Brod sighed and said that he was just looking for someone online. He noticed that there was a tattoo of roses on the girl’s neck, and he asked casually: “Your tattoo is very beautiful, it must be very painful when you are in the text?”

The girl who claimed to be Dolly giggled, saying that Brod was too old-fashioned, and the imitation tattoo drawn in the tattoo shop was painless and could be removed at any time.

Imitation tattoo? Brod’s heart jerked, and in addition to tattoos, he might use a tattoo to make a devil pattern. Brod started another home to investigate the shop in Pamplona. Finally in a small facade, the painter cried very positively: “Yes! Not long ago, I painted this pattern on a man’s arm!” He said that when the man came, he wore a hat and big sunglasses. However, out of professional instinct, he still remembered the dark brown birthmark with a star-shaped star on the wrist. Broad heard the face suddenly changed.

“Oh, yes, there was a red-haired girl with him. I painted a rose on her neck.” The painter added another sentence, and Brod’s heart suddenly tightened. He hit. A phone call, then drove home quickly. As soon as he logged into Chat Roulette, the red-haired girl appeared. She waved his hand at him with a smile. “Listen, don’t let the man behind you hold your neck, it’s not a joke, he really wants to kill you!” Brod said very harshly.

“How do you know that we have to pretend to be murder to scare you?” The girl screamed and shouted. At this moment, the worrying scene reappeared: along with a low, gloomy song, a furry arm with a devil pattern stretched out to surround the girl’s neck. The girl struggled for a while, but she could not speak.

Just then, there was a loud noise in the video. Then several policemen with live ammunition appeared in the video, and the head of the police was the sheriff.

The arm that was tightening suddenly loosened, and the girl slipped softly to the ground, making a strong cough. The sheriff rushed to the screen and Brod gestured and said, “You guessed it, it really is him!” Then he went back and asked with regret: “Ivy, why are you doing this?”

Broad heard a voice of resentment from Avi in ​​the microphone: “Because I am not willing. We graduated from the same police school, and he is better than me. Grab Sutherland and let him out.” The limelight, there is also my credit in it!”

“So you will not hesitate to resurrect the devil and kill more innocent lives?” Brod could not help but yell. It turned out that Ai Wei had long been distorted by his unwillingness in the workplace. He was full of jealousy and hate for Brod. He borrowed the opportunity of the Brod family to pick things up. He planted it in his computer. Into the Trojan virus, so that he can always master what online game Brod is playing with, and then he pretends to be a rich man to catch some of these young girls, lie to them and say they want to make a joke with the police officer, pretending to be in the video. Playing a “murder”, then killing them in front of Broad, even if you can’t blame Brod, let Brod live forever in Sutherland’s devil curse. Brod can’t help but swear. He has arrested so many criminals, but he still can’t predict that human nature will become more terrible than the devil after being poured into the dark evil flower by desire.