Counting the famous assassinations in history

Ice axe
The founder of the Soviet Red Army, the Russian revolutionary Lev Trotsky, was the heir to Lenin, but in the power struggle after Lenin’s death, Stalin defeated him unexpectedly.

In 1940, Trotsky exiled to a tree-lined suburb of Mexico City. There, Stalin’s agent Ramon Mercader hid a mountaineering hailstone in his clothes and walked into Trotsky’s study. When Trotsky turned around, he broke the ice axe into Trotsky’s head. The next day, on August 21, Trotsky died.

In 2005, the axe taken by the Mexican police was seen again and is now owned by the daughter of a Mexican police commander. According to the Guardian, the woman named Anna Alicia Salas said that her father had stolen this blood-stained weapon and wanted to pass it on to future generations. But now, she said: “I hope to get a little money. I think this historic value should be worth some money, isn’t it?”

Clown killer
The head of the former Tijuana drug trafficking group, the Mexican drug lord Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, was killed by a gunman dressed as a clown at a birthday party.

It is said that this drug lord is very close to many celebrities and sports stars. It is also said that the movie “Drug Network” is based on his family’s Arrhenex Felix tribe.

In 2013, he rented a beach house in Los Cabos, Mexico for a birthday party. Several assassins were mixed among 100 guests and dressed as red clowns and orange-red wigs. The live video captured the last moment of Arelano Felix. When the two bands started playing and a man sang a song, the clown fired.

“He was hit by two bullets, one on the chest and the other on the head,” said Ise Arias, a government official in Baja California, Mexico. Arellano Felix was 63 years old.

Toxic toothpaste
The Democratic Republic of the Congo used to be a Belgian colony. Patrice Lumumba was the country’s first legally elected prime minister. He strongly supported the unity of African countries and self-determination in the Congo.

However, some Western governments that have significant interests in the country want his life. The United States used uranium mined in the Congo to make the Hiroshima atomic bomb. They feared that the charismatic Congolese politician would become Fidel Castro in Africa.

The CIA is considering poisoning his toothpaste. “I was shocked!” former CIA official Larry Devlin recalled in an interview with The New York Times in 2008. In 1960, he got toxic toothpaste and received an order to carry out the assassination. He believes that the assassination will have a “catastrophic” global impact and has therefore been delayed.

Lumumba was deposed in 1960. He was arrested during his flight and was ill-treated and killed by Congolese armed men on January 17, 1961. His death was considered one of the most important assassinations of the 20th century, after the Congo received independence for seven months.

Nervous agent in the ear and face
Most people are unaware of such attacks.

In September 1997, Hamas leader Khalid Mashal was sprayed with poison by Mossad agents. At that time, Masal was about to enter the office. Two men were waiting there. One of them came forward and wanted to spray a deadly neurotoxin on his neck, but he lost his hand and the poison entered Marshall. ear. After Marshall said, a trembling feeling hit his spine like an electric shock.

In the hospital, the doctor said that the Hamas leader can only live for two days. King Hussein of Jordan angrily demanded that Israel provide antidote, otherwise the two Mossad agents might be executed. Israel took an unusual action and sent an agent to the antidote to save the life of Masal.

There is another case incident related to nerve agents. In February 2017, at an airport in Malaysia, the face of Kim Jong-nam, who had no relationship with the North Korean leader, was smeared with VX nerve agent, and then died. Two poisons were applied to his face. The woman later claimed that when they were found to do this, the other party told them that it was a prank.

Camera bomb
In 2001, Afghan warlord General Ahmed Shah Massoud was assassinated by two men posing as journalists. They entered the headquarters in the Panjshir Valley in northern Afghanistan, when General Masood was sitting on the sofa. The “journalist” detonated a bomb tied to his waist. The “photographer” detonated a bomb hidden in the camera and ran out of the room and jumped into the Oaks River, but Masood’s bodyguard took him and killed him. .

Deadly umbrella
The dissident writer George Markov left Bulgaria, the communist motherland, in 1969, started a new life in London and became a journalist for the BBC. On September 7, 1978, he waited for a bus to go to work on the Waterloo Bridge and felt a sting on the back of his right leg, but he continued to go to work. Later, he developed fever and was taken to a hospital in South London and died four days later. A survey showed that a ricin-containing pellet was injected into his leg with a specially modified umbrella. The murderer was later confirmed as the Bulgarian spy Francisco Gulino, known as Piccadilly.

Tea with other things added
Sometimes, the victim is extremely painful: in 2006, Alexander V. Litvinenko, a former Russian agent in exile and Putin’s critics, drank a tea with 钋-210 and died in a long period of pain.

On September 11, 2004, Vladimir V. Putin’s former bodyguard, Roman Zepov, began to vomit and diarrhea after drinking a cup of tea in a Russian Federal Security Service office in St. Petersburg. Two weeks later, the 42-year-old Zepov died. According to a BBC radio documentary, the autopsy results showed radioactive contamination in his body. But the reason why the former bodyguard was killed was never disclosed.

Those who are not dead
In the assassination, two people were particularly prominent: Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban strongman, and the veteran, hated monk, and Rasputin, who had been the last Russian tsar.

The assassination attempt against Castro includes:

Poisoned light wetsuit: According to a summary of the CIA’s assassination plot, a lawyer named James B. Donovan should have poisoned a pig in prison when negotiating with Castro The light wetsuit is given to Castro. Documented: “The CIA’s plan is to sprinkle a fungus that causes Madura’s foot into the wetsuit. This is a disabling chronic skin disease. It also contaminates the breathing apparatus of the wetsuit with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.” But this The lawyer chose to give Castro a clean light wetsuit “to show friendship”, and the one that had passively touched the hand was never taken out of the lab.

Booby shells: CIA experts have been asked to consider the feasibility of placing explosives in the shells so that they can be placed in Castro’s favorite dive site, set to be picked up by Castro. He killed. “The final conclusion is that no shell in the Caribbean is particularly attractive enough to attract Castro’s attention and large enough to hold enough explosives.”

Deadly cigar: The original plan was to add botulinum toxin to a box of his favorite cigars. This box of cigars was delivered in 1961 – but never in Castro’s hands.

Botox: In 1993, Marietta Lorenz told Vanity Fair that in 1959, when she was Castro’s mistress, she was hired to assassinate Castro and was asked to drink into him. Put two botulinum toxin pills into the pill. She was hesitant, and later found that the pill had deteriorated because she was placed in a cold cream bottle.

Rasputin, who had a great influence by claiming to have healing power, escaped multiple assassinations and was eventually killed in a carefully planned conspiracy in December 1916.

Prince Felix Yusupov invited him to the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg, where he was given a cake mixed with potassium cyanide and drunk a lot of Madeira with cyanide – But he is not dead.

He was shot but escaped. He was hit again and again. Some reports said that the conspirators even stabbed him. Finally, he was thrown into a car and transported to the island of Petrovsky, then was thrown into the Neva River and drowned.