Control bad mood

An effective way to alleviate anger is to “reconstruct.” Just like in Billy, he can say to himself: “Don’t mind, the other party may be in a hurry.”

We can’t have good emotions every day. Bad emotions and good emotions are the flavors of life. To live a normal life, we must seek a balance among them.

In all bad emotions, anger is the most difficult to deal with. After work this day, Billy was very angry. At that time he was driving on the highway, and another car suddenly stopped in front of him. He couldn’t help but yell: “Bastard! I almost crashed into the car!” The more he wanted to get angry, he said to himself: “Why don’t I give him color?” So he increased the throttle and blocked his car. The front of the car.

This anger of Billy is a reckless emotional expression. He may think that the venting of emotions will make you feel better. In fact, this is the worst way to alleviate anger. It will only make Billy more angry and may end up with terrible consequences.

An effective way to alleviate anger is to “reconstruct.” Just like in Billy, he can say to himself: “Don’t mind, the other party may be in a hurry.”

Being alone is also an effective method, especially when you can’t figure it out. It is most unacceptable to calm yourself down by driving, because it is too dangerous. Dean Diss found that exercise is a safe and effective way, such as long walks. In doing so, you can divert your attention. Relieve the bad emotions of depression, anxiety and anger. In addition to the methods of restraining and diverting attention, you can also cooperate with deep breathing and contemplation.

It is very important to control our bad emotions. It is to get rid of pessimistic thoughts and to have positive motivations for things. Martin Sigman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, did a performance survey of salespeople at an insurance company. He divided the sales people into two groups, one with strong ability but pessimistic, and one group with general ability but high optimism. After two years of follow-up investigations, he found that in the first year, the latter’s sales were 21% higher than the former, and the second year was 57% higher. This shows how important it is to be positive and optimistic in order to achieve good results.

The customer refuses to buy the product, and the pessimistic person may think like this: “I am a loser, I will never do this business.” The optimist said to himself: “My method may not be right, or the customer was then The mood is not good.” Followed, he will motivate himself to call the customer again or visit again.

Psychologists have discovered a common feature in their work through the study of Olympic champions, world-class music masters and chess masters: they can motivate them to persevere in their daily training. That is, each of them has a positive motivation, and this is very important for achieving the goal.

Friends, take a moment to re-examine your previous emotions, and you may have a new change.

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