Chain task assessment, business can only go forward

First, what is the “task continuous assessment”
Do sales, back tasks, and justice. But in reality, some dealers don’t even dare to do tasks assessment for employees.

– In the past, employees were provided with pure commissions and no tasks. After listening to your class, I plan to go back and do a task assessment for the staff. As a result, I just announced that I will start a task assessment for you this month. The employees collectively make trouble: “If you assess the task, we will not do it!”

——The sales task is fixed, and it is always impossible to do so. If you don’t dare to deduct the penalty, if you deduct the penalty, they will make trouble and always say that my task is unfair!

——Employees don’t seem to want to make more money, super task, give them a higher commission, but they don’t seem to want to earn more, 60 cents, and come back every day at 4 pm, saying, “Make enough four or five thousand, I can’t play life”… …

– Leave, leave, there are always staff leave. Also during the peak season, when the ordering meeting and the New Year’s press, the big season, and the lack of manpower, they have several people taking leave at the same time, seriously delaying business. The boss is dying, and the employees are not in a hurry.

All of the above are my unilateral complaints from the dealers (boss). The contradiction is that the boss is in a hurry and the employees are not in a hurry!

How to make employees worry, let them automatically spontaneous, and they are anxious to complete the task? Do not assess the monthly task, the task should be a serial assessment. Once the employees get on the road and taste the sweetness, they can’t stop. High-speed roads, one-way streets, can only be rushed forward, otherwise, they themselves suffered heavy losses.

Second, the “task continuous assessment” application one: full attendance award
Dealers are most afraid of employee leave, and are even more afraid of employee leave during the peak season. The same is true for manufacturers.

Why, the cost of employee leave is too low. The staff is not afraid, I can’t take it off, I don’t want to pay today, the day is so hot. What should I do? Please deduct the employee’s half-month salary for one day? Impossible, that is a violation of labor law, inhumane, not kind. Unfriendly management will have bad consequences. Change your mind, don’t do subtraction, do addition. Do not make penalties, do rewards, and are “incremental rewards.”

Method: The employee does not take time off for one month in a row, and the full-time award is 200 yuan in the month; the employee does not take time off for two consecutive months, and the full-time award is 225 yuan in the month; the employee does not take time off for three consecutive months, and the full-time award of the month is 250 yuan; The whole month does not take time off, the full-time award of 275 yuan in the month; and so on, for 12 consecutive months without leave, the full-time award of the month is 200+11×25=475 yuan… and so on, for 24 consecutive months without leave, the full-time award of the month. 200+23×25=775 yuan.

There is any day in the middle to take time off, and re-accumulate from the monthly full-time award of 200 yuan. The full-time award rewards how many days of continuous leave, and a day off, it is interrupted, so it must be counted from the beginning.

In this case, it is assumed that the employee has not taken leave for 18 consecutive months: the monthly full attendance award is 200+17×25=625 yuan, and the 18 months is more than 7,000 (not to mention the monthly increase), please take a day off from 200 yuan. Re-accumulation, the cost is too great! A little bit of “hard work for many years, a night before returning to the liberation”.

Is the boss expensive? An employee who has not been on leave for one year in a row, the total attendance of the boss for the whole year is 4050 yuan. An employee who has not been on leave for two consecutive years, the boss’s total attendance award is 11,700 yuan, which can motivate an employee to take no leave for two consecutive years. Others will also look like they are imitating, and they will get a full-time reward for 2 years, and get more than 10,000 yuan in salary! However, the benefits created for the boss are definitely more than 10,000 yuan. It should be noted that for more than two years, the full attendance award is capped at 775 yuan/month. (as shown in Table 1)

When the boss, please note that the old man must also “rich breasts.” The idea of ​​institutional design is how to motivate employees to take more money. Instead of designing various traps, let employees take less money.

Special case: What should I do for sick leave? In theory, it is also handled according to the system. In fact, this is not human. The boss can discretion, for example, take a formal sick leave to take time off, you can not let you calculate from the beginning, but let your full-time rewards be reduced by half, such as 4 months of full-time work, the fifth month of sick leave, 50% off, from “continuous 2 months” full re-accumulation. Full time for more than 6 months, the first time you can take sick leave can be exempted, continue to accumulate full attendance rewards. The second time you take sick leave, you will get 50% off, or you will complete the task in one quarter. You are eligible for the immunity of the leave once…

There are no rules for this kind of compromise clause, as appropriate, as stated beforehand. Flexibility reflects flexibility, must be wolf, and must be human, and people share this heart.

Third, the “task continuous assessment” application two: task increment level reward
Speaking of the full diligence system, now understand what is the serial increase reward? change! This idea, change it, use the task assessment.

Complete the task in 1 month, and reward 200 yuan for the task in the month; complete the task for 2 consecutive months, the reward for the task completion in the month is still 200 yuan; complete the task for 3 consecutive months, upgrade! The reward for the month is 500 yuan; the task is completed for 4 months, and the reward for the month is 500 yuan; the task is completed for 5 months, 6 months, 7 months, 8 months, from the fifth month to the eighth. The reward for the month is five hundred yuan; the task is completed for 9 consecutive months, upgrade! The reward for the month’s mission is 800 yuan; the task is completed for 10 months and 11 months, and the reward from the tenth month to the eleventh month is 800 yuan. Complete the task for 12 consecutive months and upgrade! The reward for the month is 3,000 yuan!

After one month, it will not be a task. From the beginning, it will start from 200 yuan and re-accumulate. Think about it, the first month of the task is not high, the staff got 200 yuan. It is not worthwhile to complete the task in the second month, because it will be upgraded to 500 yuan immediately – not 500 yuan per month, 500 yuan for 6 consecutive months, not to mention the future. The third month must be completed, upgrade to 500 yuan / month! As a result, the entire company’s first quarter is no problem! In the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth months, the task is completed in 5 months, each month is 500 yuan. The closer to September, the more excited you are, the sooner you will upgrade to 800 yuan!

Why design the September upgrade? Beer enters the off-season in September and must be washed before the off-season. In the tenth month and the eleventh month, the game has to be completed. Stick to the end of the year and upgrade to 3,000 yuan. This is the routine, “opening the door in the first quarter + off-season impulse + annual impulse” once on the road, can only stride forward to the meteor, there is no way to back, the loss of back is too great!

Let’s take a look at the cost of the boss. The annual payment is 200×2+500×6+800×3+3000=8800 yuan/person. In exchange for the employee’s self-sufficiency every month of the year, he is anxious for the task.

You can also slap a little more: complete the annual task, ranking the top three, with an extra bonus of 10,000 at the end of the year.

The payment terms are as follows: This 10,000 yuan reward will be paid in three months in the second quarter on the premise of the completion of the first quarter of the second year.

what’s the result? The employee will not resign in the second year, and the first quarter of the second year will be completed. Why? Because of this pair of bets, the bet is 200+200+500+10000=10900 yuan.

Fourth, the “task continuous assessment” application three: rewards monthly change
The last summary of the “task increment level reward”, may be too potent, leading to side effects, such as: employees finally managed to complete the task in 9 months, get the monthly 800 yuan task completion award, the 10th The month was not completed, Dangdang, recalculated from 200 yuan. If the heart is gray, not doing it, is it possible?

If the dealers, assessing their team’s cohesiveness is not enough (each dealer’s team salary and competitiveness are different, sticky), fearing that “the drug effect is too strong”, the employee ran.

I will give you a different method, gentler. The reward is not incremented, and the reward is changed every month.

Every month, the task is completed, plus 5 points… and so on; every month, the new task is completed, plus 5 points… and so on; one month’s task is not completed, deduct 10 points… and so on; one month new task Can not complete, deduct 10 points… and so on; one year of service plus 10 points, the service age plus 50 points; one month full time, add 2 points, monthly full-time, add 2 points per month, and so on; Performance award once, plus 5 points… (Table 2)

What is the use of extra points? One more point, the next month’s basic salary, plus 10 dollars. How much will be paid at the end of each month, you can count yourself without the company notifying you. What are the benefits? The efficacy of the drug is not so fierce, relatively gentle, the employee’s basic salary rises, and the owner himself counts, and can be up and down every month.

Five, is a drug three-point poison
In my video class, I talked about these “insidious” tasks. The students reflected the most enthusiastic! These are just small insects, and they are all hormones. They are quick and effective, and the side effects are definitely great. Because the game is up and down, it is just a goal – to complete the task! The assessment of the chain of tasks is so fierce, but the wisdom of the masses is terrible. In order to complete the task, the terminal and the wholesale are pressed to the dead; the terminal and the wholesale customer are deceived, saying that the price will increase next month, and the goods will be purchased quickly; the goods will be smuggled even if the company has activities, how many rewards are given to you? (In fact, there is no root) “… Anyway, sinister and sinister, try to do the best, first flicker the customer to hit the money, pull the goods away, complete the task and say. To solve this problem, Huashan is in the forefront, and only this way, to assess the “moving path indicators.”

What do you mean? It’s hard to say a word – the marketing path is different for all walks of life. Some fast-moving brands are the distribution rate, vivid, and the terminal can be sold well. The beer industry has to do a good job in signing a monopoly to sell. In the fertilizer industry, it is necessary to open a good order meeting and do a good job in the demonstration field. In the seasoning industry, it may be necessary to do a good job in the sale of farms and trades in order to sell them. Trust sales, you have to sell.

The assessment of the marketing path can only resolve the task assessment “is a three-point drug”, external use of enemy, internal health care. Why are you not doing it? Because of trouble and heavy workload. Yes, it’s hard to do things right, but if you don’t do serious things, you’re not serious people, you have to be retribution.