Canada, ok?

It can only be said that there are many good places and bad ones.

only the guy drinking water knows it’s cold or hot.

Under the circumstance, the most touching thing in Canada is not the green hills, the green water, the blue sky, the white clouds, the scenery and the beauty, but the love and respect for the disadvantaged groups.

The first impression of Canada is that the disadvantaged groups have many privileges.

For example, all public parking lots, banks, and parking spaces in front of shops have clear signs for the best location for people with disabilities.

If other people use these parking spaces, it is a traffic violation. Even if they are not caught by the police, they will be ignored.

Similarly, all public toilets have a dedicated location for the disabled. If it is not extremely urgent, no one will take it.

All high-rise public buildings and apartments have ramps or elevators to facilitate access and use by people with disabilities.

In public transport, there are also well-equipped facilities for people with disabilities to take.

Get on the plane, down the stairs, take the land, take the crane, all accessible.

Frequently, you can see disabled people who are alone in wheelchairs on the streets and all walks of life, not too slow.

There are no special schools in Canada.

All public schools are required to accept 5% of disabled children so that they can live and study like ordinary people.

The two public primary schools that my daughter had read had disabled students in the class.

The first one is that there is a problem with the digestive system. If you can’t eat normally, you can only keep the indwelling needle in the stomach for a long time and inject liquid nutrients every day.

The nurses in the school help her to inject and care carefully every day, and the students often accompany her to the infirmary.

When I saw her for the first time, apart from feeling that she was short, she did not realize how she differed from ordinary people.

The same bounce, quick response, outgoing and lively.

The second classmate is even more serious. It is said that there is a problem with the spine and he can only go to school by wheelchair.

However, everyone has become accustomed to learning and playing together, and she has not been treated as an exception.

The teacher also gave more care, and the mantra was “Sheis my responsibility” (she is my responsibility).

Every day at school and after school, special vehicles are parked at the main entrance of the school, which are specially used to pick up disabled children.

The side door of the car is provided with a flat plate that can be vertically raised and lowered. The child with inconvenient legs can take the wheelchair to the small flat plate and directly into the car.

When they were at school, the teachers stood at the main entrance of the school early in the morning to meet the disabled children in their classrooms and study with other children.

At the time of school, the teachers pushed the wheelchairs one by one, and sent the children to a special shuttle bus, which was then sent home by the staff.

This scene is warm and touching.

In Canada, a child with a disability can receive a welfare of about $13,000 a year, plus free medical care, which can basically live decently.

The provinces also have different welfare policies for the disabled, and they are caring for those in adversity from the aspects of study and study, employment, life care, and medical assistance.

Not only do they enjoy many benefits that are better than ordinary people, but they are also treated with respect, care and courtesy.

For example, salvation should also pay attention to “political correctness”: the poor can’t call the poor, the “people in need”; the relief station called “food bank”; the intellectual disability called “the challenge of IQ”; the child with abnormal mentality is called ” Exceptional children”…

It is unfortunate to be born and disabled; life is inevitably frustrating and frustrating.

But being able to have the guarantee of the system and the care of the society can be respected, cared for, courted, and protected. It is a great fortune in misfortune.

Big love is speechless, and good is water.