British teenagers only eat junk food and cause blindness

I dare to picky eaters when I see you eating! Recently, a rare case in the UK has aroused the attention of the medical community: a teenager is “extremely picky” because of his diet, and is only keen on a few high-calorie foods. He was blind and deaf because of severe malnutrition at the age of 17 or set up a British The first tragedy in modern history to “eat into cripples” by eating junk food.

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on the 3rd, this boy from Bristol, England, has only eaten “junk food” since the elementary school age. Three meals a day are surrounded by French fries, potato chips, sausages and processing. High-calorie foods such as ham, the staple food only eats white bread, and almost does not touch vegetables and fruits. Because the food is unhealthy all the year round, his body has already had problems as early as 14 years old, often feeling tired and weak; one year later, the teenager’s condition has intensified, and hearing and vision began to decline. However, he still hasn’t changed his diet, and he finally said goodbye to the light at the age of 17. After diagnosis, the boy is seriously deficient in vitamin B12 and other nutrients, low levels of copper and selenium, and poor bone density; more seriously, long-term malnutrition has caused permanent trauma to his vision.

Medical experts at the Bristol Medical School said that the boy’s “strange disease” belongs to the category of nutritional optic neuropathy. As the name suggests, this condition is directly related to nutrient intake, mostly in areas of poverty, years of war or drought; in developed countries, this condition often occurs only in patients with intestinal diseases. Experts are amazed that cases of malnutrition that lead to similar conditions are “too rare” in the UK. Experts also said that even if this case is extremely rare, it fully demonstrates the importance of nutritional balance, and people with bad eating habits should take it as a warning.

The US withdrawal plan may lead Afghanistan to “relapse into civil war”! According to the British “Guardian” report, nine high-ranking US diplomats jointly issued an open letter on the website of the US think tank Atlantic Council on the 3rd, criticizing the US government’s way of negotiating the withdrawal. The open letter emphasizes that withdrawal at this time may cause Afghanistan to be worse than the status quo.

The U.S. government special representative for Afghanistan’s reconciliation affairs, Khalilzad, said on the 2nd that he was interviewed by Dawning Television of Afghanistan. The U.S. and the Taliban have reached a draft agreement on “practice” in principle, and the draft can be signed after the approval of U.S. President Trump. According to the draft peace agreement agreed with the Taliban, the United States will withdraw nearly 5,000 soldiers from Afghanistan and close five bases within 135 days.

The nine US diplomats who issued a joint letter to openly challenge the agreement were stationed in Afghanistan after the Taliban regime was overthrown, including John Negroponte, former US Deputy Secretary of State, and several US ambassadors to Afghanistan. The open letter stressed that the Taliban did not make a clear statement on the conditions for accepting the peace agreement within Afghanistan, nor did it have a record of cooperation with other political forces. Peace in Afghanistan is still unknown. To ensure the security of the United States and to protect the values ​​of women’s rights, the complete withdrawal can only take place after real peace in Afghanistan.

The Russian satellite news agency quoted peace activist Brian Terrell’s analysis as saying that the usual peace talks were that the two sides first ceased fire and then sought to reach an agreement. But in fact, the violent conflict in Afghanistan has escalated over the past few months, which is both ironic and alarming.

The latest quarterly report released by the Office of the Special Inspector General of the United States Reconstruction Operations in Afghanistan showed that the number of attacks by Afghan anti-government armed forces has continued to rise this year. A total of 6445 anti-government armed attacks occurred in the second quarter, an increase of 9% compared with the first quarter. .

In Terrell’s view, another limiting factor in the current US-Taliban peace agreement is that “the Afghan government is excluded from the so-called peace process.” According to Afghan Dawn TV on the 4th, only two days after Khalilzad briefed Afghan President Ghani on the draft peace agreement, Presidential spokesman Sedici expressed concerns about the agreement. He said that the main concern now is how to prevent the possible negative consequences of the agreement, and hope that the relevant parties will “clarify.”

According to the last control data released by the Office of the Special Inspector General of the Afghan Reconstruction Operations at the beginning of this year, from November 2015 to October 2018, the area controlled or affected by the Afghan government has dropped by more than 18 percentage points to 54%. The area of ​​competition with anti-government forces rose by 13 percentage points to 34%.

“This is playing the face of the army!” According to CNN’s report on the 3rd, US Defense Secretary Esper approved the transfer of $3.6 billion in military expenses to the US-Mexico border wall on the same day. Intense opposition from the hospital and non-governmental organizations.

CNN said that Esper sent a letter to the US Congress, saying that the $3.6 billion military budget approved by Congress before will be transferred to the 11-segment wall of the US-Mexico border. According to US Defense Department officials, the length of the new boundary wall is 175 miles. A total of 127 US military construction projects have been affected and are currently in a “suspended” state. Half of these US military construction projects are located in the United States and half are located overseas, and may involve areas such as drones, cyber warfare, and training facilities.

When the news came out, the Democratic Party immediately approved it. Schumer, the minority leader of the US Senate, said that Trump’s embezzlement of military spending was only to achieve personal vanity. House Speaker Pelosi said that the embezzlement of military fees to build the border wall “reduces US security and shame the constitution.” But to stop it, Congress can only pass the Federal Supreme Court. The NGO, the American Civil Liberties Union, had previously brought it to court for Trump’s “abuse of the president’s right to declare a state of emergency”. The organization said on Tuesday that it would seek a court order in the lawsuit to prevent military funds from being misappropriated.

US Defense Department officials revealed that about 5,500 active military personnel and about 2,000 National Guard members have been deployed in the US-Mexico border area. The US military said that the construction of the boundary wall could reduce the deployment of troops.

The National Public Radio reported that, usually, Congress will participate in the mid-year evaluation of the Pentagon in April to analyze which project funds can be saved, but this year Congress did not participate. Critics point out that the government’s misappropriation of approved military spending has serious legal problems.

US Vice President Penns recently visited Ireland and flew from Dublin, the easternmost tip of Ireland, to the westernmost village of Dunberg, just to stay at Trump’s resort in Ireland.

According to the US “Washington Post” reported on the 4th, Pengs met with Irish Prime Minister Vladika in Dublin on the 3rd and continued to lobby Ireland and European countries to prevent Huawei 5G, but the media’s focus was on the hotel where he stayed. This is an international golf chain run by the Trump Group in the scenic Dunberg Resort on the west coast of Ireland, about 300 km from Dublin. In this regard, the Washington Supervisory Agency’s Citizenship and Ethics organization said: “When the president appeared in his golf club in Virginia, the vice president appeared in the president’s golf club in Ireland. This is because making Trump profit is always a priority. “Democrats say that it is simply too corrupt to spend taxpayers’ money on a trip to Trump’s hotel.

CNN reported that Pengs had no problem staying at the “Boss” hotel, but it took a few hours from this hotel to take a 40-minute flight to get to the meeting place. Why did Pengs deliberately find himself? Trouble?

“I have relatives there, it is very important for me to stay there for one night.” Pengs explained to the media on the 3rd that he just wanted to go to Dunberg because he had a distant cousin to open in the local area. A bar, he wants to have a meal with his loved ones. Dunberg is a small place, and Trump’s hotel is the most reasonable choice considering security and the number of accompanying people. Penn’s office director, Short, said that when Trump heard about Burns’s schedule, he said, “Well, you can live with me.” Schott thinks “this is just a suggestion.” A spokesperson for Burns also insisted that the hotel’s decision was entirely a decision of the vice president’s office, not Trump’s order. However, CNN believes that even if it is out of the political environment, everyone knows that the boss’s suggestion is not a “recommendation”, and is essentially an order.

According to NBC, before the inauguration of the president, Trump handed over control of the company to two adult sons and senior executives. Since taking office, Trump has spent about 300 in his property. day.