Britain’s tens of thousands of pounds of Koi’s theft

“fish pond” is in a hurry
On March 28, 2010, the Duke of Westminster, the chairman of the British real estate company Grosvenor, reported to the police station that four precious Japanese koi in the fish pond were stolen, one of which was that he was £2 million. The best koi that I bought at the price.

The Duchess of Westminster is the godmother of Prince William, and the Duke himself is a close friend of Prince Charles. The police heard the news quickly. After the investigation by the assistant investigator Sam Greg, the ditch’s fish pond was far away from the road and separated by 8 walls. How did the thief know the location of the fish pond? The duke also said: “The fish pond is close to the eaves, even if it is high, it is not easy to find.”

A week later, the hardcore fisherman of the Duke of Westminster and the British logistics giant Nigel Dawson also reported that the expensive filtration system and 13 koi in his garden had been stolen, with a total value of tens of millions of pounds. .

Subsequently, the Koi Club, where the Duke of Westminster participated, had two stolen Koi stolen. These thieves have the same modus operandi, and the thieves have turned into the garden of the stolen, using the net to pick up the koi kept in the pool, put it in the bucket that they carry, and then leave calmly. Even the police do not know which rich people are members of the Koi Club. How do the thieves know so clearly? Gregory couldn’t understand how the thief chose the target of the crime, otherwise they could ambush in advance and wait for the rabbit. However, the case has not progressed, and the police had to issue an announcement through the television station to raise the vigilance of the rich who have the koi, a valuable ornamental fish.

The thieves did not converge because of police warnings. In May 2010, there were three cases of koi burglary in the villa courtyard in Stockport, central England. The police in Waterford City received the call within a week. Two reports were made.

The scope of the crime continues to expand, and newspapers, the Internet, and television in the UK have begun to report a lot. Public opinion is awkward. British people who have always been known as gentlemen have accused the police of cracking down on cases, frequently public relations, using upper-level relations, and exerting pressure on police stations and the government.

Some people say that there is a special magnetic field in Japanese koi, and thieves can find out where to hold Japanese koi using some kind of equipment. Although this statement was quickly denied by British scientists, many people still believe this. Otherwise, how do thieves know which one has this fish?

The United Kingdom is the largest importer of Japanese koi, and the number and quality of the koi carp is a symbol of wealth and status. Due to the theft of the domestic koi carp, the families who want to buy koi have given up or postponed the purchase plan. The koi backlog can not be sold in the hands of importers, and it is even more difficult to talk about the purchase from Japanese traders. Japanese traders began lobbying the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for diplomatic shackles. The relevant departments of Japan and the United Kingdom have also conducted informal contacts on this matter, and this matter has attracted the attention of senior government officials.

One night in July 2010, Sir John Eddie George, the former Governor of the Bank of England, drove home after the entertainment, and found that his wife and housekeeper fell in the garden fish pond, and the koi in the fish pond was missing. The British people were once again angry, and protests against the police’s ineffectiveness in solving the case and the public property security were not guaranteed. It has been revealed that Eddie has been involved in the development of the British anti-terrorism bill, and many people have linked the Koi chain burglary to terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks. For a time, the case was more and more bizarre, and the more it passed, the more it passed.

On the one hand, the police sent a spokesperson to appease the public’s sentiments, claiming that the matter was absolutely irrelevant to the terrorist organization. On the other hand, the most famous detective in the United Kingdom, Michael, led the case to detect the case. The British MI5, the world’s most mysterious intelligence security agency, also conducted secret consultations with the police on this matter.

“A small fish actually set off a storm, and it disturbed the whole of England. It is incredible!” The Times commentator Richard Leber wrote a special article for this matter.

“Mouse” play “cat”
In August 2010, Ms. Michael went to work and set up a crime-solving team code-named KF (kill fish “killing fish”). They analyzed that Japanese koi is a valuable ornamental fish that cannot be eaten. The thief will steal the koi. First of all, from the source of the pin-up to push the thieves, this is the first step after the group was established.

When secretly investigating all the Koi dealers in the UK, they found that the dealers couldn’t sell the goods they had on hand, and it was impossible to restock from the thieves, and the retailers were also bleak. Koi does not sell after the hand, is it to raise it, and then sell it after the wind has passed, this possibility is there, but not big. So many koi, how big is a fish pond? The goal is great, and thieves are never going to do so by themselves. Where did the stolen fish go?

It is not feasible to trace the road from the market. The KF team found that the city where the koi burglary occurred showed the law and trend from the east to the middle of the country to the south. Now the southern city only has a burglary in Bristol, according to the past. Regularity, thieves will generally commit to more than 2 crimes in a city before moving to the next target. The group then decided to count all the families in Bristol who have koi. A total of 115 households in Bristol City have Japanese koi. Finally, after a resolution, 18 of the 115 households were selected for convenient transportation, which was easy for thieves to start, and the most expensive family of koi was controlled.

Another burglary happened, and the strange thing is that it is not among the 18 control companies. “Is we not planning, or is the thief too embarrassed?” Michael is reflecting. After two weeks of control, the family with the control was fine, and the two who were not controlled were stolen. The KF team decided to withdraw the police force for the defense, and they felt like the cat was being played by the mouse. And the next thing proves that their feelings are right. On the second day after the police withdrew the control, the one with the most koi was visited by thieves. Michael was very surprised that he had solved the crime for decades and had not seen such an arrogant thief!

How do thieves know that the police are in control and know the specifics? Is it because the inside of the police has a “ghost”? Michael’s experience and intuition of years of handling cases is not likely, because the thieves’ theft target is mobile, and it is impossible for every city’s police to have their “inner ghosts.” Is it that the thief invaded the police system and stole the relevant action plan. However, there has been no news that the police system has been hacked recently, and there are several firewalls and anti-intrusion systems in the police system. The general hackers cannot enter. Thinking of this, a trick suddenly flashed into Michael’s mind.

Three days later, the first Koi was stolen from the city of Bath, and a laptop was placed on the courtyard lounge chair.

The KF team members kept the news of the thieves in front of the computer. Suddenly, the video flashed. A shaved young boy appeared in the video. The young man was holding the cigarette and playing the game. “One of the thieves has finally come to the forefront,” Michael said. The laptop that was stolen at the same time as Koi was contacted by the police in advance, and he deliberately forgotten it in the courtyard and let the thieves steal it. Everything you do with the computer is taken and automatically transferred to the KF team’s computer, which also has a bug. After five days of continuous surveillance, the bald thieves barely did anything other than playing games and selling.

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