Before going to divorce, go to these four places to see

On Sunday night, it was almost zero, I was about to shut down, and my classmate Z sent WeChat: Did you sleep? My heart is blocked and I want to talk to you for ten dollars.

I laughed, this is a bit too bad, talk about it, is it a couple of quarrels?

He said, no, it is annoying. I went to my ex-wife unit today and gave my daughter a half-year support. I saw that my ex-wife was particularly uncomfortable. I felt that I was sorry for her. I shouldn’t be divorced and take the initiative to give a thousand more monthly support, so that I have less guilt in my heart. a little.

In fact, at the beginning, the two of us were too reluctant, and no one would take a step back. Today, she saw me, her eyes have been red, I know she regrets, but I am married, what about regret? It is only wrong to make a mistake.

I sighed and said, don’t think so much, go to bed early, the days must look forward, you can’t always look at the past.

Z and I said good night, off the assembly line.

Lying in bed, thinking about what I just did, I was filled with emotion.


I remember reading a set of data before, and some marriage and love experts said that 70% of Chinese couples are wrongly married.

Among the divorced couples, the “80s” accounted for the largest proportion, close to 40%. 90% of the 40% of the couples are only children. Impulse is the main cause of divorce. Arguing once and mixing one mouth may lead to the separation of Laoyan.

Yes, in real life, there are many such examples, but some people are ducks cooked hard, and they regret not saying anything. I have seen several cases.

However, there is no such thing as selling regrets in this world. If it is wrong, it will be difficult to have a chance to come back again. Sometimes, one step is wrong, that is, step by step.

Marriage events, whether it is marriage or divorce, must be cautious.

So, if you have the idea of ​​divorce, I suggest you go to these places to take a look, give yourself a buffer, and then decide whether you want to leave.


1. Wedding scene.

In the first issue of “The Wonderful Story”, there is a topic: Is the wedding really necessary?

“National father-in-law” Huang Lei said: I often fantasize about the picture of my daughter’s marriage, I will cry. But if one day, the man told my daughter that there is no wedding, then I will tell my daughter, don’t marry him!

We all know that Huang Lei does not mean the future of the son-in-law, but the decision to see the man and his daughter spend a lifetime together.

Over the years, I have participated in many weddings. Every time I watched two new people staring at each other at the wedding scene, I burst into tears. I will remember the scene when I was married: from now on, whether it is good or bad, Rich or poor, healthy or sick, I will love you, respect you and cherish you until death separates us.

Is it true that everyone has said tears to that person?

However, later, when you walked away, you forgot your initial heart, forgot the original promise, and for the little things, you will be arrogant, and if you don’t agree, you will fight.

However, marriage is not a romantic fantasy, it is a real life, it is the triviality of rice and oil. What we have to learn is to tie a chicken feather into a beautiful feather duster, instead of breaking up.


2. Kindergarten.

I have a friend who works in kindergarten. She once told me that she has taught several single-parent families, whether they are father or mother, these children are mature earlier than other children, they are sensible, let People look distressed. Many of these children, when the parents divorced, the end of childhood.

So if you want to get a divorce, I suggest you go to the kindergarten to see.

Happy people are cured in their whole life, and unfortunate people are curing their childhood. The shadow left by the child’s childhood in the mind sometimes needs to be cured in a lifetime.

You bring your child to the world, give him life, and have the responsibility and obligation to give him happiness and happiness.


3. Your parents’ home.

My classmate Z did not say hello to her parents when she was divorced. When she was married, she told the old man that the two old people were too lazy to take care of him.

Once, he and I said that if they had to discuss with their parents when they first divorced, they would not have this result.

Yes, parents, the ones who love you the most in the world, no one, can hope that you can be happy than they are. Moreover, they are all coming over, there are many ways and experiences, and listening to their suggestions, you will be much more awake.


4. Hospital.

My friend’s father, when he was young, and his mother were arguing every day, and they wanted to get divorced several times. If they were two children, they would have been separated. However, they had come over for most of their lives.

Three years ago, my friend’s father had a cerebral hemorrhage. After living in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for many days, he finally recovered a life. From then on, he became a vegetative person who could not move in bed.

In the past few years, the old lady has become a full-time care worker. Every day, she has cooked and shredded the food. She feeds him a little, wipes his body, cleans the urine, and lays on the bed for a few years. No.

The children are just holding hands. These are all old ladies. They never complained. Sometimes they will make a joke with their lying companion: Are you old things not quarreling with me? Finally, I won, hehe!

Every time a friend talks about it, I will fill the scene with my mind and feel both sad and moved.

Han Han said that once you get sick, you will know how cold and warm this world is.

Yes, I always think that in this world, there are only couples who can live and die. Even if they don’t seem to be so kind, they really come to a critical moment. Only this person can count on it, even if it is already the left hand and the right hand, but that righteousness, But it can let two people breathe together and share their fate.


Some people say that the most precious thing in the world is that it is not available and has been lost. Actually, it is not. The most precious thing in the world is nothing that can be grasped at the moment.

Those so-called long-lasting marriages have not experienced no quarrels and sadness, but just know what is more worth cherishing and guarding.

Every time I write such an article, someone in the background will spray me, saying that I am not a woman of the new era, I will only plead for it and teach people to endure.


I am not teaching you to endure, but teaching you not to make decisions easily, but when you regret, you will never return.

Two people have no feelings at all, and it is not a good thing to be reluctant to maintain. Since they can’t get together, it’s better to spread them.

But marriage is not a card, and reshuffling is a huge price. Divorce is not moving, it is not cool, it is not responsible, and it is irresponsible to others.

Treating marriage as a battlefield must be a mess; and using marriage as a dojo will become a practice, gain growth, and gain happiness.