Be careful! Birds will also set fire

Birds will set fire
There was a fire in the Australian woods, a red flame in the woods, and a thick smoke. Huh? A few birds hovered around the woods, sometimes flying low, picking up the branches of Mars, flying high, flying to places where the fire did not spread, leaving the branches, after a while, another fire. What are these birds doing?

If you meet an Australian aboriginal, he will tell you that this is a bird arson.

Birds will also set fire? It sounds strange, but it has long been a surprise for Australian residents. Fires often occur in Australia’s wilderness. In addition to man-made or lightning, they also found a third type of fire-causing culprit, birds, and the three most sighted birds: blackbird, whistling and brownbird. Both belong to the raptor and are fierce predators.

For the arson of birds, residents have various versions of the explanation, one of which is generally accepted is that birds use fire to prey. The raptors carry the branches of Mars to ignite the grass or the woods, and the small animals hiding in them are rushing to hold their heads and squirrels. They only want to transfer, don’t be burned by the flames, how can they think of the enemy in the air, and accidentally Falling under the predator’s paw.

However, biologists do not agree with this. They questioned that birds would arbitrarily set fire and thought it was only accidental. They just happened to pick up the branches with Mars and accidentally lit other places.

However, the latest evidence shows that these birds are really deliberately arson.

Arson is intentional
Dick Eusen, a former Australian firefighter who fired near Kakadu National Park in Australia. When the fire broke out, he found a small fire on the side of the road. He was preparing to extinguish the fire in the past. Suddenly he saw a whistling fly flying over, and a cigarette branch was placed in his mouth, and he dropped it next to the original fire. , lit another fire. In order to prevent the fire from spreading, Dick put out the fire one by one. When Xiao Xiao clicked on a place, he would destroy one place. According to his statistics, he had extinguished a total of seven screaming fires. In 2012, in Queensland, Australia, Dick found the same situation, but this time the protagonist changed to black.

In addition to Dick, another firefighter, Nansen Ferguson, also saw the birds set fire. At that time, he carried out a fire-fighting mission at the Howard Springs Nature Park in northern Australia. He saw a group of cockroaches, about a hundred, hovering, screaming at the fire, and trying to ignite a small piece of grass 50 meters away. Fortunately, they will promptly The fire is extinguished.

The findings of the two firefighters proved that the arson of the birds was deliberate. If it is accidental, Xiao Xiao will not take the branches many times to try to ignite a place and its surroundings; if it is accidental, Dick will not find two birds in the same place doing the same thing; if it is accidental, it will not There are hundreds of birds with arson.

In addition, people once thought that this may be because only a few birds have tasted the sweetness of predation by fire, and gradually learned this skill, but from the discovery of Nansen, arson is not an individual behavior.

Moreover, bird arson may be more frequent than imagined, because the arson of birds does not only occur in Australia, the researchers have found the same in the Americas, Africa and South Asia, perhaps in other parts of the world, but people Did not pay attention. Moreover, although only arson attacks such as cockroaches and cockroaches have been discovered, there is no guarantee that only raptors will arson.