Ancient Egyptian magic earrings murder

Magical earrings
In the Tutankhamun dynasty in ancient Egypt, the country was facing bad luck: the young pharaoh Tutankhamun was seriously injured in the battle against the enemy and injured his left leg. A few days later, Pharaoh’s legs not only did not improve, but became more serious, the wounds became black and pus, and the doctors at the palace were helpless. Queen Ankerina doorcloth is accompanied by Pharaoh. Seeing that the deep-loving husband died weakly after a sudden waking, the queen fell into a huge sorrow, and the eyes of the pharaoh were always lingering.

After the treatment of the Pharaoh’s funeral, Ankertina began to secretly investigate the husband’s death, and she suspected that someone had secretly murdered the Pharaoh. After the death of the Pharaoh, the power fell to the hands of Minister Ay and Herron Hsibu. Although Anke Mina is a queen, she is the biological daughter of the last Pharaoh Akentuna, in the environment of power. It can only be difficult. Sure enough, when the investigation has not made substantial progress, the heavy minister Ai began to attack the royal family and asked himself to inherit the throne and become the new pharaoh.

Ankerina was helpless and asked the King of Sheikh for help. She said that her husband was dead and had no son. He asked him to send a prince to be her husband and the Egyptian king to continue the dynasty’s son and glory. King Gehe promised to send one of his sons to Egypt. The sly Anktina door hurriedly concealed her grief and modified her makeup, and wanted to use it to discuss the joy of the coming new king to persuade him to eradicate the ambitious ministers. At this time, she remembered a pair of gorgeous gold earrings given to her by Pharaoh Tutankhamun. “This is the most precious gift for my most beloved queen. It can make the queen always young and beautiful.” Pharaoh’s love is especially in his ear. The queen decided to put on the pair of earrings, one to show the commemoration, and the other to make themselves shine.

Prince Gehe led the entourage and the army to the south, but disappeared in the desert and failed to step into the Egyptian kingdom. The Queen knows that this is the general of Herron Hsibu. But this is the end of the matter, there is no way, Ai finally sat on the throne of the Pharaoh. Ankerina, wearing gold earrings, has become bright and eye-catching. The appearance is more beautiful than that of Tutankhamun. Ayi forced her to marry herself on the grounds of “no king first son”. Ankertina was forced to succumb. However, the desire to continue the dynasty for the dynasty has not been achieved, and the children in the abdomen have always had a miscarriage for various reasons. Ankerina has deeply regretted her choice and firmly believes that this is the punishment of the gods, she is facing Earrings pray for death every day: Let me be a woman who betrayed her husband, how long it takes for youthful beauty, and God takes them away from me at 20 times speed! In the days that followed, the prayers were valid: the 27-year-old queen was covered with dark spots on her face, her limbs trembled, and she described her ashamed, like an old woman. The new Pharaoh disregarded the extreme and never ignored her. Ankerina was rewarded with his wish. Soon after, he followed his ex-husband Tutankhamun Pharaoh in the deep palace and died silently.

Although the people disappeared, the pair of gold earrings that shimmered with strange light were passed down to the world, and they were handed over in the royal family of the royal palaces and later the pharaohs. With the decline of the Egyptian dynasty, the earrings were buried in the earth, and they were dug up and stolen, and their mystery has been rumored by people.

Beautiful myth reappears
July 2010. In a private club in Paris, a small private antique auction is going on. Those who participated in the auction were commercial tycoons and celebrities. Some of them came to the upcoming antiques, and some just spent money to add one or two embellishments to their vast wealth. More than half of the auctions have been held, and many antiques have been bought. The auctioneer looked at the antique that was picked up in the box and looked down at the information and said, “This collection comes from a collector who does not want to be named. Ancient Egyptian jewelry,” he asked the assistant. Shown to you, “Anktina’s earrings. It is the antique of the Tutankhamun dynasty more than 3,000 years ago, the love of the Queen of Pharaoh.” It was the couple who had appeared in front of the crowd. Year’s gold earrings! The drop-shaped earrings are faintly sparkling with golden flowing light, inlaid with huge gemstones. As soon as he appeared, it attracted the attention of the audience. Sitting in the third row, Jeanna is a newlywed wife of a shipping tycoon, 26 years old, the best. When she saw the pair of earrings, she could not move her eyes.

The auctioneer then introduced that he had some pretentious mystery: “Although it was once asserted to be an ominous thing, who can resist the temptation of it? The starting price of this piece of jewelry is 5 million euros, please Bid.” Jeanna listened to the earrings to make people glamorous, and made up their minds to get it, without hesitation, raised the price tag in their hands.

When the price exceeded 10 million euros, the number of hesitant people began to increase, rising to 20 million euros, leaving only the reward and the other young man. Jeanna was annoyed, squinting at him with a resentful eye, and then the price was suddenly raised to 30 million euros, and the young man hesitated, he thought about it and gave up the competition. Jeanna smiled smugly.

After the auction ended, Jeanna told the assistant to deal with the matter, and she waited in the hall to drink, but saw the young man who was battling her earrings and was holding a cell phone and talking in a corner. Jeanna walked behind him and heard him whispering, “Yes, ma’am.” Jeanna grabbed the man’s phone and said: “Do you think I don’t know who you are? Don’t think that this pair of earrings can make you Rejuvenation, the old woman is the old woman, the ugly is ugly, this is a fact that cannot be changed! Even if you become a fairy, Piee will not come back to you, he has not loved you!”

The other end of the phone is Jeanne’s ex-wife, Marian. Jeanne Ben is the model that took the advertisement of Pierre. She used the means to destroy the feelings of Piece and Marianne, grabbed the 50-year-old Pie, and taught Pierre to make a hand on the divorce lawsuit, making Mary Ann was only swept out of the door when he received half of the compensation he deserved. Marianne was angry and often competed with Jeanne for the auction at the auction, causing her to lose face or lose money.

A few days later, the gold earrings were sent to the home of Jeanna, who was fascinated by the light of the earrings as soon as she opened the box. Jeanna couldn’t wait to put on her earrings, and she immediately appeared to be dignified and noble. Jeanna was overjoyed and felt that the earrings were fetishes and worn every day. One night after half a year, Jeanna sat carefully in front of the dressing table and carefully removed the earrings and placed them in the box. She looked at her face with her face, stroking her delicate white skin, and a smile on her face. She turned to her husband and said, “Look, what is the ominous curse? I am getting more and more beautiful, giving you a face, now I am pregnant, you said, is this 30 million worth it?” The wife said: “It is worthwhile for you to spend a lot of money.” Jean Najiao smiled happily, got up and went to the bathroom, and even heard the sound of the water.

Pie lay back on the bed and looked at the book. It didn’t take long before she suddenly heard a horrible scream in the bathroom, it was the voice of Jeanna! Pièu was shocked and ran into the bathroom. Everything in front of him made him almost faint: let Na in the bathtub, one hand on the edge of the bathtub, has passed out, and the red one in the bathtub is full of cylinders. Blood water! There is still a small group of deep red things in the blood that rise and fall with the water!

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