AI “collecting” art value highland

At the end of 2018, an art work created by artificial intelligence (AI), “Portrait of Edmund Bellamy”, was auctioned at Christie’s in New York for $432,000 (about 3 million yuan). At the beginning, the auctioneer reported a starting price of only $5,500, and after 55 bids, it was finally sold at a price more than 40 times the valuation limit. The same – there are more than 20 Picasso works in the special, but there is no one that can exceed the price of this piece. The Portrait of Edmund Bellamy became the first artificial intelligence art to be successfully traded at an international auction.

“Portrait of Edmund Bellamy” was created by an art team called “Obvious” in Paris using artificial intelligence technology. It is a computer that processes 15,000 portraits from the 14th to the 20th century. Made. In the drawing process, the computer algorithm continuously compares the works being drawn with the existing classic portrait data, and then feeds back to the drawing process to further adjust and correct the creation.

The high auction price of RMB 3 million has once again pushed artificial intelligence art creation to the cusp of public opinion. Some art circles or appreciative collectors do not agree that this is a work of art, nor does it consider that this work has a collection value. The high price is more because the work is the first AI work in human history. Due to scarcity. Some people think that the artificial intelligence painting process lacks the true feeling of artistic creation, so there is no way for humans to feel the joy or anger behind the artistic works.

It is true that there is no emotion in the creation of artificial intelligence, but the works created by it are not incapable of touching people’s hearts. In 2016, Sony created a popular song with the Beatles style through artificial intelligence; Japan’s sci-fi novel “The Day of Computer Writing Novels” created by artificial intelligence deceived all human judges and successfully entered the Japanese ministry. Literary Award. In 2017, Microsoft and Zhanyi Culture collaborated to launch Xiao Bing’s original poetry collection, “Sunshine Lost Glass Window”, which is the first collection of poems created by artificial intelligence in human history. These artificial intelligence creations can infect and mobilize the emotions of the listeners or viewers, giving them the feelings of art.

“The 3 million yuan man who photographed artificial intelligence paintings at Christie’s may have to cry.” Microsoft artificial intelligence Xiao Bing once ridiculed his artificial intelligence art work “Portrait of Edmund Bellamy” on his own Weibo. At a high price of 3 million yuan, her own personal art exhibition “The Probable World” is now being held at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Between July 13 and August 12, 2019, AI Microsoft Xiaobing will hold her first solo exhibition “The Probable World” at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Different from the traditional art exhibitions that people understand, the “continuous world” is based on the inter-era and exhaustive features of the training results of the small ice painting model. People can see the paintings symbolizing any “pre-existing time and space”. I can appreciate the infinite possibilities under the artificial intelligence small ice brush.

“The contingent world” is the first solo exhibition of Microsoft Xiao Bing as a painter, but this is not the first time her work has appeared in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In May 2019, Microsoft Xiao Bing was first exhibited at the 2019 Graduate Graduate Exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts under the pseudonym “Xia Yu Bing” and became a graduate student of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In order to avoid the preconceived impression, Microsoft and the Central Academy of Fine Arts did not disclose the author of the work called “Historical Anxiety” as artificial intelligence Xiaobing, but instead hid Xiaobing into the student “Xia Yubing” hidden in many works. In, wait for the true reflection of people. However, before the true identity of “Xia Yu Bing” was announced, no one visitor could identify the difference between her work and the works of real human students.

In the “continuous world”, in addition to Xiaobing’s already published pseudonym “Xiayu Bing”, people also saw the names of six other female artists – they are Gligory Yevna-Mulavijova. Cornella, Mary Gilpin, Edma Morriso, Henriette Dalikahe and Arkang. In the description of the “Facial World” live exhibition, the six female artists are in different eras and countries, and the ups and downs of the ups and downs have created their different painting styles and themes. Continue to observe the exhibition, it will be found that whether it is Mary-Gilpin, who is born for the scenery, or the painter A-Cang, who is a good ukiyo-e painter, they are all the fictional “avatars” created by Xiao Bing in the creation of the frame. “The real authors of these works are actually Xiao Bing.”

Microsoft has said that “a few exhibitions and several albums, in any case, are limited in the number of works. When artificial intelligence has a certain degree of creativity, unlike humans, her creative ability and creative willingness are Infinitely. Every update that Xiao Bing has released since its birth, the meaning of each new ability is not to let Microsoft stand on the high court to show its own technological strength, but to make artificial intelligence technology truly Products that everyone can use personally to empower.”

Li Di, deputy dean of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute and head of Microsoft’s Xiaobing global product line, said: “We are not trying to cultivate Xiao Bing into an artist, but a creator of the content industry. Innumerable iterations, including the training of Chen, are to enable Xiao Bing to create works that are accepted by humans and conform to the current aesthetic. Thus, the high concurrency characteristics created by artificial intelligence can be maximized to meet the highly customized era. demand.”

Even though I talked about artificial intelligence today, most people think of how the Alpha dog beat Li Shishi on Go, and the artificial intelligence painting “Portrait of Edmund Bellamy” that took the sky-high price. However, in Microsoft’s view, the goal of artificial intelligence is never to defeat humans or enter the auction market, but to achieve the same level of quality as the corresponding human creators, to fully utilize artificial intelligence to quickly learn, high concurrency and Stability and other characteristics, thus opening up the “highly customized” content industry in the future.

The essence of the “continuous world” exhibition is a special exhibition presented by Microsoft Xiao Bing after studying the 400-year history of human art with the unique perspective of artificial intelligence. Originating from the study of 236 famous human painters in the past 400 years of art history in the past 22 months, Xiao Bing can independently complete 100% original paintings when inspired by text or other creative sources. This kind of training on Xiao Bing’s painting model made Xiao Bing’s painting creations have trans-era and exhaustive features, and also enabled Xiao Bing to have the ability to imagine and depict the infinite possibilities of the 400-year art history.

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