A glimpse of the wonderful marriages of countries

Japanese generation of blind date: only for parents
The unmarried rate of men and women in all ages in Japan has soared in recent years. The “generation of blind date” banquet is a blind date for parents only. The organizer makes a booklet for the children of the participants, which mainly records their academic qualifications. Information such as professional qualifications, income, and marital status. Parents will read the booklet before the start of the banquet, so they can aim at the target from the beginning.

After the banquet began, there was an unwritten rule that the parents who had daughters at home had to “sit firmly on Mount Tai” and wait for the parents with their sons to come and visit. The photos are not in the booklet, and only when visiting, parents can see the other children. However, most parents are not too concerned about the appearance, they care about the other’s conditions. Long-term queues can be arranged near the parents of good-natured women.

Parents take home the information of the objects in their phase, and after the child has discussed, they will start the second step of the blind date. If the two think that they are good, they will open a “family meeting” to let the children meet. If the children did not have much objection, the matter was roughly settled. Many parents have already taken part in the “generational blind date” banquet as one of the weekly leisure activities.

Japanese style: jumping shop blind date
“Break-to-shop blinds”, as the name implies, combines “hopping shops” and dating activities between bars and restaurants. Male participants pay an entrance fee of 6,500 yen, and women’s admission fee is half that of men.

Participants first concentrated in the restaurant, separated by men and women, and sat face to face. The first hour is usually a dinner and exchange time. Next, the participants will wear a wristband on their hands. With the wristband, you can enter all the bars and restaurants that provide venues for “dating the blinds” and enjoy the free “privilege”. In this way, single men and women who sparkle during a meal can choose a bar and restaurant to continue dating. Participants who do not find the target can also “transfer the position” and continue to search for other people who are wearing wristbands.

United States: Wen Xiangxun
Single men and women attending the “Pheromone Party” should wear the same T-shirt to sleep in the first three days of the event, and then put the dress in a sealed bag and bring it to the blind date. The staff used powder and blue two-color pens on the external labels of women’s and men’s clothes bags.

After the activity started, the participants went to smell the clothes in the sealed bag one by one, and then chose the taste they liked. Throughout the process, photographers took pictures alongside “storing certificates”.

After the selection is completed, the staff will display the photos, and the owner of the clothes will find the person who chooses them according to the photos and introduce themselves.

Turkish mother-in-law: choose a bath in the bath
In the eyes of the Turks, the bath is the holy land of Allah, and there should be no scruples or evil thoughts in cleaning the body of Allah. In this way, the Turkish bathroom has become an important place for mother-in-law to choose the future daughter-in-law. Accompanied by the matchmaker, the mother-in-law invited the daughter-in-law of the future to bathe together. In the bathroom, the mother-in-law not only has to “review” the appearance and body of the future daughter-in-law, but also to “examine” her pelvis and body odor. Whether or not there is body odor is also the focus of her mother-in-law.

However, in modern Turkey, young men and women are mostly free to fall in love, and the choice of mother-in-law to choose the future daughter-in-law in the bathroom is more common in rural areas in remote areas.

South Korea: First ask “Where do you live?”
Most unmarried men and women in Korea who are 20 to 30 years old put their place of residence in the first place of love conditions, and judge each other’s economic indicators accordingly. Therefore, compared to the academic qualifications and occupations, many Korean young people are more inclined to ask where they live when they are dating, and also consider whether to live with their parents, or to live in their own apartment or rent a house.

Modern Korean Fan: Computer into a matchmaker
Nowadays, the number of marriage agencies in Korea has increased dramatically. These marriage agencies are increasingly relying on computers to select the right “other half” for clients. According to statistics, after the matchmaker introduced their respective situations to the blind date, the probability of agreeing to meet was an average of 12.8%, but if the computer was “matched”, the probability could be increased to 22%.

South Korea’s Shanyou Company has developed a software called “Coordination Object System”. If you enter a total of 160 items of academic qualifications, annual salary, occupation, age, etc. on your computer, the computer will show his competitiveness in the “marriage market”, and then give the list of the best heterosexual candidates, including the most suitable heterosexual candidates.

British blind date strange trick: headgear paper bag does not see face
A British dating website proposes a concept of blind date – let participants know each other’s personality first, decide whether to further interact with each other, and then look at each other’s true feelings.

The staff said: “We want to remind people that blind date is not simply looking through photos.”

In order to promote this new concept of blind date, the site held a special blind date conference called “Farewell to the Skin” at the British Science Museum, which attracted hundreds of single men and women in London.

Each participant is required to wear a paper bag that only exposes the nose and nose. To be different from others, participants can use their creativity to draw interesting patterns on paper bags or write notes about themselves. Someone wrote on the paper bag “I have three kidneys” “I want to be a model”, and others wrote “I have been a spy.” These “tips” have also become the talk of both parties quickly entering the chat.

Britain: With parents to get married
When children reach the age of marriage, parents, relatives and friends will arrange a series of blind date activities for them. Among them, a variety of theme cocktails are most popular.

Before the blind date, single men and women will get a guest list to understand the opposite sex; they will also seek the advice of their parents and choose the opposite sex that they think is worthy of contact. The man usually invites “third people” to act as introducers and introduces each other. Although children are the protagonists of the blind date, parents are also an essential “family”. Single men and women will come to the agreed place to meet with their parents. After introducing a few simple words, the introducer will give the woman’s parents “a look”. If the woman’s parents are satisfied with the “future son-in-law”, they will leave with interest; if they are not satisfied, they will find an excuse to take the daughter with them.

After the blind date, both men and women will exchange their feelings with their parents. If you feel satisfied, you will ask the introducer to arrange the next meeting. If not as expected, the parties will also inform the introducer and find a polite excuse to avoid embarrassment.

Spain: When the fan opens, love comes.
In some social situations in Spain, young women always have to bring a fan. If a man looks at a girl and wants to go up, the fan can convey quite important information.

If the girl makes a move to cover the lower half of her face with a fan, this is to say “I love you” or “I love you at first sight” to the other party. When the first date breaks up, if the girl opens the fan and holds the chin, this tells the other party “I hope to see you again soon.” On the contrary, if the girl does not meet each other at first sight, she will throw the fan on the table and say “I can’t love you.” However, if you find that the woman is fanning the fan, then he is better to leave, because the woman does this action means “Please leave me! Otherwise, my husband will fight you!”