75% off idealism

For a few seconds, the meaning of life is to let all eyes open. Fortunately, humans have only two eyes. Then will I envy the blind? I think that if you look at this world, you won’t want your eyes to lose their function.

The stimuli that the eye sees and the body feels create love and hate. With a slight orientation, the direction is created, and then the brain hole begins to create illusions for us. The result of fantasy rationalization is the result of idealism.

The ideal was thought out, written, and followed and executed every day. There are sorrows, happiness, and gradual clarification in the process. Ideals are mostly age-related. We have idealism at the age of five, and there are also 12-year-old and 27-year-old versions. Every time in life, the ideal will be a discount.

I recently went to my sister’s house in Toronto and saw two nephews in their twenties, two bank professionals with suits. In their study room, they also placed photos of their childhood. Before the age of twelve, one wanted to be a football player and the other dreamed of being an ice hockey champion. I am also myself. When I was young, I was fascinated by the dream of becoming a great architect. But because of the bad physics, I couldn’t take the university, I had to accept the reality and I was a graphic designer.

Many people have ideals, but they have not deepened into becoming a doctrine. Everyone is busy worrying about many realities, forgetting the ideals of some distances and the form of the pursuit.

Then the vibrato appeared, and too many people grinned in front of the phone, in the self-timer, this is an era full of “fast food” idealism. Do what others like to watch, eat what the stars eat on the video, wear clothes that others like to wear, cut a hair that others have cut, try to satisfy others and satisfy each day. This is the cheap idealism of society.

It is very simple to be a member of thousands of ordinary people. It is very difficult to be a hero in your heart.

In the past, I went to Greenland with a partner who was still a friend at the time. His dream along the way was to take good aerial photography. Every time I took a good thing, he would turn around and ask me, “Are you happy?” Later, everyone separated, I will still miss the truth of “I am happy”.

Do I have an ideal myself? Am I an idealist?

If I admit it silently, I know absolutely in my heart that I am an idealist who has won a fold. I have a strong passion for the ideal of love, the ideal of work, the family and the children, and society. But very practically know that I got 61 points on the road of love. Platonic love can reach the perfection of idealism. At work, my ideal is self-reliance. I believe that even if everyone in the world is not working, I will still go to work. I will give myself 71 points. Family children, I just qualified 51 points. For the society, there are only 21 points.

I am very anxious, leaving me little time. Idealism is very greeted with me during this time. There is a voice telling me how many points to get, how to get it, not for others, for myself, who to love, who to love, what to read, to help, to help others, what to think Just do something. This way your score can be increased to graduate.