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1908: Review of the Big Bang
On June 30, 1908, on a Tuesday morning, in the vast eastern part of Eastern Siberia, the Shiquan Tunguska River was clear and clear, without a trace of clouds. In the morning, some people are still asleep, and some are preparing for work. At about 7 o’clock, in a Siberian village more than 100 kilometers away, people suddenly saw a huge cylindrical illuminator in the sky suddenly falling from the sky, whizzing from the east to the west. In the village of Vanawala on the banks of the Tunguska River in Shiquan, the children were inexplicably crying, and the hounds of the hounds rushed into the blue sky with no reason. At 7:15, the villagers suddenly saw a dazzling spheroid in the air, roaring into the west, and the sphere slowly turned into a huge pillar of fire. People were panicked by the dazzling brilliance of the blue sky and the huge roar, and the village in Taijialin was in a panic. After the last 10 minutes of flight, the UFO fell to the ground and exploded at a height of 7 to 10 kilometers above the Taigalin. A large black smoke appeared, and the smoke was red. The flames are faintly visible. The earth trembled at the foot. The sky flashes and thunders, and lightning that can’t open your eyes every few seconds will break through the sky. What followed was a deafening noise. These “skyfires” that make people feel fear from the heart, cut off countless trees. The bang of the explosion even reached 1200 kilometers.

This catastrophic event took place in the depths of the uninhabited Siberian forest. The nearest human settlement from the incident was a hunting area acquisition station called Vanawara 65 km away. The place that the village cannot be called is located on the banks of the Tunguska River, the right tributary of the Yenisei River. It is home to a limited number of staff who have acquired the mountain goods and a small number of local Avonke hunters. The hot air waves generated during the explosion spurted around and were invincible. It first dumped the forest within a radius of 40 kilometers to the ground, causing a raging forest fire, burning all the vegetation on the surface, including moss, and coating all the creatures in the area. Then it continued to move forward and pounced into the distance. When passing through Vanawara, a man was rushed out 7 meters away, burned another man’s ear, and many people and cattle and other livestock were turned to the ground. Most of the houses in the village are crumbling, and some are even thrown into the air by the waves. Within 100 kilometers, the doors and windows of the house were all shaken out. Countless rivers in Eastern Siberia have smashed huge waves and even tens of kilometers upstream. When this terrible force finally weakened, it had uprooted 80 million trees in 2,150 square kilometers. The beautiful vegetation and the beautiful Taigalin became the tomb of the terrible dead forest. People prayed in horror and waited desperately for the last coming of the end of the world.

The local Awink hunters who witnessed this scene recalled that the terrible hurricane brought people and deer to the sky, and some people who jumped into the river to escape did not escape the burning of the skyfire.

Seven hours after the explosion, people between 200 and 300 kilometers from the center of the explosion found themselves suddenly caught in a strange, dead silence. The unique bird songs in Taijialin, as well as the rustling of the leaves, disappeared. The clear morning suddenly became dim, and everything, including the leaves and grass, turned yellow, then turned orange, then red, and finally became deep red. At noon, they are all black. A dense silver wall rises in the direction of Tunguska. These unclear phenomena lasted for about 8 hours.

From the explosion to the 100 years of today. Researchers, astronomers and explorers in Russia and abroad have conducted countless organized or spontaneous investigations of the explosion site. They surveyed relevant data on site and extracted all available samples. The research work has continued.

In the investigation of the location of the explosion, it was found that the local vegetation was mutated: the larch leaves characteristic of Taijialin had always been double-leaf leaves, but after the mutation became a three-leaf leaf, the growth rate of the trees suddenly increased; the chemistry of the soil Changes in composition and physical properties; ants in the forest and crayfish in the river produce limb variability, and their corresponding two front paws or pliers are many times larger than the other; the insects there are more than themselves The same kind of species; in addition to animals and plants, the blood protein of the villagers under the Tungus River also changed, three generations of the Ai Wenke family, the blood in the previous RH factors that residents of the area did not.

research shows. This unidentified object weighs 10 million kilograms and has a diameter of 30 meters. The explosive equivalent is equivalent to 10 billion kilograms to 20 billion kilograms of TNT explosives, which is equal to 1000 explosions of atomic bombs in Hiroshima in 1945. The shock wave of the explosion was at least two weeks around the Earth and was recorded by the Observatory in many countries around the world. The earthquake caused by the explosion has felt in Irkutsk, Tashkent, Tbilisi and the German city of Jena. In the Irkutsk Planetarium, the seismograph of the history of science recorded the impact point of the meteorite for the first time. The start time of the earthquake was 0:17:11 at the international time. The shock wave reached the observatory after 2.5 minutes, and the velocity of the shock wave was calculated to be 318 km/sec to 321 km/sec. A violent magnetic storm broke out five minutes after the explosion, and the magnetic storm near Irkutsk lasted about 3.5 hours. According to the monitored data, the magnetic storm is very similar to the geomagnetic storm generated after the nuclear explosion. To this day, the magnetic field in the explosion center is still very strong, and the compass is turning like crazy, and it is impossible to distinguish the direction. The damage caused by the explosion to the Earth’s magnetic field is astonishing.

In addition to the intense oscillation of the Earth’s magnetic field, the power of the explosion also caused an increase in atmospheric pressure and led to significant clouding of the Earth’s atmosphere. These phenomena were recorded and measured by the latest barometers from the Cambridge Weather Station in the United Kingdom and the Solar Energy Measurement Station in California, USA.

Not only that. From the early morning of July 1st, 15 hours to 20 hours after the incident, from the Yenisei River in the east, to the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Bordeaux in the north, and Tashkent in the south, in the 12 million square kilometers. On the vast land, there was a “lighting summer night of 1908” in the annals of history. The earth’s atmosphere emits unusual light. At night, in the sky of about 80 kilometers, there are countless dazzling clouds. This is the famous “silver cloud” in the history of Tunguska. This type of cloud generally occurs at an altitude of several tens of kilometers after a volcanic eruption and is formed by crushed ice. On these nights, they strongly reflected the sun, so that this wonderful landscape appeared in places where it was impossible to have a white night due to geographical location. The night sky is so bright that residents of many cities can’t sleep. Some places can see small-sized newspapers even when they don’t turn on the lights in the middle of the night. In Greenwich, England, some people take pictures of the harbor in the middle of the night. This scene of excitement and fear continued until July 4.

In a later investigation, the researchers visited more than 700 witnesses from 84 different sighting sites covering an area of ​​more than 1 million square kilometers, with a distance of up to 1,500 kilometers. The strange thing is that they have a far cry from what they saw in the same incident, so their testimony is self-defeating and contradictory.

First of all, the description of the body of the tomorrow is different: Someone sees a light blue cylinder that emits intense light, which drags a long fire tail and falls down for a full 10 minutes; someone sees a The huge red fireball smashed the sky in a few seconds and hit the ground; some people vowed to be orange-colored round objects, but not round balls; others saw a burning “wheat”…

About the flight direction of this unknown object. Witnesses described the northeast, eastward, westward or northwest, but the testimony showed that the main general direction was northward, which included differences between the northeast and northwest. The roar of the object when it exploded, some people say it is a single loud noise; some say it is a series of shelling sounds of 5 minutes to 7 minutes; some people say that the sound continues for a full hour; others say that the interval is heard Three loud noises in 2 minutes. People see the time of this unidentified flying object, ranging from morning to noon.

Secondly, the forests that were smashed by the explosion were not uniform in area, ranging from 30 to 60 kilometers. At the scene first discovered, the trees radiated radially from the center of the explosion, but the strange thing was that the most central trees were still standing, but only the blackened trunks were left by the fire. In the aftermath of the investigation, other large pieces of fallen forest were found. Some were shaped like a butterfly lying on the ground. The middle axis was directed to the northwest. The trees on both sides were combed by a huge comb, and they were folded symmetrically and neatly. on the ground. The different lodging directions of these forests seem to tell people that the direction of movement of this unknown object has changed several times, from south to north, from southeast to northwest, and then from east to west. The direction of flight described by the witnesses contradicts the direction of flight simulated by the scholars in accordance with the way the forest is lodging. In the decades after the explosion, people gradually found a piece of dry forest that had fallen to the ground. But as time went by, the dry trees slowly disappeared into the young newborn forest.

In addition, the speed of unidentified flying objects. Witnesses also have different opinions ranging from a few kilometers per second to tens of kilometers per second. After repeated research and research, the author draws a more uniform conclusion that the final flight speed of the unknown object is 11 km/sec to 15 km/sec. The weight of the object, the number recognized by most scholars is 30,000 kg, but some scholars have put forward the saying of 100 million kilograms.

All along, people have made unremitting efforts and hope to unveil the mystery of the big bang at an early date. Scientists from Russia, Germany, Italy, the United States and other countries have gone to the local area for numerous inspections. Only scholars have proposed more than 18 scientific arguments. Almost every year, people solemnly announce the unveiling of the big bang. However, even under today’s advanced scientific and technological conditions, there is still no inference that can fully and objectively cover all the phenomena of the big bang. Time was ruthless, and almost all of the eyewitnesses of that year left the world. The new Lin Fei on the scene quickly rose to the ground, covering the traces of the explosion. But it is undeniable that Tunguska is the only sure carrier of the mysterious events of the universe. Its existence provides an unparalleled and precious field for human beings to perceive the new world.

Hard to explain facts
A full 100 years have passed, but for the Tunguska bombings, one can only identify the few facts that were pitiful: a cosmic body flew over the atmosphere on June 30, 1908; it occurred at 60°53′ north latitude and east longitude 101. °53′ aerial explosion; gas wave; forest collapse in the location of the explosion; burned forest in the center of the explosion; earthquake phenomenon; magnetic storm in the ionosphere; singular light phenomenon in the atmosphere observed in western Europe.

Humans have encountered unprecedented problems. Facts and intuition tell people that the mystery contained in the Tunguska forest has long since surpassed human imagination. For this reason, people have a strong interest in not letting go of every event that may be related to the explosion. In the 1908, when the singularity of nature was extremely active, there were indeed many things that could not be explained. They sang together with the Tunguska blast and performed a unique “guessing big party” for human beings.

In the spring of 1908, there was a thick dust that had never been seen in the atmosphere above the Atlantic Ocean. The spring floods in Europe were also very serious, and Switzerland had a blizzard at the end of May. On February 22nd, the famous Brest UFO incident took place. This morning, in the clear sky of the city of Brest, bordering Russia and the Polish border, a bright luminous point appeared on the northeastern horizon, which quickly became a V-shaped object, dragging two long “Twigs”, flying quickly from east to west. This UFO originally gave off a dazzling light. Then slowly weaken, and the luminous point becomes larger. Half an hour later, the UFO became blurred in people’s sight, and after an hour and a half, it completely disappeared into the air.

In the spring, summer and autumn of this year, the number of meteors observed around the world is many times that of previous years. In addition, the records also show that the ozone layer over the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere has been severely damaged since April 1908, and the ozone hole formed is as wide as 800 to 1000 kilometers, as if wearing a belt to the earth.

Something that happened on the eve of the Tunguska explosion was even more unusual.

From June 17th, 1908 to June 19th, 1908, in the central basin of the Volga River, there was an aurora in the sky, and it was impossible to see this scene at normal. People see ghostly things in the sky, and when those things disappear, they will blow up the wind. People panicked into the church and thought that the light in the sky was a precursor to the coming of the referee day.

From June 21st, in many places in Europe and in the air of Western Siberia, whether in the early morning or evening, or even in the night can see the colorful glow. This phenomenon is even more pronounced especially in the Baltic coast. The long, silvery clouds extend from the east side of the night sky to the west, giving a bright glow. A similar scene occurred only after the eruption of the Crakadao volcano near Jawa Island in August 1883, after the volcanic eruption.

On June 30, seven hours before the explosion, the expedition led by the Englishman Shackleton observed a dazzling aurora in the Antarc volcanic area of ​​Antarctica.

After the Tunguska explosion, many scholars did not agree to see it as a meteorite fall. The reason is simple: if it is a meteorite, its weight is estimated to be at least 30,000 kilograms or more, then the pit left by the collision should have a diameter of at least 2 kilometers and a depth of at least a few hundred meters. However, many investigations not only did not find the impact crater, even the debris or other clues of the meteorite were not found. The team members only found a butterfly-shaped undulating forest with an area of ​​2,150 square kilometers. During the inspection, people also found that there is a 20-kilometer-long fallen forest in the southeast of the 150-kilometer center of the determined explosion. A crater with a diameter of 200 meters and a depth of 20 meters was found 100 kilometers northwest.

The damaged area caused by the big bang was spotted, and the blast of the explosion destroyed some areas while retaining some areas. Only in the part where the trunk is very low, there is a trace of burning by the fire. If it is caused by a falling meteorite, its trace is just the opposite.

After the explosion, the radioactivity was not surveyed at the scene. Surprisingly, the amount of radioactive material in the trees that grew after 1908 exceeded the standard. The radioactivity measurement of the surface is also within the standard, and no meteorite-like substances were found during the inspection. However, in the swamp underground of the accident site, high levels of rare chemicals on the earth were surveyed.

In the testimony of more than 700 witnesses, the direction of movement of unidentified flying objects is contradictory. It seems that more than one celestial body flew from a large sky from south to east, but no one has seen two flying objects at the same time.

Tests on thousands of samples taken from the site show that the foreign matter left in the Tyga cannot exceed 2000 kilograms, and astronomer and academician Fissinkov even think that the weight of the meteorite before entering the atmosphere reaches 100 million kilograms.

The strangest thing is that people discovered that this so-called meteorite changed the direction and speed of movement before the explosion. As a meteorite of natural celestial bodies, it is impossible to make such an action. At the very least, the conditions that make the meteorite change direction of movement simply do not exist.

The eyewitness of Ai Wenke recalled that after the disaster, some of the hard surface turned into a swamp; after the explosion, the water that did not know where it came from burned people and trees like a fire.

At the end of June 1908, the expedition team led by the member of the Geographical Society, Maka Lianke, conducted a survey in the center of the Shiquan River in the Shiquan River. In the inspection work log found from the archives, their work contents are recorded: photographing the river bank, measuring the depth, measuring the navigation channel, etc. for the cartoon card (the locals call the Shiquan Tongguska River). However, there is no record of anomalies in the work log found. This became the most mysterious mystery of the Tunguska incident to date. Just 65 kilometers from the center of the big bang, Macalenko’s expedition team could not hear the loud bang of the explosion anyway, could not see the glare of lightning, and could not feel the trembling of the earth…

It is widely believed that the study of the Tunguska incident began with the first inspection of Curry in 1927. Few people know that the first visitor at the scene of the big bang was Vijay Slav SShikov, an engineer at the local road bureau. He and his colleagues arrived at the explosion center in 1911 and discovered a large forest that fell to the ground. His report on the Tunguska explosion was shelved by the officials of the Tsarist Russia, so no one knows the strange thing he recorded: Shi Shikov found that there was already an expedition team before this place, and the local residents were there. I saw those people in 1909. Shi Shikov later tried every means to find out about the situation of those people, but did not find any specific news. Only the postman in the neighboring village recalled that those people were carrying some heavy iron boxes and arrived here in May of 1908, one month before the explosion. Not only did they not tell others what was in the iron box, they did not even hire the local guides needed to enter Taijialin. After the big bang, those who had unknown origins continued to stay in the woods for about half a year until they left in early 1909. It sounds like those people seem to be staying on duty after welcoming the big bang, cleaning up the traces that should not be left on the scene…

Someone tried to explain that those who came and went without a trace may be the treasure hunters who accidentally came here, so it is mysterious in order to evade taxes. But their behavior, the time and place of appearance and departure, and the major events that followed immediately are so closely matched that it is hard to believe that this is a pure coincidence.

There is also news that the tsarist government organized a trip to Tunguska in the second year of the explosion, in 1909, but people never found any relevant documentary records. It seems that the team was mysterious after entering the group. The land lost its trace…

In 1942, just after the outbreak of World War II, residents of the Tunguska area caught a pale face. In fact, in the eyes of the locals who are taken care of by nature and whose skin is ruddy and dark, the people with pale faces are suspicious. But this person is not only suspicious, but also very strange. He claimed to be a geologist and asked the locals to point the way to the scene of the explosion and pay the locals. At that time, banknotes were like waste paper for the residents of Taigalin. Everyone exchanged bullets, liquor and food. People immediately understood that this was not a “self” and gave him to the government.

It turned out that this fake geologist was a “fascist”, the German, but he was not a spy, nor a deserter of “World War II”, but a staff member engaged in the study of mysterious events at a research institute in Berlin. More detailed information was not asked, because the German who studied the mysterious problem strangely hanged on a short rope that he had made.

In the spring of 1908, there was an unhealthy trend in the German, British and Russian society. The police authorities in St. Petersburg learned that someone was preparing to implement a terrible incident. And in the UK. “Golden Dawn” member A, Conan Doyle accidentally said that a very important event occurred in the summer. The folks began to appear strange missionaries, propagating the end of the world and the advent of the devil. The case of murder under the pretext of masochistic madness surged. In 1907, there were only 5 cases, and only 67 cases were from May to June 1908. People are obviously waiting for something to happen, but some people are waiting for terrible things, others are waiting for “the coming of the Lord.”

In the 1980s, when humans entered the computer age, Soviet scientists decided to use new technology to reproduce the event. They entered more than 1,000 testimony words into the computer. The result of the calculation was that there were two huge cosmic bodies flying in the sky at the time, but their respective flight time was several hours apart; or there was only one cosmic body in the air, but It completed a series of “artificial actions” in the air.

What are the intricacies of these events and the Tunguska blast? A lot of questions are related to the study of the big bang, and the whole circle is unveiled. Kazantsev, the founder of the famous Soviet Union Tungusian bomber, famous writer and extraterrestrial civilization spacecraft, once described an interesting point: “The location of the Tunguska explosion was chosen in a remote forest with few people. This is the incident. Occasionally, is there something wrong? You know, if the disaster is 40 minutes ahead, St. Petersburg will disappear from the earth, and if it happens 44 years later, it will be an unprecedented nuclear war. How far is the distance between chance and necessity? ? Or how close? The accident and inevitability of 1908, really like what we have seen?

An explanation: visits by extraterrestrial civilizations
The universe is vast and the stars are vast. Since the beginning of human history, countless forerunners have asked themselves: Where else is there in this boundless world? Is human civilization the only one? As far as the nature of human wisdom is concerned, it is logically difficult to introduce the conclusion that man is the only one. From the emotional point of view, he is not willing to recognize the loneliness of human life. With the development of science and the broadening of vision, people began to recognize the possibility of other forms of life and civilization from the mathematical probability. Life is so wonderful, even more so amazing, human beings can’t fully understand themselves and perceive life.

The mysterious explosion that took place in Tungusgagarin in 1908 has repeatedly given people an unforgettable feeling: one step is beyond our unknown world. Perhaps another form of life is paying attention to humans there, waiting for humanity to take a brave step.

In the investigation of the scene of the Tunguska blast, it was found that the ground contained a large amount of elements such as aluminum, bromine, antimony, cobalt, lead, iron, antimony, sodium, zinc and antimony, which far exceeded the content of any part of the earth. Ordinary content. Excessive cosmic particles indicate that mysterious objects from outer space collided with the Earth. It is very likely that the meteorites in the universe have fallen to the earth. It is true that since then there have been doctrines that the Big Bang was caused by the Earth’s own cause, such as the Earth’s throwing of high-pressure natural gas to the surface and causing an explosion, etc., but such doctrines are based on the argument that no explosive residue has been found. It is quite an interpretation of interpretation. More importantly, they are contrary to many of the facts seen by witnesses flying around the sky and on-site surveys.

The lack of meteorite residue makes the meteorite explosion theory unrecognizable due to lack of evidence. The doctrine that meteorites disintegrated into fragments in the atmosphere cannot fully explain all the phenomena of the explosion. Until the outbreak of World War II, scholars have been searching for traces of meteorite explosions in the vast Siberian forest. The explosion of the Hiroshima atomic bomb in World War II brought shock and enlightenment to the study of the Tunguska Big Bang. In connection with the external similarities between the two, the Tungusic research enthusiasts ignited a bright light of hope. In 1945, the Soviet science fiction writer and Tungusian exploding scholar Kazantsev put forward the inference of extraterrestrial civilization that people did not expect or dare to think about. In 1908, the explosion in Tunguska was an interplanetary spaceship from an alien. This theory caused an uproar at the time and was ridiculed and ironic by scholars. Ironically, the reason that scholars oppose this inference is simply that such an advanced civilization cannot be wrecked by their spacecraft. But over time, people have found more and more evidence to support this hypothesis, and the visit of extraterrestrial civilization is not groundless.

First of all, a large number of phenomena and facts indicate that the big explosion has obvious signs of nuclear explosion. However, in the early 20th century, humans were not yet capable of producing nuclear bombs.

Many abnormal phenomena at the scene of the explosion were recorded in many investigations. For example, no measurements were found on the site for nuclear radiation measurements of trees at the time of the explosion. The surviving trees grew slowly during the first 30 years, but their growth rate has been phenomenal since 1938. Therefore, the annual rings of the trees expand radially. In the trees that grew after the explosion, the amount of radiation exceeding the standard was measured.

Although the trees in the center of the explosion have only bare, burnt trunks, they are still rooted on the ground, forming a so-called “electric pole forest”, and the surrounding forests are broken and radiated to the ground. After this situation and the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan, the building of the explosion center still stands, and the collapse of the surrounding buildings is very similar.

At the scene of the explosion, a large number of small balls of 焦-like material with a diameter of only about 1 micron were found. Such small balls are common after nuclear explosion.

Animals and plants are mutated due to explosions, which is one of the characteristics of nuclear radiation.

In 1965, the British magazine Nature published an article by the famous American scholar and Nobel laureate Willod Frank Libby. He studied the radiocarbon content of trees harvested from the explosion zone on an annual growth thickness and found that some of the radiocarbon content increased in 1909. On this basis, he concluded that the Tunguska explosion that occurred in 1908 may be a nuclear explosion.

Secondly, research shows that this unfortunate event does not affect tomorrow’s foreign visitors. In the last period before the explosion, it has changed the flight orbit and speed several times. This is absolutely impossible for natural objects.

Site surveys and eyewitness testimony are the most important basis for studying explosions. Thousands of testimonies from more than 700 witnesses indicate that the object had flown in different directions. The distribution map of the damaged trees drawn by the joint exploration of open space over several decades also shows. Only this explosive has changed its flight direction several times before the fall, and the forest damaged by the explosion will be distributed like this on the surface. In other words, this mysterious flying object has apparently been manipulated to complete a series of roundabout movements in the air.

In addition, witnesses have seen UFOs during the incident. “It is surrounded by silver light, like a layer of mercury.” At the time, the locals also found that the color of the objects around them had changed and died in silence. These phenomena are considered by physicists as a feature of time and space reversal.

Just as persistent scholars have been squatting in Tunguska for hundreds of years, fans who believe in the theory of alien spaceship explosions have never given up. Every year, spontaneous expeditions go to Tunguska, and every time they start, they are full of hopes of discovery.

At the beginning of the explosion of the interstellar nuclear-powered spacecraft, it attracted great interest from the Soviet Academy of Sciences academician Zolotov and the father of the Soviet aerospace industry Sergei Kologov. The latter even personally organized a two-month scientific expedition in 1960. The expedition team was equipped with several helicopters equipped with detection instruments, and conducted a joint search of space and space in Tungus, hoping to find the wreckage of the alien spacecraft and conduct research. Take the longest to make up for yourself. However, people’s efforts did not bring the results they expected.

In 1976, two thousand kilometers from the center of the explosion, on the bank of the Vashka River in the Komi Autonomous Prefecture, where the unknown object passed, two workers fishing on the river found an unusual metal: when it accidentally hit When the stone is, it emits a spark. The 1.5 kg silver metal was cut into three pieces and sent to different laboratories. The test results show that 67% of this rare alloy is bismuth and 10% is bismuth. 镧This rare metal is generally in the form of a metal alloy of the same kind, and it is difficult to peel it out. In this alloy, it is separated from all other bismuth metals, and the existing technology of humans cannot this point. In addition, there are 8% bismuth and 15% pure iron. Laboratory tests have shown that even with the most advanced technology on earth today, it is impossible to make such alloys from these rare metals on Earth. “The researchers carefully studied the original shape of the metal block and concluded that it was part of a 1.2 m diameter ring, cylinder or sphere. The experts concluded that it is necessary to make such a large part. The processing equipment must reach tens of thousands of atmospheres, and this kind of equipment does not exist on the earth at all.” The singularity research committee member Yan Mingke explained this in the Socialist Industry News on January 27, 1985. This metal also has an unusual magnetic field characteristic, that is, its magnetic force can differ by 15 times in different directions. Therefore, experts speculate that this magnetic force is the energy of an alien spacecraft. “It is impossible to rule out the possibility that this magnetic field is the material and anti-matter of the alien spacecraft’s energy… and all the meteorites composed of rare elements on the earth, even In theory, it is impossible to exist.” At the site of the Tunguska explosion, these earth’s rare metals are 600 times more than anywhere else on the planet. Until today, people still have not been able to determine exactly how the alloy was synthesized and what its purpose is.

In 1967, astronomer and artificial earth satellite expert Joe Biglia of California discovered 10 strange satellites with very strange orbits. This was a very common phenomenon in space, but after studying the orbits of these small satellites, Biglia found that they were part of a celestial body on December 18, 1955. It was on this day that astronomers just recorded a strong flash of light in the air. The Soviet scholar Sergei Bozic put forward his own argument that the starship of an outer planet in the orbit around the earth exploded. Once the new argument was put forward, it brought out a new question: If we can see the artificial earth satellite in the clear sky with the naked eye, wouldn’t anyone have found this strange object in the telescope before 1955? In fact, the observation of these near-orbit satellites of the Earth is a later matter, because humans launched the first artificial earth satellite in 1957. Kazantsev believes that no one found this exploding spacecraft because it is entirely possible to come from another higher orbit. If the mysterious object is a starship, it should be black, so that it can only be from the earth. See the debris after the explosion, that is, the other side of the black. Kazantsev boldly proposed that the explosion in Tunguska in 1908 was not the Starship itself, but its landing cabin. The empty spacecraft stopped on earth orbit and waited for its occupants to return. This is 47 years. Finally, the spacecraft lost its altitude and the automatic system started to detonate the spacecraft. We can even imagine that the spacecraft’s maneuvering program is set to cause a huge disaster once it falls on a living planet, so it is not allowed to fall to the surface. Why did the landing cabin explode? Is it because the life of a world that cannot be imagined by another human being can’t adapt to the driving style of the Earth’s atmosphere? The largest of these pieces is several tens of meters long, and they are still controlled by the Earth’s gravity to make circular motion around the earth. Perhaps, 100 years ago, the life of another world’s life to the earth, the information sent back to its own civilization is through time and space: the solar system discovers human life civilization.

In 1983, after the years of in-depth study of the Tunguska incident, Qigel, the father of Soviet UFO research, came to his own final conclusion: the explosion in Tunguska was not an alien nuclear-powered spacecraft, but an alien interstellar spacecraft. detector.

Kazantsev is not alone in his belief in alien civilization. His views have been widely and highly concerned, and the UFO research boom has been set in the society at that time. His followers even think that the spacecraft is from Mars, and some people think that the Tunguska incident is actually a laser from distant outer space.

Regrettably, the theory of alien civilizations has been proposed for 62 years. It has received the support of scholars, experts and UFO enthusiasts who are keen on this theory. There is also evidence that natural celestial explosions cannot explain, but this theory still has no Establish its absolute interpretation of the Tunguska bombings. The time, place, passage, and consequences of the Tunguska explosion, including the scene of the incident, were all unreservedly presented to the people, but we could not find the most reasonable explanation. Some scholars have said that other cosmic civilizations that can reach the earth will certainly be much more advanced than human civilization. In the history of human attention to extraterrestrial civilizations, even though there have been many witnesses and even third- and fourth-class contacts, extraterrestrial civilizations have always been “sweet” in the face of humanity. Is human cognition not enough to face other civilizations? Perhaps the Tunguska bang is another signal that extraterrestrial civilizations have informed humans of their existence.

Over time, in the study of the Tunguska explosion, the voices of alien civilizations visiting the earth are getting smaller and smaller, and the direction of research gradually tends to fall into various natural objects or the Earth itself. However, we firmly believe that as long as the only truth of the Tunguska explosion is not revealed, we cannot categorically deny the inference of foreign civilizations visiting the earth. Everything is possible, the world is big. Perhaps one day, human beings can truly emancipate their minds, abandon the mindset inherent in their minds, and break free from the shackles of the known world. At that time, we may have to re-understand ourselves and know life. A door to the unknown world will slowly open to humanity.

The theory of the big bang
Looking at all the information about the Tunguska blast, everything is so clear, but once it is analyzed, things are confusing, and the study of this event has even led to the birth of a whole discipline.

In fact, the Tunguska Big Bang was first named “Filimonov Fireball” in 1910. Curry, a librarian at the Leningrad Mining Museum of the USSR Academy of Sciences, was ordered by the Soviet Academy of Sciences and began his investigation in 1921. He visited a large number of witnesses, and for the first time connected the big bang with several consecutive luminous nights that occurred at the time of the incident, and the “Kajalek Meteorite” that fell in Ukraine at the end of June of that year. He called this incident “the Tunguska meteorite”. This concept is widely used in research activities. Become a popular name for scholars and anomalous research enthusiasts and even ordinary people. Couric believes that the explosion that took place on June 30, 1908 in Shiquan Tunguska was caused by a meteorite from the universe entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

With the suggestion of the meteorites, and in many investigations, Couric discovered the “electric pole forest” and the “Southern swamp lake” that made it popular in the research field, and dozens of flat, funnel-shaped pits with small scale. The center of the blast wave and the silver-white nickel-iron and quartz-integrated fine pellets are inseparable. However, in addition to the above findings, Couric did not find any meteorite residue, nor found any more powerful evidence such as meteorite impact craters to support his own meteorite theory. Many years of investigations have led Couric to believe that the meteorite that exploded has disintegrated into many fragments before entering the Earth’s atmosphere, so it is difficult to find debris and craters in the vast Taijialin.

However, the meteorite theory does not reasonably explain all the phenomena of the incident. First of all, why does this meteorite explode like a bomb? Why is there no trace of meteorites after the explosion? How does the meteorite trigger an abnormal light phenomenon thousands of kilometers away? Why is the forest growing faster in the explosion center? If the meteorite has been disintegrated beforehand, why do all the witnesses see a huge unidentified object that whizzes from the sky, instead of a meteorite “rain” like a female flower? How to explain the magnetic storm phenomenon after the explosion? How does this natural celestial body change its direction of flight immediately before the explosion? ……

Regrettably, Couric failed to continue his theory and investigation work because he was captured and killed by the Germans in the early days of World War II. But his efforts and established doctrine laid a good start for follow-up research.

Numerous inspections in decades have never found physical evidence, which is the weakness of the Tunguska explosion research work. How to logically explain that this did happen. But there are big events without a certificate? The series of “natural celestial bodies without traces of explosions” came into being, and the comet impact on earth is an important part of the foundation.

Scholars believe that in 1908, from the outer space into the earth’s atmosphere is a comet, its star nucleus is a flammable gas and water frozen into a solid, so it is also called the cosmic iceberg. It is captured by the gravity of the earth and falls into the atmosphere at a speed of several tens of kilometers per second. During the process of friction with it, the comet nucleus disintegrates into many fragments, some of which fall to the surface and the flammable gas is released. Explosion. This inference can explain why there are no explosive debris on the ground, because it is gas and water, they all melt into the air.

The most famous geologist, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Polivarnov’s comet theory is slightly different: in 1908, the collision with the Earth was a comet nucleus, and the impact of the two was not only once, because the comet nucleus entered the atmosphere. At the time, the air resistance “brakes a few times,” and then bounces like a spacecraft’s detection cabin. For this reason, it is impossible to find any traces at the scene of the fall. The final landing site of the extraterrestrial visitors is not there at all.

In 2003, Italian astronomers suggested that asteroids hit Earth. These Italian scholars repeatedly studied the testimony of the witnesses of the year and went to the Tunguska Discovery Field several times. They concluded that the famous Tunguska meteorite is actually an asteroid.

The asteroid has a very low density and has not even formed a celestial body, so it is actually a mass of debris equal to ordinary water. When entering the atmosphere, this mass of material evaporates and explodes. Therefore, there is no debris on the ground and there is no crater.

It belongs to the series of “natural celestial bodies without traces of explosions”, as well as the meteorite discharge explosion.

The hypothesis is that the Tunguska Big Bang was an explosion caused by the discharge of a huge meteorite when it entered the planetary atmosphere.

When a huge meteorite enters the atmosphere at a very fast rate, it will form an ultra-high potential, and a strong electric shock will occur between the ultra-high potential and the surface of the earth. At this time, the kinetic energy of the meteorite is converted into the released electric energy in a very short time, which causes the celestial body to explode. According to this hypothesis, there are three huge shockwaves. Explosive release of huge energy almost in the form of a fire column. A very powerful cylindrical shock wave is generated, and its vertical wave pushes forward along the ground, overwhelming a large forest. But this shockwave is not unique, and two shockwaves are formed, one of which is caused by the explosive decomposition of the celestial body, and the other is common, when any object is flying at supersonic speed in the Earth’s atmosphere. Shock wave. This theory can fully explain the three explosions described by eyewitnesses, large areas of fallen forests, giant waves in the river, and magnetization of surface soils.

Coexisting with the “natural celestial body without traces” theory, there is also “no physical explosion theory.” Plasma explosion theory, geocentric gas explosion theory, and the black hole theory of the earth all belong to this category.

According to the scientific knowledge possessed by mankind, plasmas composed of positive and negative ions lose stability due to changes in their equilibrium forces, thereby attracting and recombining each other. In this process, there are often luminescence, heat, noise and electromagnetic effects. The strength of these phenomena depends on the amount of energy that destroys the balance of positive and negative ions. The spherical lightning known to humans on Earth is the result of a composite of tiny plasma beams. Experts in the field of modern physics have suggested that the solar system is actually a very complicated balance system. The balance between the sun as a “parent” and one’s own “child” is not only simply expressed in the attraction and attraction between them, but also in Energy interaction between “family members.” That is to say, the sun uses the interaction of energy, matter and information to maintain the stability of the “family”. This energy interaction is often carried out by plasma beam exchange between “family members”, and the plasma beam captured by the planet goes straight to the most sensitive magnetic field anomaly.

On the basis of this theory, several scientists headed by Conrad Jeff, a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, published their own research on the Tunguska bomb in 1990. They reviewed a large amount of information and found that from April 1908, the ozone layer in the central latitude of the northern hemisphere was destroyed, ranging from 800 km to 1000 km. This phenomenon continued until the Tunguska incident on June 30, 1908, after which the Earth’s ozone layer began to recover. Condra Jeff believes that the coincidence of these two phenomena in time is not accidental. The destroyed ozone layer threatens the Earth’s biosphere, and the sun responds to the drastically reduced ozone. A very dense ozone-generating plasma stream is thrown from the sun and approaches the Earth in anomalous magnetic fields in Eastern Siberia. This intense plasma stream creates thousands of spherical lightnings in an instant and explodes. These scientists believe that the sun will not let the “ozone hunger” on the earth, the greater the damage humans have to the earth’s natural world. The stronger the response it makes, the more powerful it is to “replenish” the Earth’s energy.

In 1984, the professor of Krasnoyarsk University, Timofeeff, proposed that the Tunguska blast was the release of gas from the Earth’s interior through the cracks in the earth’s crust, rising into the atmosphere and exploding there. He proposed specific data: 2.5 billion cubic meters of gas.

The American scholar Jackson Heliana believed that the encounter between the Earth and the black hole occurred in the Taigalin in Siberia in 1908, which triggered an explosion.

In addition to the theory of explosion, there is also a view that there was no celestial body in Tunguska in 1908, and no explosion occurred. The so-called “Tungus Big Bang” was actually an extraordinary earthquake caused by geocentric activities. .

Scholars who advocate this view, the famous Tungusic expert and physicist Orkhovatov, said that the various strange phenomena in the Tunguska incident can be met when the crustal activity is frequent. “The long-term trembling that the witnesses felt, the thunder in the air, or the ‘bombing sound, also appeared in a few places far from the center of the explosion. These phenomena were recorded by the Irkutsk seismograph.” Orkhovatov believes that at the end of June 1908. The global activity of the geocentric has created a tense geophysical situation. The Baikal plate and the southern part of the Siberian plate bordering it are extremely active. The energy inside the earth is released like an explosion, causing intense illumination and damage to the forest. The glowing ball creates holes in the ground, igniting the surrounding objects, and exploding. “These are all phenomena that may occur before the earthquake. When they come together, they form a mysterious Tunguska incident…”

Finally, I want to say that these theories all attempt to explain the Tunguska bombings from a scientific point of view, with a rigorous academic attitude and based on known facts. They are representative views in the study of the Tunguska problem, and the other relatively independent and independent doctrines of hundreds of branches are not separated from these general directions. of course. There are also many kinds of sciences and pseudo-scientific theories that attempt to pass the study of Tungusic. The purpose is not to explore the truth, but to attract more eyeballs and generate more names and benefits for themselves.

At present, it is widely believed in the academic research community that the theory of comet and asteroids is closest to the truth, but the fact that it is close to the truth does not mean the truth itself. Couric’s failure to answer questions in the meteorite bombing theory, other doctrines also do not give Convinced answer. The science requires rigor, and the truth is always unique. Even if there is still a phenomenon that cannot find its place in the doctrine, the puzzle of the Tunguska explosion cannot be ended.