Why put 4 pillows in the hotel?

What are the precautions for staying at the hotel?

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The secret of the hotel room is unknown

Why do the hotel have four pillows?

Did you find out when you stayed at the hotel?

The room is usually equipped with four pillows.

Why are so many pillows used?

These four pillows are very knowledgeable

How to properly pad a pillow while sleeping

is very important

Modern medicine

The pillow is too high or too low, not good for the cervical spine

Let’s test it yourself.

Pillow pad to the neck

When lying down, if the chin is in the sky

That means the pillow is too low

If the chin is pressed down, it means the pillow is too high.

The correct posture is that the chin can maintain the horizontal line.

This is the comfortable and correct pillow height

There are still many people sleeping habits without pillows.

When you sleep, your head will lean back.

You do not know

This will put the pressure on the cervical spine

Doubled when you lean forward

Long-term, it will affect your health.

As for the choice of pillows

Young people can be a little lower, and they are a little older.

Because the softness of the cervical spine changes with age.

The older the more stiff, the more strength is needed

Lying down

The pillow should just be padded to the neck

Can’t pad to the shoulder

Can’t just pad to the back of the back of the brain

It is best to put a small pillow in the leg bend

Pillows should be raised a bit when sleeping sideways

The hotel’s 4 pillows are generally soft and hard.

Can choose according to your own habits

In the lateral position, you can clip one leg

a pillow under the supine leg

All for the cervical and lumbar spine in the same horizontal position

Relieve its fatigue

Cat’s eye

First step into the door

Be sure to check the cat’s eye on the door

If it is damaged or passive

Be sure to change rooms in time

Generally through the cat’s eye, the line of sight is clear and unobstructed

A peephole camera may be placed inside the cat’s eye

(This is a reverse lens that can be seen inside)


The general cat’s eye has a bezel on the inside.

If there is no bezel

It is recommended to cover a piece of paper at the cat’s eye.

Take it off when someone knocks on the door

In addition, if someone knocks on the door, but the cat does not see the outside person.

Don’t open the door, call the front desk in time.

Watch out for bugs

Traveling in tropical wet places

There are often bugs in the room.

Like hotels in Southeast Asia

There will also be geckos, ants, spiders, etc.

So when you enter the door

Confirmed the sanitation of the room and stayed again

Where is the health corner?

Pay attention to the switch button of the kettle and bedside lamp

There is also a remote control for air conditioning and TV

Almost every guest will use

Cleaning aunts is rarely cleaned

It can be said that it is the dirtiest item in the room.


Check if the sheets have been changed

You can pull the corners out to see if you have any hair.

Smell if the sheets are fragrant

There are towels

The washed towels will have a square crack

Food in the room

According to statistics, the food consumption rate in the rooms is not high.

The food in the room may be stored for a long time.

Try to eat less food in the hotel

If you want to eat, be sure to check the expiration date of the food.

View fire escape map

Maybe you can’t use it at all.

But you must figure out the route

About the hotel’s fire, earthquake and other events

Not in a minority

Take a few minutes to get familiar with the escape route