Why are there more and more Japanese “temper-tempered old people”?

Some people say, “The temper is long with the ability.” Some people say that “the temper is long with age.” In Japan, the latter said that the temper of the elderly seems to be getting bigger and bigger, so there are more and more “story”.

On July 8, the Japanese private railway association and various JR companies published a set of amazing data. In the year of 2018, there were 630 violent incidents of assault attendants and station staff in Japan. Although it is less than the 800 in 2014, it is still shocking. It is worth noting that the perpetrators in the incident were elderly people over the age of 60, accounting for 25% of the total.

As if to provide a proof of this set of data. Japan’s News released a message on the same day that on July 7, a 69-year-old man from JR Nakatsugawa Station attacked the abdomen of male staff with an umbrella tip. The old man said in a police investigation that he was angry at the time because he could not use the automatic ticket gate and the ticket could not be put in.

In the face of violent incidents, the perpetrators can often excuse them, but the flight attendants and the station staff are pitiful. They are asked to fight back and not pay back. In order to reduce the occurrence of similar incidents, Japanese railway companies began posting posters on the platform from July 12. The design of the poster is quite profound. It is from the perspective of educating children. It is also the handwriting and tone of children. “It is not right to beat people.”

Ask children to “stand up” to stop the atrocities of the elderly. Is this a “shameful feeling” that attempts to awaken the elderly, or does it want to awaken the “innocence” of the elderly?

On July 8th, a reporter from the “West Japan News” reporter also published a column describing his experience of going to work by bus. On this day, before the coin box, he saw a man of about 70 years old, yelling at the old woman who was looking for change from the bag. “You hurry, don’t block the road, delay my time.” I don’t know, I have no money to say early, can I not give you a trip?!” The locals couldn’t bear it, and shouted, successfully diverting the attention of the old man and spurting the flame of anger to him. “You are a countryman, there is no place for you to talk here!” The locals are not willing to show weakness. “I have never lost after quarreling!” The two men fought for more than ten minutes. When getting off the bus, the bus driver whispered a “thank you” to the local.

After returning home, the reporter proudly told his wife the “righteousness” on the bus. As a result, the wife said, “How do you ignite it, and there is no difference with the old man!” I did not expect that the wife’s words were like A basin of ice water covered his face and made him completely awake. In this way, I will become an “angry old man”.

Not long ago, NHK Japan conducted a questionnaire survey for elderly people over the age of 65, and 487 people provided valid answers. More than half of the respondents admitted that they lost their temper in their daily lives because of a small incident, and 30% of the respondents admitted that “the older they are, the more they can’t control their temper.” This can’t control the temper and bring huge social problems.

On July 25, 2018, in Yokosuka City, a 70-year-old man drove a private car on the highway for 15 minutes, colliding with seven vehicles, causing six people to be injured to varying degrees. According to the Asahi Shimbun report, the vehicle continued to collide, but the man never refused to slow down until one wheel fell off and the car could no longer drive before it had to stop. One of the reasons for the police to investigate afterwards was that “the temper is coming up, and the mood is irritating.”

On May 28, 2018, a 90-year-old woman driving a private car crashed at a crossroads on the National Highway No. 1 in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and injured three people. According to the “Tokyo News” report, the woman said, “I saw that it was a red light at the time, but no one passed the sidewalk, and I was anxious. I felt that I could step on the accelerator.”

In the two traffic accidents, the real malice does not exist. However, the private car has become a weapon, and the grumpy old driver has become the “silver hair killer” of everyone on the road.

Old people who are full of anger seem to be hurting others’ minds and bodies outside. In fact, they are still suffering from their own sufferings. According to reports, in the past 15 years, Japan’s “old age divorce rate” over 70 years old has tripled, and most of them are divorced by their wives.

Lawyer Sato pointed out that these husbands only care about their work all the year round. Their wives have long been used to widowed life, have their own circle of friends, and use blogs or SNS to play. If their husbands are at home all day after retirement, they will have more and more temper. It is easy to be abandoned like being thrown “big garbage.”

There are various analyses of the reasons why Japanese tempers are getting bigger and bigger. Some people think that some old people in the past can easily reprimand their subordinates in the company. Now they can return to their families and only temper their temper to reprimand their husbands. Some people think that this is a natural physiological phenomenon. When you are older, it is not easy to listen to other people’s opinions. You like to express yourself in a tantrum manner. Some people think that this is an expression of “old children”, which means that “men will never grow up.” Some people even said, “When the peace is over, the anger of Showa has not yet disappeared.”