What are we talking about when we talk about spies?

“Spy” has a very long history as a profession. From the Battle of the Trojan Horse in the Homer’s Epic, to the “The Sun Tzu’s Art of War”, “The desire to know the enemy, not both,” is the debut of the spy in the historical combat.

The spy storm has developed to this day, with various movies based on spies. With the end of the Cold War, the image of the unspeakable spy in the film has also adapted to the development of the times and the changes of the audience’s preferences, adding a sense of humanity and comedy. We take the three most classic series of spy wars, “007”, “Mission in the Dish” and “Bourne” as an example, to taste the spy wars of half a century.

English Fan
In 1962, Ian Fleming’s Agent No. 007, James Bond, boarded the screen. This writer, who is a spy-born writer, infused his life with a character based on his own experience and shaped the immortal legend in the history of the spy.

In the middle of the Cold War, both Europe and America and Asia were in turmoil. In particular, the “smashed generation” in Europe and the United States is in the climax of “anti” – against all existing dogmas, advocating feminism, human rights, fashion, medicine and sex. This era is also known as the “fashionable indulgence of the 1960s.” Britain was the center of music and fashion at the time.

When a handsome British agent, and a beautiful and beautiful beauty joint task, coupled with high-tech agent products, elegant clothing, even when the car is leading the trend, a different spy atmosphere open The audience’s vision. Different from the comforting movies and clichés for political propaganda, British agents and his trend have shown the British aristocratic status. This elegant temperament and style have been preserved in subsequent series.

Since the shooting of the 007 series, there have been 6 series of Bond and 24 series of films, which have been ups and downs but still prosperous. Sean Connery’s old school classical, Roger Moore’s humor, Pierce Brosnan’s chic and romantic, Daniel Craig’s decisive and capable… It can be said that the 007 series set off a wave of spy movies.

Among them, Sean Connery has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of fans. Since the success of the first 007 series “Dr. Novo”, from the period of 1962 to 1971, Sean Connery has starred in six 007 movies, which laid the foundation for “French Agent + Blonde”. + 英英装” 007 style. As the first 007 actor, James Bond, who was shaped by Sean Connery, is elegant and wise, cold and passionate, mysterious and humorous, and has become an indelible screen memory for a generation, which has led to several successors. It is difficult to look back.

After 1971, Hollywood took over the 007 series. Two Bond successors, Roger Moore and Timothy Dayton, have appeared in eight films over the next 18 years. They have pursued a sensory and thrilling Hollywood-style fighting scene, making the 007 series completely popcorn.

After the actor’s replacement and the horrible box office, finally in 1995, Pierce Brosnan was born, starred in the 007 series of the 17th film “Golden Eyes”. As the first 007 movie after the end of the Cold War, Golden Eye achieved great success.

With the addition of Bruce South, this series of films has reappeared in the past, with a rhythm and a mixture of horror and humor, and changed the boring style of the past to create a new era. Between 1995 and 2002, he starred in 007 four times, inheriting James Bond’s gentleman character and romantic tradition in this series of films, while being more modern and becoming the classic of many fans.

Iron ace
If James Bond is a strong and mellow Martini, then the “Mission Impossible” series of Ethan Hunter is a aging, the longer the fragrance.

After the end of the Cold War, the US economy took the lead. In the “Mission Impossible” movie, there are many features that highlight the advantages of the United States, such as challenging high-tech action scenes, leading high-tech spy products, etc., although every time you save the world, but every time you fight for nothing It is a highly sophisticated biochemical or military product.

“Mission Impossible” first appeared in the audience’s field of vision, in the form of a TV series. It was not until 1996 that it was adapted into an independent film. The film “Mission Impossible”, translated from “Mission: Impossible”, comes from the first main story line, meaning “list of spies in the disc.” These three words are highly summarizing the plot, easy to understand, and catchy, easy to spread and remember. Literally, it highlights the mystery, suffocating the appetite of the audience, and coincides with the background of the popular era of CDs in the 1990s. There is no such thing as such a letter, such as “Bridges” and “Gone with the wind”, all of which are called the pen.

The pioneering work of this series is directed by Brian De Palma, the ghost director of the so-called “Second-generation Mitchhi Kirk”. He combines the rigorous reasoning of British style with the cool action of Hollywood, with his narrative style, strong psychological thrilling plot setting, exclusive Hitchcock-style scene scheduling, and distinctive soundtracks and sound effects. The unique spy film was shot at the time, breaking the monopoly position of the 007 series in the field of spy warfare.

Unlike the “007” heroic hero and heroine replacement, “Mission Impossible” relies on the ace of Tom Cruise to eat all over the world. The so-called 007, the water hit Ethan Hunter. In order to shoot a free-hand climbing lens in Morocco, Atango trained for professional climbing for several months; in order to make the motorcycle chase more exciting, his motorcycle technology has approached the professional level; he can be from 828 meters high The Burj Khalifa jumped down and could be simmered in the water for 6 minutes.

In the latest release of “Mission Impossible 6: Total Disintegration”, 56-year-old Atango came back again, practicing skydiving 106 times from an 800-meter plane, and Parkour leaped into two buildings, causing an ankle fracture. In the era when Green Screen and CG special effects are so developed, Atango insisted on personally shooting for real-life shooting, calling him “the strongest spy on the surface” is not an exaggeration.

Although with the performance of Tom Cruise, “Mission Impossible” hard to grab a large market from “007”, but inevitably open the fate of low. In 2000, Wu Yusen took over the sequel and injected more action elements into the film. However, the cool action and the hot scene did not buy the audience, but reduced the consistency and suspense of the story, almost ruining the future of this series.

In fact, the spy film relies on the audience’s familiarity with the type tradition and character patterns. But over time, the audience will fall into aesthetic fatigue, and the spy agents will not be able to satisfy the increasingly discerning taste of the audience, regardless of how the spy agents fly away and go to heaven. It seems that the creation of all this type of film has been caught in the bottleneck, until the emergence of “Bourne”, it is a beautiful turnaround for spy movies.

Lonely hero
At the beginning of the 21st century, “Bourneous Shadows” is a great show. The unique action design and the pioneering spy character psychological depiction, through the entire series, broke the situation of “007” and “Mission Impossible”, and even affected the narrative style of the action movie.

As everyone knows, 007 is loyal to the Queen of England, and Ethan Hunter listens to the US government, and the national will and political interests play a dominant role in the actions of these agents. They put their lives and deaths outside, and the motives behind them seem glorious and stalwart, but they are far from our real life. This sense of mystery and distance, which was originally an advantage, became a gap between the audience and the role of the film.

Unlike the war machine-like icy spy character, Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, was set up as an amnesia agent in the film, breaking through the typical American macho framework and making the characters Great plasticity. With his superb acting skills, he is full of confusion and remorse, and his heart is full of confusion and contradiction. He is not willing to be enslaved by slavery, and he seeks self-redemptive spy image in loneliness struggle and resistance.

Without Aston Martin escorting, he could only rely on motorcycles in the streets and lanes to escape. There is no black technology such as gum bombs, belt buckle pistols, and the towel is a self-defense weapon. Bourne is not like a traditional agent. The starting point of his action is to find out who he is, and the first instinct to face the crisis is to survive. This kind of flesh-and-blood, easy-to-reach image naturally arouses the inner resonance of the audience, and makes the film drama conflict more intense and more expressive. Judging by the performance itself, Matt Damon’s performance in “Bourne Shadow” is the best spy movie.

The success of “Bourne” is also based on the vivid artistic style of the film – hand-held photography, quick editing, and short and practical action design with Kali martial arts. This has also been well extended and developed in the sequel. The entire series of films are classic in both the action scene and the rhythm of the soundtrack.

The development of the three spy series has several key words: one is a lonely hero. The spy is always lonely, and the relationship between family and friendship will affect the analysis and judgment of the task. Only when you are alone and with a strong inner heart can you be free from the confusion of the outside and the superiors, emphasizing a liberal spirit that transcends self.

The other is identity search. Due to the long-term loneliness or the loss of memory caused by accidents, spies have to face psychological changes in addition to physical isolation, and often follow their own identity during the expedition of performing missions again and again. The pursuit and the return of faith.

James Bond is the idealism of every man, a custom-made suit that can’t afford to fold, and a blonde with a light-skinned shirt; Ethan Hunter is synonymous with inspirational, never tirelessly wandering around The possible edge; Jason Bourne is more like a real individual, looking for self by the instinct of survival.

Spy movies need romanticism, and there is no real basis. Fortunately, in recent years we have seen the development of diversified types of films. Whether it is the storyline or the role orientation, we can bravely explore and torture humanity under the package of commercial elements.

In order to keep moving forward, spy movies must also dig deeper emotional awareness behind the characters. Just like the spy profession itself, the purpose of its work is to refrain from giving up. Only with the tenacity of continuous exploration can we promote the development of the film.