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Turkey has always been regarded as an enlightened Islamic state with a high degree of secularization. However, since the party that justified and developed the party with the appearance of a “moderate Islamist party” came to power, the degree of conservativeness in Turkish society has increased. Erdogan made the apparent rise of Turkish religious power, contrary to the secular reforms initiated by Turkey’s “father of the nation” Kemal.

It is also the legacy of Kemal reform, and the social status of women in Turkey has risen markedly relative to the Ottoman era. However, the leader of the Orthodox Party, the current Turkish President Erdogan, has repeatedly made statements about “inequality between men and women.”

Slightly optimistic is that the power of women’s advancement in Turkey may be countered by religiousization. One of the circles that shows this power is the Turkish volleyball circle.

Women’s volleyball
Chinese sports fans have become more aware of Turkish volleyball in recent years – because the Chinese women’s volleyball main attacker Zhu Ting is currently working on the Turkish Women’s Volleyball League.

In the current Chinese sports world, the most banner-oriented “remaining foreign” characters are not Zhu Ting. With an annual salary of 1.35 million euros, she is the highest paid volleyball player in the world. The club she played in the 2017-2018 season has won the three major championships in the domestic league, the domestic cup and the intercontinental cup.

Zhu Ting plays for the Turkish League team Wakif Bank. Turkey’s prosperous volleyball culture has made this country a hall of excellence for volleyball players. After the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games won gold in 2016, Zhu Ting became famous. Since then, Wakif Bank has announced that Zhu Ting has been invited to join the annual salary of 1.1 million euros, which is the second highest annual salary of the international rankings. The first high annual salary belongs to the Korean superstar, with a salary of 1.2 million euros. The latter played Fenerbah, also a Turkish club.

After one year, Zhu Ting renewed his contract and his salary rose to 1.35 million euros. Compared with football and basketball, the income of volleyball players is in a state of “yin and yang decline”. Therefore, Zhu Ting has officially become the “first price” of the international platoon.

The situation of “yin and yang decline” is precisely because Turkey’s “golden master” is willing to invest heavily in volleyball. The willingness of the gold master to invest is related to the foundation of volleyball in the Turkish female group.

The most popular sport in Turkey is football, and the second largest sport is volleyball. This Mediterranean country provides a solid soil for the development of beach volleyball, which in turn makes volleyball as a whole project popular with the country. Volleyball classes are offered in large and small schools in Turkey, and children have become a fan of volleyball culture since childhood.

Compared with football, volleyball is a sport that is more popular with Turkish girls. The Turkish football culture is full of violence. The most typical manifestation is that the clubs are sharply contradictory, and the fans of both sides may even have bloody conflicts. The football stadium’s viewing environment is in a mess, and it is inevitable that female sports fans will be discouraged. Volleyball is much more civilized. After all, the volleyball itself has no physical contact, and it will not directly evoke the empathy of the fans. Female sports fans can enjoy the fun of watching games more comfortably.

The secular reform of Kemal has made Turkish women increasingly brave in expressing themselves. Kemal said: “Our enemy said that Turkey cannot be considered a civilized country. This is justified because the country is made up of two parts of men and women, and some people in the country close their eyes, so that Is there another part of the people moving forward, can this make the whole nation progress? The road to advance must be stepped out by men and women.”

Turkish women have become a rising force that cannot be ignored after the destruction of religion and tradition. In the process, some companies with sharp business acumen are actively promoting “female cards” from me, and their “political correctness” is no less than that of European and American countries.

For example, Turkish Airlines official website celebrates the 2018 International Women’s Day in the form of a special page that includes a review of outstanding women in aviation history, an area named after women and a museum to commemorate outstanding women. The Turkish communications company, through its communication technology, supports a microfinance program called “Empowering Women” to present a social charity that promotes women’s self-employment.

The domestic status of the second largest volleyball sport, coupled with the attention of the Turkish business circle to the female market, eventually led to the rise of the Turkish women’s volleyball league.

Bank backing
The strongest club in the history of the Turkish women’s volleyball league is Isaac Bashi, who won the league championship 17 times and won the Turkish Cup 8 times. The local famous Demir, who played for Isaac Bashi during the period 2010-2017, is very popular among the Turkish people. She served as the flag bearer of the Turkish delegation at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics and became the ambassador of Turkey when competing for the right to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

In addition to Isaac Bashi, Fenerbah, Wakif Bank and so on are powerful clubs. Therefore, the Turkish Women’s Volleyball League is called the “female typesetting” Premier League football league. As everyone knows, the England men’s soccer national team often smashes the sand in the competition, but the Premier League superstars gather and the strong teams are the most professional football league in the world. The Turkish women’s volleyball team’s record in the international arena is not too good, but the level of soil super-sports has been unique in Europe in recent years.

Starting from the 2009-2010 European Championship Women’s Volleyball League, there are always Turkish teams in the annual finals. In the past eight seasons, the Turkish team has called the Champions League six times. In the same period, two seats in the Champions League semi-finals belong to the Turkish powerhouse.

Before entering the second decade of the 21st century, the most prosperous women’s volleyball league was the Italian League. However, as the Turkish team actively recruited high-paying players, the level of the Turkish League has rapidly increased, and it has been so far in Europe. In the meantime, the Turkish banking industry has become an important player.

In the 2017-2018 Turkish Women’s Volleyball League, three teams were directly named by the bank, including the Wakif Bank where Zhu Ting is located, and the Huck Bank and Il Bank in Ankara. In addition, Dennis Bank, which had sponsored the Champions League in 2014-2016, is a private bank in Turkey.

To say how strong the support of the banking industry for the Turkish women’s volleyball team is, it is necessary to look back at Wakif Bank. Unlike the three famous Turkish sports clubs in Fenerbah, Galatasaray and Besiktas, Wakif Bank, the seventh largest bank in Turkey, is not a cross-project club, but puts all its energy into the women’s volleyball team. This is closely related to Wakif Bank itself’s emphasis on the female market.

Wakif Bank launched a variety of loans to support women’s entrepreneurship, including cooperation with the European Construction and Development Bank, investing 25 million euros in its “female business project”. In 2017, more than 1,200 women benefited from the project, creating businesses, finding office space or getting loans.

The sports club became the medium for Wakif Bank to show its concern for women. In the 2017 Corporate Annual Report, Wakif Bank highlighted a paragraph: “Wakif Bank believes in the power of women. We support the women’s volleyball campaign for more than 30 years, proving that as long as there is sufficient support, the Turkish compatriots will be in Europe and The world stage is a success.”

The Turkish women’s volleyball league and its clubs are backed by local capital. To some extent, if the Turkish women’s volleyball league continues to be strong, it proves that the support for women’s development in Turkey cannot be underestimated; on the contrary, if the international record of the Turkish women’s volleyball league begins to decline, it is likely that local enterprises no longer have Willing to use the sports to open up the female market. They reduce the investment in sports marketing, resulting in the loss of league stars and the level of decline. The abandonment of the female market by local companies has become a sign of the further expansion of Erdogan’s conservatism.

Popularity benchmark
From the current signs, at least Wakif Bank is still actively engaged in women’s volleyball marketing, and Zhu Ting plays an important role in it.

After Zhu Ting joined, Wakif Bank went further on the “most successful” road. In the 2016-2017 season, Wakif Bank won the World Championships, the Champions League and the Turkish Super Cup three championships. In the 2017-2018 season, Wakif Bank also won the league title and the Turkish Cup. Counting the defending Turkish Super Cup, Wakif Bank has achieved the “four crowns” hegemony. The 2018 World Championships adjustment schedule is scheduled for the end of December, not the middle of the previous year. Therefore, Wakif Bank has not yet reached a historic miracle of the “Five Crowns”.

During the inauguration of Wakif Bank, Zhu Ting played the role of “Dinghai Shenzhen”. In the first overseas season, Zhu Ting won the World Championships and the Champions League “Most Valuable Players” (MVP). The international media has also invented a new word “Zhuper” from “Super” to praise Zhu Ting’s unparalleled performance. In the second season, the MVP of the league and the cup also fell to Zhu Ting. Since winning the MVP of the Rio Olympic Games, Zhu Ting has won 6 MVP awards for various events.

After two years of phenomenal play, Zhu Ting has also become a star in Turkey. Due to the popularity of Zhu Ting, Wakif Bank received the most TV broadcasts, so that local media complained that “12 games were broadcast in 12 Wakif Bank games, Galatasaray only 8 games” “eccentricity” .

Sitting on such a balloon star, Wakif Bank is inevitably robbed for two consecutive years. In the first season, another Turkish team invited Zhu Ting in the form of an annual salary of 750,000 euros plus a prize of 300,000 US dollars. After the end of the 2017-2018 season, there will be a Russian club Kazan Dynamo throwing an olive branch to Zhu Ting with an annual salary of 2 million euros. However, in June 2018, Wakif Bank officially announced the renewal of the contract with Zhu Ting. The two sides did not announce the amount of renewal, the outside world guessed that Zhu Ting’s worth will rise again, reaching a level of 1.5 million euros. Renewing Zhu Ting with a record-breaking contract for two consecutive years, this shows the determination of Wakif Bank to continue to invest.

In addition to Zhu Ting, Wakif Bank also has a number of international players, such as the best vice-attack Rasic (Serbia) of the Rio Olympics, the best response to Slottys (Netherlands), and the 2014 World Championships. MVP Hill (United States). These stars have also successfully renewed their contracts with Wakif Bank.

For Zhu Ting, the renewal means that she will compete with the team at the Shaoxing World Championships at the end of 2018, and strive for the unprecedented World Championships, Champions League, League, Cup, Super Cup. If this is successful, it is not only a strong color in Zhu Ting’s resume, but also a new milestone in the history of Turkish women’s volleyball.

The creation of such an achievement, or the determination to continue to invest in Wakif Bank, will win the attention of female customers. The competitive performance of Zhu Ting and other outstanding players is also expected to encourage Turkish women to strive for self-improvement. In the confrontation between the open and conservative forces, women’s volleyball has become a medium for demonstrating openness.

However, large companies that have invested huge amounts of manpower and resources in the field of women’s volleyball teams may become more conservative in the future. This makes the Turkish sports fans more hope that today’s highly active Turkish women’s volleyball league will not decline because of the political and social situation.

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