Trembling humans! Cat have these god skills

Under the condition of starting to raise cats and cats, if there are no conditions, we must create conditions to develop “cloud cats”, and the cat’s fluffy angel appearance melts the hearts of many people. For a time, the human world was full of cats. But people who occupy the world, don’t be too happy. The cats around you can hide a lot of secrets.

The secret of cat perpetual motion
In life, there are always some mysterious phenomena that are difficult to explain in science.

For example, if you have just buttered the bread, the hand will slip down and it will always be buttered. The face is firmly attached to the ground and becomes a pain that cannot be said in the heart of eating. Another example is that the cat falls from a height and always has four legs landing. Then someone wondered: the buttered bread piece was tied to the cat’s back, so we got the great invention of the epoch – the cat perpetual motion machine. Although the idea of ​​a perpetual motion machine is only a joke, the magical skills of the first landing of the limbs when the cat falls are indeed true, which has attracted the attention of many scientists.

Originally, according to Newton’s first law of physics, the motion state of an object does not change without external force.

But even if the cat is thrown down by the four feet, it can still adjust the direction in midair in no time and borrow power. This is a phenomenon that violates the scientific theorem and makes scientists puzzling. .

What happened to the cat in the air?
In order to study the mystery, a French scientist, Marey, even invented continuous photography at the end of the 19th century.

Marey’s efforts were not in vain. He used continuous photography to successfully record every moment of the cat in midair: Surprisingly, the cat went from a four-legged state to a final landing with limbs, and nowhere to borrow. In the case, they did make adjustments out of thin air.

With this precious picture, Marey finally broke through the secret of the cat in 1984: the cat will bend his body into two parts. During the fall, the cat will use the inertia of these two parts to rotate his body. come. This skill is inseparable from the cat’s own body structure. Their extremely dexterous spine and non-functional clavicle are the key to making difficult adjustments in midair. After the continuous improvement of the scientists of later generations, this skill of the cat also has the official name, Cat Righting Reflex.

In general, when the cat is 3-4 weeks old, it has already formed this reflex function. When the length is 6-7 weeks, the skill can be mastered perfectly. However, for cats, safe landing also requires certain conditions, only 30 cm above the height to give them sufficient reaction time.

High cold secret
Don’t look at the cats with a pair of fluffy cute soft hair, this group of small creatures is a representative of high cold.

As early as 1970, scientists from the University of Lincoln found that the emotional connection between the cat and the owner was much weaker than that of the sticky dog. Are cats born with insufficient natural ability to understand human language?

The answer may not be the case. Recently, researchers from the University of Tokyo conducted a series of experiments on 78 cats. They found that cats can actually distinguish their names.

In the experiment, the researchers played a recording of each cat, which included different nouns, other cat names, and the experimental cat’s own name. When playing a recording, each cat’s reaction is “recorded” by the camera.

By repeatedly watching the video, the researchers found that the cats did react when they heard their names: they would move their ears, turn their heads, move their tails, bark or move their positions. This discovery subverts the judgment that cats could not understand human language.

In this regard, the researchers are excited to say: cats can indeed understand the call of the master, but they often choose to ignore.

It seems that in the face of high-cold cats, humans have no time to do anything.