Three strokes have a good career

Want to have a good relationship in the workplace, be appreciated, respected, and willing to help you when you are in trouble, depends on all aspects of your own factors. Today, share a few points that everyone might ignore.

Remember the names of others

In daily life, if our name is wrong or wrong, we will feel less valued and not so happy. And when our name is clearly and accurately called out, it will flow into the whole body like a warm current, and then give a friendly atmosphere to the person who called your name.

I believe that everyone has such an experience. During the Chinese New Year, they will receive a bunch of blessing messages. Those who can see at a glance are mass messages. It is not difficult for you to feel happy, but may also cause resentment. Those who bring their names, Even copying and pasting information can make you feel that you are valued.

So how do we get good people through this detail? For example, if you communicate with a colleague about the name of the other party and the name of the other party, the emotional effect is completely different. “Remember to send me today’s article” and “Flower, remember to send me today’s article.” The former is a relatively formulaic communication method, the latter obviously has emotional temperature, the flower is called Colleagues will also feel happy.

Therefore, the name is the most concerned thing in everyone’s subconscious. Remember the name of someone else, the most important and sweetest voice in the language.

Sincerely appreciate others

The American philosopher John Dewey said that the most far-reaching driving force of mankind is that “hope is important,” meaning that people do something, a large part of the reason is that they want to come to other people. It is important to say. Therefore, when we interact with people, let him feel that he is very important, and sincerely praise him, it will be easier to get his goodwill to you.

In the usual daily life, the mouth is sweeter, giving enough sincere praise to the work of others or the help of others, so that he feels that he is needed. For example, when you are handing over a job with a colleague, you may wish to tell his colleague that he is doing a good job; when the exhausted subordinates work overtime to complete the work, don’t forget to thank him…

Cater to other people’s interests

Roosevelt, the only president of the United States who has been re-elected for four times, is always shocked by his extensive knowledge of anyone he has talked to. Whether it is a shepherd boy, a New York politician, a singer, or a diplomat, Roosevelt can talk to them very smoothly.

A high-ranking president, after all, has limited experience. How did he do all aspects of it? In fact, the answer is simple. The night before Roosevelt saw a visitor, he read about what visitors were most interested in in order to find interesting topics.

Like many people who are good at communicating with people, Roosevelt’s embarrassment to get a good personality is to cater to other people’s interests and talk about topics of interest to them.

I believe that many people have such experiences. Two colleagues who are strangers may be familiar with each other because they like a movie, a book, a singer, or even a similarly unpleasant experience. .

The common interest is like a kind of adhesive, which makes the two people who are not familiar with each other have an implicature. Under this kind of connection, they have mutual good feelings.

Therefore, when we are dealing with colleagues, we may wish to learn from Roosevelt’s way of getting along with others. Don’t always focus on your own interests or preferences, and guide the other side to talk more about topics of interest to him. This not only allows you to grow your knowledge in dealing with various people, but also helps you gain recognition and accumulate good relationships.

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