Those movies called “The Main Melody”

This year’s Oscar-winning film “Green Book”, some people questioned that the reason for winning the award is “political correctness”, which is the main melody film. If you can win the Oscar for the best because of this, I would like to have a misunderstanding about Oscar. However, it is undeniable that, in which country, the “main theme” is indeed a magic weapon for entering the room.

The main melody film is not limited to political correctness. It has many kinds of content, and its content is far wider than everyone thinks. Deng Xiaoping once said: “All the propaganda is the main theme of the film.” Today, let’s talk about the main theme of this film, as well as the “main theme” movies of all countries in the world.

United States: I am the number one in the world

As the representative of the capitalist countries, the main theme of the United States is that there are many themes, such as patriotism, military strength, anti-aliens, and the world. But the message is the same – it is the world. I am the boss.

Many people think that in a country like the United States, what the film shoots, the government can’t control it. But the truth is that the US military has been telling filmmakers for decades, what can be said and what can’t be said. There is a plot in the movie “007 Golden Eyes”. An American general was seduce by a spy and lost his life. After the US military saw the script, it proposed amendments: This means that the US military will definitely not work, and the director will change it. In this way, this unlucky one became a Canadian soldier. In 1986, “Tongzhi Lingyun” starring Atango, because of its main theme, deeply received the support of the US military – the need for an aircraft carrier, which one to look at? Need a fighter to cooperate, is an elite squadron enough? The film’s smooth shooting, the military’s assistance is not too big. Of course, paying will pay off. The US Air Force immediately received a large number of young people’s enlistment requirements after the film was released. After the defeat of the Vietnam War, the domestic anti-war haze and the international allies’ doubts were questioned. As one of the Americans interviewed said: “The filming and the education that is seen from a young age is that we are good people in the United States. The world is either our allies or bad guys, not my family, and we are dead.”

Entering the new century, the main theme film of the United States has a new form. The propaganda film as straightforward as before is not easy to sell, and everything needs to be changed. Of course, changing the soup does not require a dressing change. The famous director Michael Bay can be said that he is the favorite film director of the US military in the past decade. His promotion of the American spirit can be said to have no spare capacity. He ridiculed the US president and members in the “Transformers”, but let the American soldiers do the work. It is also the military equipment and military personnel who are in service, and it is also to let the global audience see the professionalism and sacrifice spirit of the US soldiers in their work. What is even more subtle is that in the film, the form of the past is changed, and the theme is hidden in the growth and mental journey of the protagonist. Courage and freedom often become the key words, all of which are the main melody service.

India: Criticism is an eternal topic

Although India is one of the four ancient civilizations, the civilization of thousands of years has not been well extended. The invaders who have been dialed and rushed have come to this land, and one civilization after another has risen and destroyed, even the country. The concept was left by the British colonists, which made the Indian civilization look like now. Religions, deep-rooted caste systems, large populations, backward education, and many other issues are intermingled, which is also the root of the complexity of Indian society. The film is also typical of the Dalit art in India. In a country with an illiteracy rate of nearly 40%, other art forms are indeed not acceptable to the general public.

Some people of insight hope to make efforts and improvements to the status quo of Indian culture through the film. The familiar Indian actor Amir Khan is the most prominent one. Wrestling in 2018! Dad tells the story of an Indian father who made his two daughters a wrestler. If we understand the bondage and deprivation of rights of Hinduism, we will understand the great courage that the father and daughter in the film face the heavy resistance and struggle, precisely because of the courage of this struggle, the women of India can Gradually separated from the bitter sea of ​​the past, and gradually see the light of hope, this is the positive message that the film wants to convey to us and the positive energy of the Indian style. In the movie “My God,” Amir Khan opened a huge brain and played an alien who was unfortunately lost in India. He went to pray for the gods just like ordinary Indians. s help. In this film, Amir Khan tries to ridicule the shortcomings of human complex rituals and religious commercialization through a scene of absurd bizarre plots and comedic ignorance, ruthlessly mocking the embarrassment that religion brings to Indian society and people The blind obedience of religious and religious leaders advises the world not to blindly believe in religious authority. In just three weeks of filming, it became the first box office in India’s film history, and its own value orientation and social critique caused behind-the-scenes controversy, far more than its box office value.

Besides, the film “Starting Line” on Indian education released last year not only has practical significance for Indian society, but also inspires our neighboring country. The storyline is not complicated: the daughter of an Indian couple is preparing to go to elementary school, suddenly facing the problem of the school district, and now the purchase is not overwhelmed, the only solution is to get a slum indicator to the school. The meaning of the child’s father is that we don’t want to toss, where can’t learn to go up every day, the mother’s mother has a long story about not being able to lose on the starting line. Let her children think that this is not an alarmist… This kind of story is believed to be very familiar. Maybe your home just happened last night.

Russia: Swinging with the political situation

In countries with dramatic political changes, the main melody movies have also changed dramatically. The life of the great director Eisenstein is the history of the Russian main melody film. After the “Battleship of the Warships”, Eisenstein filmed the October Revolution film “October”. After the film was completed, it was banned because Trotsky was expelled from the party, and he was in October. It appears as a hero. This led to the failure of Eisenstein to film in 10 years, until 1937, when he was able to film the historical film “Alexander Nevsky” that defeated Germany in the 13th century. As a result, the Soviet Union was formed in 1939 and the film was banned again. Four years later, Germany turned its face and the film suddenly became valuable to the Soviet government. The end of Essen’s master’s life is because the film “Ivan the Terrible 2” angered Stalin, was called by Stalin, and was scared of a heart attack. For the next two years, Eisenstein was like his fellowship. The little civil servant who wrote the coward wrote a letter to Stalin for sin in fear, until the heart attack revived in 1950.

The example mentioned above is not uncommon in Russian films. For example, the film “Lenin in October” was filmed in the Stalin era, which is a story of Stalin’s heroic support for Lenin to complete the October Revolution. But in the era of Khrushchev, Stalin was squandered, and another version of Lenin was in October. But when Stalin appeared in the film, there must be a standing actor or vase. Something like that blocked him, it was very funny.

South Korea: Combating foreign aggression

Wilde once said: “Patriotism is a kind of evil virtue.” This sentence is appropriate, and it is appropriate to use it in the Korean main theme film. If you are interested in opening up the history of South Korea, according to the Koreans themselves, it is a history of blood and tears and resistance against foreign aggression for thousands of years. In this historical context, South Korea’s main melody films will take the historical events as the background, describing the suffering of this nation, how to be torn, coerced, and portraying events in the war between big and powerful countries. Participants and ordinary people are entangled in the times and roll in the torrent of history. However, in order to consider the national self-confidence of the box office and the audience, most of this type of film has the problem of tampering with historical facts, and its purpose is naturally self-evident.

The first champion of the Korean Film History Box Office, “Ming Liang Hai Battle”, is the main melody film about the story of the North Korean water army star Li Yichen. In this film, the Koreans showed their enthusiasm for the process of God’s creation. Even after the film was released, the Korean variety show host asked “Do you have other national generals who can compete with the first war god Li Yichen in the ancient world?” “Anshi City”, which was released last year during the Mid-Autumn Festival and won the box office championship, also completely shocked the Chinese people’s view of history. The story is not complicated, but with imagination and fabrication, history has changed. The whole film is still very sophisticated from a technical point of view. In particular, it has conducted in-depth research on the weapons, equipment, and armor of the cold weapon era in the early Tang Dynasty of China, and even referenced the preserved data murals in large numbers, striving to completely restore that era. The style. But unfortunately, once the perfect carrier has a deviation in the core of the story, it cannot be called a good film. The ending of the story is that Tang Taizong was once again shot in the eye (Li Shimin was often shot in South Korea’s movie about this history), and educated future generations to never try to conquer Goguryeo. The true history is that after 20 years of the Tang Dynasty, Goguryeo fell under the iron hoof of the Tang Dynasty cavalry.

Japan: Warrior spirit and endless love

Looking through the top ten box office champions in Japanese film history, we will find a phenomenon that is not easy to understand. Seven of the 10 films are animated films, and five more are from Hayao Miyazaki. Tracing back to the source, the driving force behind this is from the Japanese government. The Japanese government’s support and support policy for Japan’s animation industry not only regards it as an important export industry, but also cultivates it as an independent culture, which greatly helps in policy, capital and organization.

The success of Miyazaki’s works is more than just the expression of his animated film, but the theme of each film, such as self-redemption in Chihiro, the growth of the witch’s house, and the firefly. The cruel war of the tomb… Hayao Miyazaki once said: “Creating an animation is to create a virtual world. This world comforts those souls who have lost their courage and struggle with the cruel reality.” So animation is just a carrier. The thinking of the world and life is the soul of the success of these films.

Japanese films, especially those widely recognized by the market, also present another feature – lyricism, which is very different from our impression of the Japanese introverted, forbearing and conservative national character. There are often serious conflicts between relatives, friends, mentoring, colleagues, and loved ones in the film. The picture shouts and tears, hugs and slaps. Not only that, but Japanese film and television works also particularly like to add a subtitle to the title. For example, when China’s “Looking List” was released in Japan, the subtitle was “The Kirin Talents”. Last year’s hot “Yanlan Raiders” was translated in Japan. “The 逆·Forbidden City burning counterattack Wang Hao.” Recently, Feng Xiaogang’s “Fanghua” was released in Japan. The propaganda on the predecessor poster wrote: “40 million people shed tears, and China was wrapped up in the storm in the 1970s. The Chinese young people who were turned over by the times were beautiful and depressed. Youth years.”

Why is this happening? The famous report “Chrysanthemum and Knife” published by American anthropologists in the 1940s on the study of Japanese national character seems to give an answer. It mentions some characteristics of the Japanese nation, such as the social grace. The innocence of the name, the reputation and the trouble of not giving others. Therefore, many Chinese living in Japan are polite to the Japanese, but there is a deep gap between people. Therefore, the film often becomes a vent of this emotion, so that the nerves that can be stretched can be released in the dark theater, and a crying cry is not a good thing.

“There are Fusu in the mountains, and there are Hehua in the mountains.” No matter which country’s main theme film is a subjective beauty, the positive energy is transmitted, but the audience waits, whether it is a beautiful man or a child, it is necessary to have flowers. Into each eye.