The older the sex, the harder it is

A friend asked: I think that the older you are, the harder it is to enter the state in sex. Is this situation very common?

Indeed, the incidence of male sexual dysfunction has risen sharply after the age of 40, but it will be much better if you get enough sexual stimulation and your partner is attractive enough.

The physical and psychological factors that make it difficult to enter sex in sex are multifaceted –

Tired of sex in marriage

On the one hand, monotonous and boring sexual activities obviously lose the charm of the past and cause loss of sexual interest, which is a common factor for middle-aged and elderly people to enter the state of sex. On the other hand, women no longer have any interest or sexual concern for stimulating or satisfying their husbands, ignoring the need to continue to work on marital relationships, and spend a lot of time on matters such as child care or third-generation care and social activities. Conflicts or tedium in other aspects of marriage also contribute to the loss of sexual interest.

Increased male work pressure

Most middle-aged men are at the peak and apex of their careers. They are concentrating on the greatest achievement in their careers. As a result, they consume too much energy, ignoring the marital relationship, affecting sexual desire and reducing sexual responsiveness.

Mental or physical fatigue

Sexual interests and sexual behavior are extremely sensitive to mental fatigue, which is one of the major physiological differences between middle-aged men and young men. Fatigue is obviously an important factor in the decline of male sexual desire after middle age and middle age. The effects of mental fatigue and physical fatigue will reduce or suppress male sexual tension, and the former has greater impact.

Body and disease

Obviously, diseases that reduce sexual performance or reduce or lose sexual performance can occur at any age, but the incidence of people over the age of 40 suddenly increases, especially after the age of 60.

In the face of aging, maintaining a regular sex life, and maintaining good physical health, sexual ability may still be at the age of 80.

Sudden neck and back pain during neck traumatic life, usually caused by improper sexual life posture, such as the head always on the bed, stretching the neck for a long time, etc., at this time to change posture, relax the neck unit.

The most common leg cramps are cramps on the outside of the thigh or calf, which may be related to excessive exercise and excessive muscle stretching during sex. Lack of water, fatigue, and even high temperatures in the room can be predisposing factors. Usually, you should massage more areas that are prone to problems and promote local blood circulation.

When the joint sprain is in the male position, the male supports the body weight for a long time and is prone to knee, elbow, and finger sprains. At this time, take cold compress measures immediately and seek medical attention if necessary.

Infringement of the private parts is too violent, insufficient lubrication may cause female vaginal tears, male penile injuries. Sex is not too intense, choose a safe posture to avoid injury.