The office has something to say.

There is a globally interesting survey: 76% of the workplace have been distressed and do not know how to deal with “office politics.” Regardless of the size of the problem, workplace experts agree that you should be honest and face-to-face, which is the basic skill that every professional should master. However, don’t misunderstand, psychologists especially emphasize: “To face, not to teach you to ‘fire, but to let you learn to fight for reasonable rights.” Sounds so hard? Then look down –

1. If you are the most pretending “small ostrich”
Although you have a pair of long legs that are good at running, the first reaction to meeting the problem is to put your head into the sand and pretend that the problem does not exist. Dear, blindly avoiding, not only does not help, but also eclipses self-esteem. Psychologists say that leaving self-enclosed and choosing to face up will bring you many positive psychological cues, such as, “My desires and needs are justified, and I have reason to change the status quo.”

2. Start practicing from small things in life
Force yourself to practice from the critical point of the psychological “comfort zone”. For example, dine at a restaurant, return to the dish that failed the most, or say “no” to an rude salesman. Step by step, you will find yourself brave.

3. “Direct face” opponent = “Tear”?
wrong! Language and behavior are mutual, he hurts you an inch, if you do not promptly point out his unreasonable place, it will only make him go further and further on the wrong road. Think so, you will find that your reasonable fight, invisibly help him adjust his behavior.

4. Ready for the opening white
It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s important to tell your true feelings. For the “ostrich” type, the opening is difficult, but this “heart” must be broken! Put the words you want to say in advance, organize them clearly, and put more facts in it. There are not many words, three or four sentences are enough. Be prepared and play again.

5. If you are an emotional “small bomb”
You are usually very embarrassed, but once you encounter unhappy things, you will immediately start the defense mode, dear, the office is made bombs flying, smoke is not good. Once you don’t control your emotions, you will immediately lose the best “point control.” Not only will you say that your credit will be reduced, but you will most likely trigger a series of bad reactions.

6. Use “I” when speaking
“I believe” or “I hope”, more than you say “you have always been so”, or “why don’t you do this, don’t do that” is more convincing! Blame others, the other side will retreat to the “defense position” in a second, and then start attacking you.

7. Stick to your current problem
“Bomb-type” people can easily drag the dispute into an endless debate, and you will even put the old things back on the table. It’s not wise to do this. On the one hand, you lose support, you are mistaken for unreasonable troubles, and on the other hand, you can’t focus on this goal and direction.

8. Slow down the response rhythm
After half an hour of eruption, will you regret your intestines? Start now, your reason overcomes the sensibility! Speak in a timely manner, learn to listen, others stop talking, try to repeat the key points he just said, and say “please give me a few minutes to think” is also a good idea, can help you control emotions, win valuable for rational thinking time.