The nine major occupations of the future!

I. Financial analysts :

CFA, they are senior financial professionals who have received good education, have excellent financial theory, and have been professionally certified.

2. lawyers :

People are also increasingly aware of the importance of legal means to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Therefore, the needs of lawyers are growing stronger.

3. Health Manager :

It is precisely defined as: professionals who perform monitoring, analysis, evaluation, and health counseling, mentoring, and risk factor interventions for individual or group health. The “National Health Management Project” being promoted by the state is a series of large-scale projects that must be completed by the state, collectives, and individuals. The specific work must be completed by the health manager. It is conservatively estimated that at least 2 million professional health managers are needed. At present, there are only about 100,000 employees in professional health management in China, and the talent gap is very large.

4. psychological counselor :

refers to the use of psychology and related disciplines of professional knowledge, follow psychological principles, through psychological counseling techniques and methods to help solve psychological problems professionals. The career prospects of mental health teachers are generally optimistic.

5. Career Planner : The

employment issue has increasingly become the focus of social attention. On the one hand, employment is difficult, on the one hand, recruitment is difficult, which highlights that people are becoming more and more confused in the face of job application, career choice and career development. Therefore, career counseling has become an urgent need of society. Existing professional planners are far from meeting social needs.

6. Media people :

With the booming of the Internet, new media are constantly emerging, and the media industry is currently diversifying and market-oriented. Specialized directors, acting artists, producers, sound engineers and other positions also show the characteristics of multimedia development. China, which has the largest audience in the global media industry, accounts for 20% of the world’s audience, and has more than 900 million TV viewers. It is expected to increase by 10 million per year. With the increase of the access permit for domestic industry, the number of foreign companies entering the media industry will increase, and the competition and demand for talents in the media industry will also increase.

7. Internet quotient :

refers to individuals who use e-commerce tools to conduct business activities on the Internet, including entrepreneurs, businessmen and individual shop owners. Since the concept was in 2004, “network merchants” have been synonymous with a new group of merchants. This group has grown and created numerous business miracles. Which industry in China will “fly like a bullet” in the future, the fastest growth? According to a report released by Credit Suisse, it may be e-commerce. There are also data showing that the growth rate of e-commerce in China is 10 times that of GDP, and the growth rate of online retail sales is growing at a rate of 100% per year. It can be seen that the momentum is strong and it is irresistible.

8. Distributors :

Low risk and low investment. As a direct marketing opportunity, it is also an inevitable choice for expanding employment and domestic demand. Although direct sales are emerging industries, their potential is enormous. In the financial crisis, only the upward trend of the direct selling industry can support this. If you can do two of these careers together, then you are even better.

9. business model:

The competition between today’s enterprises is not the competition between products and services, but the competition between business models! “Business model is a major event that affects the survival of a company, its success or failure. If a company wants to succeed, it must start with a successful business model. The newly established enterprise is like this. The development enterprise is even more so. The business model is the competition of enterprises. The key is the essence of business! As a business operator, we must grasp the development law of the industry in which the enterprise is located, grasp the development direction of our own enterprise, build the cultural system of our own enterprise, and form the business model of our own enterprise!