The multiple choice questions in life have never been easy

I am a middle school teacher with a stable job and a sweet look. Since I was a child, I was a prostitute. Because she is the youngest child in the family, I have always been the most loved by my family.

My first marriage was arranged by my parents. The ex-husband’s family conditions are very good, his work has steadily increased, and he has never been economically stunned, but we can’t always find a common topic. A few years later, my ex-husband was derailed and I decided to divorce.

Now, I am facing another relationship. I met him at a friend’s party and I was very happy. In these years, he started his own business. It is said that he started to do business very much. Later, the market was sluggish, the capital turnover was unfavorable, and he could not buy a house.

At first, I kept the girl’s restraint, but I really like him. His mouth is sweet, his parents are filial, and he is also very good to me. He is very tolerant of my little temper and will swear. I gradually came out of the shadow of the first marriage and began planning and his future. But by chance, I learned that he actually had more than 1 million yuan in foreign debt.

My parents hope that he can have a stable job and at least support his wife and children. But every time I let him go out to find a job, don’t do business blindly. He said that he is at this age, stable work is not easy to find, and he is holding thousands of wages a month. The debt can’t be solved. When you die, you might as well choose to fight and continue to do business, maybe there is still a chance to turn over…

I think his idea is unrealistic, but I dare not tell my parents the truth. In this way, I will have children with him in the future, and the economic pressure will be even greater. Is it still broken? I have feelings for him. How can I feel bad in my heart? What should I do?

I can feel the entanglement and confusion in your heart. The marriage conditions arranged by parents are very good, but they are not happy; free love is very good, but it has to face a lot of survival pressure. The multiple choice questions in life have never been easy.

You have been a prostitute since childhood, and your emotional experience should be less. After the ex-husband derailed, you decisively divorced, have you considered why the other party will derail? Where is the problem with this marriage? These are all things that need to be understood in depth with each other. A close relationship can reflect many things that we can’t find from the eyes of another person, and marriage needs to constantly adjust the two people’s mode of getting along.

Then, talk about the new feelings you are facing now. You and his differences in work choices actually stem from different ways of living. You work in a public institution, pursue a sense of security and a stable economic income, he needs a large amount of income, so he is at risk. Therefore, his choice will make you feel insecure. What you have to think about is, can you accept such uncertainty?

In fact, everyone’s life is ultimately determined by oneself, and the consequences must be borne by themselves. It is recommended not to use the name of the other party to influence the choice of the other party. Just like the marriage that parents have arranged for you, they are good for you, but you are not happy. So now, his job choices, or he has to decide for himself, do not rise to love does not love you, is not peace of mind and you have been so high level of life. Just like you like to eat apples, he likes to eat pears. You can’t force him to eat apples at home every day to prove that he loves you.

Then you have a multiple choice question. You can first assess what you value most and what is the bottom line of your life. For example, in the future, with the cost of living for children, how much do you need to bear the other half with your own abilities? Can he bear it? Before you lived, and with him, how much will his external debt affect your future quality of life? These are all you need to think carefully.

A good marriage plays a vital role in the health of women, the growth of children, and the harmony of the family. If this relationship is enough to support you in the face of economic pressure and parental opposition, then perhaps resistance will also become a driving force for your emotional rise. If you feel that you can’t afford it, it may be better for everyone to let go.