The live horror game faces new challenges

Difficult to realize “terror”
The Spirit of the yuppie is a sequel to the popular horror game “The Count of Lucano”. The “Yuppie Spirit” was highly anticipated when it was announced at the end of 2016. This is due to the predecessor “The Earl of Lucano”. “The art style, the level, the puzzle design, the terror atmosphere and the plot are excellent, and there is no doubt about the strength of the sequel.

Nowadays, although the “Yuppie Spirit” has received a “very favorable” rating on Steam, in fact, sales and word of mouth seem to have discounted. Most of the players who played “The Earl of Lucano” thought that although the quality of “Yuppie Spirit” is still good, it can only “reluctantly count 80 points”, which is a little disappointing.

A close examination of the content of the “Yuppie Spirit” will reveal that there are various traces of “subtraction” in this game. For the production team, it is unlikely that there will be other design capabilities common to other small-volume horror games. So the biggest reason for the shrinkage is probably the cost control caused by the income.

Compared to other games, horror games have invisible and innate persuasion barriers – fear elements, which will cause many players to be discouraged when saving money. After all, the problem of guts is not solved by money, and it is more difficult to overcome than “hands.” We can see a lot of videos on the video site that train players to shoot, but few people know how to practice.

Horror games are not horror movies after all. The main scary means is game interaction, not intuitive screen impact. The biggest effect of live broadcast is to cut off the fear elements. Most of the fear is left to the anchor of the operation game. The players who suffer and become a relaxed spectator will inevitably make people think “cloud” more.

“torture”-style horror game
On the positive side, many players who are not able to resist fear elements or small body game defects can share the joy of the game and expand the reputation of the game. For example, the recent domestic game “Paper Man”, despite the slightly rough design of the unfriendly QTE (quick response event), still can get enough attention.

In contrast, the actual sales of Paper Man is very unacceptable – only about 20,000. This is a less positive aspect, and the fear element has spawned a unique live show of horror games—see how the anchor is scared to scream. Even no matter what type of anchor, when doing a live game of horror games, the default is to yell a little more than usual, showing the torture of the spirit, otherwise no one really looks.

However, most of the players who can be professional anchors have higher levels of gameplay and experience than ordinary people. How can these “extraordinary” people be scared to screams, in line with audience expectations?

On the one hand, the anchor can be moderately “added to the show”, which is harmless. On the other hand, for game makers, of course, it is to increase the content of the anchor, for example, to add more powerful horror elements. But this will naturally lead to further “persuasion” of ordinary players – from 1 to 10, if the previous terrorist index is 6, it has already “persuaded” 60% of the players, then after the “persuasion” barrier is raised, what should the sales do?

At this point, the horror game of the anchor era has unconsciously formed a kind of “torture”-style thinking. If the game does not cater to the needs of the anchor era, then it is likely to be unknown and there is no market discourse space; to cater to the anchor era, it needs to be developed with “criminalization”, and the core becomes how to make people feel uncomfortable, which makes the game of horror games The connotation of waiting for payment is further reduced. Except for the key points that can be uncomfortable, such as terror and nausea, all others do subtraction.

In fact, many developers of horror games have limited resources or experience, and it is difficult to maintain a good degree of completion and experience. Choosing a horror theme also considers the rationality and tolerance of players in this field, but it also indirectly leads to flooding on all platforms. A horrible game of rudeness, even a work that forcibly swears horror. This is in line with the “criminalization” orientation – the game completion degree is not very important, playing the game should be right.

For example, the “Yuppie Spirit” mentioned above, this game does not even provide a shortcut bar for players, resulting in the operation of “ghosts.” In the traditional concept, this is a point of deduction, but it seems to be less important in the anchor era, because the players are any “cloud games” and will not really be “pit”. In the operation aspect, the domestic game “Looking at the lower limit”, which has recently reached the lower limit, not only forcibly smashes the enthusiasm of the horror theme, but also can be smashed in all aspects to write another article of thousands of words, and the result is naturally the least understood game. People can’t lie.

Fear barriers, spectator mentality, and “criminalization” development, this series of chains came over and gradually formed a perfect “dismissal cycle”, which eventually led players to be more reluctant to save money, and the living space of horror games became smaller and smaller. In the long run, the quality will get worse and worse.

Take the “Yuppie Spirit” as an example. The predecessor “Count of Lucano” has five different endings, and the “Yuppie Spirit” which has been developed over two years has only three endings, in addition to one hidden. The ending is reluctant to make up the number, but its content is generally extended from the first three endings, revealing a feeling of insufficient resources.

Developers who are unwilling to sit still will certainly come up with various coping styles, such as increasing fault tolerance.

Many small-volume horror games often design the content of a dead player, such as letting a sneak peek, whether it is the “paper man” described above, or “green ghost” or “witch home”, Most of the time, the game’s fault tolerance is not good, “Paper Man” is even dubbed as “burning incense simulator” – the expression of the archive in the game is to let the protagonist burn the roots, because the “sudden design” is too much, the player has to Repeated archiving, even because the design was too unscientific at the time of the final customs clearance, even the viewers who had to watch the anchored abusers expressed dissatisfaction through the barrage and stood on the side of the anchor.

Considering the fault-tolerant manifestation of popularization, such as the tracking geek in “Resident Evil 2: Remastered Edition”, there is a sense of oppression caused by tracking, bringing viewership, not killing players, but also supporting several kinds. The method of maneuvers, leaving a proper living space, and strive to “good and fun” – but in fact it can not bring too much fun.

Another example is to adjust the proportion of terrorist elements. If we blindly cater to the demand of the anchors and build up terrorist barriers, the probability of sales will still be “tragedy”. Many manufacturers choose to reduce the intensity and proportion of terrorist content. However, the manufacturer who is going to be a horror subject because of the “small factory” is often not easy to perform because of resource constraints, and people feel a little bit different. However, at least this attitude of taking into account the more popular player market is worthy of recognition.

The “The Room” series is a representative of light horror. The game as a whole is a relatively “easy” puzzle mode. Players don’t secrete too much adrenaline. They only need to show some horror elements from time to time to make people’s minds more clear. .

There are also some horror elements in The Legend of the Plague: Innocent. There is no shortage of adrenal hormones in the game process, but its positioning is still an action adventure. Even a large mouse that makes people scalp numb is just a relatively static puzzle. It’s just that the rodent call that runs through the game can also achieve the effect of the tyrant’s boots.

Another kind of more sincere is to try to innovate in all aspects. For example, the “Yuppie Spirit” mentioned above, the background story is placed in a more modern era, a technology world with intelligent robots, not only does not have the routine “virus routines”, but also the topic of some society, “social animals” Bring a horrible atmosphere. Even if there are some shortcomings, it is actually a novelty in the subject matter.

In the end, from a realistic point of view, the sales of horror games are still relatively low in this live broadcast era, and the games that can become explosions always have only a few heads, and there is no lack of luck. It’s not enough to rely solely on the efforts of the manufacturers. If you are really attracted by the anchor’s “death” operation when browsing on the video website, you will be shocked by the atmosphere of horror and dignity. Tickets! This will be the cornerstone of a better horror game in the future.