“The Lion King”: Regaining touch after twenty years

Some people say that “The Lion King” is an animal version of “The Prince’s Revenge”, full of drama conflicts, so it is world-renowned and prosperous. But it doesn’t stop there. This story, which happened on the vibrant African savanna, tells us that everything is endless, naturally circulating, and teaches our responsibility and love, courage and kindness.

In 1994, the “Lion King” cartoon was released in the United States, and won eight awards such as Oscar. As the first Hollywood animated film introduced in China, “Lion King” has become a cultural symbol deeply rooted in people’s minds. It has also won the world’s 968 million US dollar box office, becoming the world’s highest total box office revenue and the second highest worldwide box office revenue history. miracle. This time, the screen was released again. The first trailer of “Lion King” has played more than 225 million times in nearly 24 hours, ranking fourth in the global film history. It turns out that the stories of countless families that have warmed up in the movies have never been forgotten. No matter how time changes, the concern for Simba has always been there.

Paying homage to classics
The new version of “Lion King” is extremely high in the animation version. It not only restores the animated version, but also restores the reality. Delicate and supple hair is not taken by real lions. There is no real person in the new version of The Lion King, and there is no real animal.

In the interview, the new “Lion King” director Jon Feiru also admitted that he was troubled by how to define the film: “This is really difficult to define. I will not say that it is an animated film, nor will it say It’s a real lion version. Because in fact there are no real animals in the new version of The Lion King, all the characters are from the hands of the artists behind the scenes. If I use any of the above names to define the “Lion King”, The audience will definitely look at the film with a preconceived notion.”

In the new version of The Lion King, all animals are images synthesized by CGI special effects technology. CGI is an abbreviation of Computer-generated imagery, which is widely used in computer graphics technology in the fields of film, television, video games, interactive multimedia. With the help of CGI technology, we were able to travel the universe stars in the film and television works, shuttle through the past and the future, see things that have never been seen before, and hear things that have never been heard before.

As early as 2016, Jon Feiru’s “Fantasy Forest” also adopted this approach. The whole animal except the little boy is also synthesized by computer.

But unlike “Fantasy Forest”, there is no real person in the new version of “Lion King”, which increases the difficulty of shooting, because the shooting space can not be limited to green screen technology or other real shooting, but also Virtual implementation help.

Director Fei Ru said: “For the filming of “The Lion King” they created a multiplayer VR space game scene. It is like making a “lion king” into a large sandbox game.”

During the filmmaking process, VR hardware technology companies Oculus and HTC Vive, as well as Unity, provided a lot of help. When making this movie, since the main content is CG images, it is necessary to create a scene that simulates real shooting when shooting. Among them are cranes, which are convenient for arranging camera-sized viewfinders. These viewfinders are covered with a cursor locator that simulates an infrared signal; the top metal truss is a 3D sensor matrix that tracks the signal and transmits the viewfinder position back to the VR.

In order to capture a scene accurately, filmmakers will find the right camera position and lighting position to complete the motion capture scene. They use the handheld controller to move the virtual device like a moving piece. Then, the real camera will take pictures of the virtual environment through the continuous movement of the viewfinder under their control.

The introduction of VR technology allows the director to be in the scene during the shooting process and can be used in any corner. Whether it’s a cliff or a waterfall, you can find a perfect shooting angle.

Story about courage and responsibility
After 25 years, why is “Lion King” a classic cartoon? A story that will never go out of fashion is a classic. This is the charm of The Lion King. It is a kind of spirit, a kind of inheritance, and the philosophy of life it contains, no matter how many years later, will not be outdated.

I have read many articles about the history of Disney. From 1989 to 1999, this decade was called the “Renaissance” period of Disney. From this time on, Disney’s cartoons are no longer just for children, but for adults. Every seemingly mature adult has a long-lost child in his heart. No matter how strong and wise he is, he needs a soft corner to put his childlike interest.

The 1994 Lion King can be said to be one of the most serious works in Disney history. It took off the icing and dreams inherent in Disney animation and began to build a slightly mature world. The relaxed comedy elements and the melodious soundtrack, even the small Simba look, did not hide the core of “The Lion King” – the right to fight. It is easy to reminiscent of the drama that represents the highest achievement of the entire Western Renaissance literature: Hamlet.

There are so many literary works on murder and revenge in the world. Why can’t there be one that can surpass Hamlet? Was Shakespeare written early, creating a precedent? This is not the case, but Hamlet is in the context of tragedy. In addition to the different characters, Shakespeare has its own complex character.

Everyone, or every lion, has his own life and has his own sorrows, responsibilities, and fears. The reason why classics become classics is largely due to their story mode, which is consistent with the development of human history and human nature.

Hakuna Matata. Everyone who has seen “The Lion King” will not forget this sentence. Simbaben is the prince of the beasts of the beasts. He is the son of the lion king Mufasha and the next king of the glory country. However, a “accident” of deliberation, let Mufasha leave him forever, and let Simba lose everything.

When Simba had nowhere to go, he met Ding Man and Peng Peng, who taught him the motto: Hakuna Matata. This is an old African proverb that means “no worries, dreams come true”.

So we understand that when the pain is unbearable, leaving the past is also an option. This sentence gave him courage when Simba first tried to eat bugs. Hakuna Matata. When Simba was far from home, this sentence gave him comfort and grew up with him.

“Hakuna Matata”, it is like a positive and optimistic spirit, let people leave their pain and immerse themselves in carefree. At the same time, this sentence is also like an escape. As Ding Man said: “You have to leave the past behind.” Forgetting may be a good thing when you can’t afford it, but as time goes by, one day, we need to stand up again, not always Immerse yourself in the beauty of escape.

If you have been escaping, it seems that the world will be much simpler and much better. In fact, what is caused by camouflage is often that there is no way to go. Only by solving the problem can you finally face your heart.

“It will always pass,” is a word that doesn’t hurt. The problem is that we can’t go through it, and the hurdle that we can’t pass is actually ourselves. Therefore, when Simba was far away from home, she grew up with “not thinking.” When the audience was laughed at by Peng Peng and Ding Man, I was so sad that those happy people had no temperature, and his heart was only lonely.

After the death of the lion king Mufasha, his younger brother was succeeded. However, under the rule of the sword, the glory of the glory of the country is not there. There is no water source, no food, and the once green mountains and rivers have become ridiculous.

Nana, who escaped from the glory country for help, inadvertently met Simba. She hoped that Simba would go back and lead the glory country to prosperity. Simba said that he did not choose to go back, he fled. Today, he still can’t face the past. He just covered up the past.

And many times we will be like Simba, be troubled by things around us, or because of academic troubles, because of the unsatisfactory work, or because of the departure of loved ones, because of the betrayal of the lover, we choose to immerse ourselves in games and music. In food, food, or other things, escape from life and escape from reality, thinking that as long as you don’t want to start, everything will pass and life will get better. But there are things that cannot be turned a blind eye to it – responsibility.

Simba, who escaped from Nana, met Lagage, the elder of the glory country. Lafite asked him: “Who are you?” This seems to be a very simple question, but it is a very complicated question. Is it “Xinba”? Not just Simba. There is also the meaning carried by this name.

But Simba couldn’t tell who he was. He abandoned the past, abandoned the painful memories, and abandoned his responsibilities. He lost himself. Forgot the true self.

“You are the son of Mufasa.” Lafic’s words poked the most painful thing in Simba. Simba once asked Mufasa: “Will we be together forever?” Mufasha did not tell him whether he would, he told Simba what his father told him: “Look at the stars, the first king.” We pay attention to us on the stars. When you feel lonely, remember that the kings will always guide you. I will also guard you.”

Simba thought that it was Mufasha who lied to him, and Mufasha did not always be with him. However, through the waters of the night, Simba not only saw himself, but also saw Mufasa, Mufasa, which was always in his heart. Mufasa said to him: “You must find your place in the life cycle. Remember who you are, you are my son, and the only real king.”

The words of Mufasha reminded Simba: He is the son of the king. He is the lion king at the top of the food chain. Like his father, he shoulders the fate and responsibility of the whole country.

But in fact, Simba knows that it is not the real Mufasa. It is his heart. He is the one who inherited the spirit of Mufasha. He finally found his true self.

I have been chasing Lafic, and Simba, who stumbled in the jungle, panicked all the way. On him, we can’t see the shadow of Mufasa. But this time, Simba, who ran to the glory country, is like a Mufasha.

Those who have passed away, they have never really left. Perhaps a long time later, their voices and appearances are unclear, but the good quality of their bodies will remain in our hearts, prompting us to become better ourselves.

“Lion King” propaganda poster, each actor will look to the role of the dubbing, some with joy, some with stern. In the poster, J.D. McGee is voiced by the young Simba, and Shahadi Wright Joseph is the voice of the young Nana.

When we are confused, it is better to calm down and ask your own heart. “Who am I?” “What is my responsibility?” “What do I really want to do?” Don’t be confused by appearances and be disturbed by the outside world. To see your heart and read your true thoughts.

Returning to the glory country, Simba challenged the knife. He must bravely face the things he has been escaping. He wants to take back his own throne and assume his due responsibility. When I was young, Simba was naive, what the king could do if he wanted to do something. But Mufasa told him: “The king can do whatever he wants and do whatever he wants.” The king of a country, his responsibility is not in the throne of glory, but in every one who supports his people.

When the hyena invaded, Mufasha immediately attacked and drove them out. Because of the power of Mufasa, those hyenas shivered when they heard his name. They did not dare to invade the country of glory, making the country of glory thriving.

As the son of Mufasa, Simba also needs to guard his people and lead the entire glory country to a constant end. Mufasa said to Simba: “All things in the world coexist harmoniously. The king must understand this balance and respect all life, from crawling ants to jumping antelopes.”

Learning to respect is the first lesson that Mufasha gave to Simba, and it was also the responsibility of a king. At the beginning of Simba’s birth, the beasts came to the DPRK. On the glory stone, the supreme ruler of the glory country, Mufasha, is tall and arrogant. At this time, his butler Shazu flew and paid tribute to him. Mufasa looked at him, then bowed slightly, smiled back, humility and gentleness. The elder Lafic came to him and they smiled and hugged each other.

Then, when Simba defeated the knife and decided to board the glory stone, he, like his father had done it, extended his claws and hugged the Laiqiqi who saluted the new king, and embraced this one for them. Elders.

Respect is a fear of life. Not only is it polite, it is also an attitude that stems from the heart. Respect is a kind of cultivation, and it is the tolerance of everything in the world.

Some people say that “The Lion King” is the story of the king. It has nothing to do with us. Actually it is not. Each of us has our own responsibilities. Different identities, corresponding to different responsibilities, the responsibility of the children lies in filial piety, the responsibility of the parents lies in education, as a student, as a teacher, as an employee, as a leader, each identity has a different responsibility. Many times, we have multiple identities and we have different responsibilities.

Later, we grew up and began to understand that the story of Simba, we are also experiencing. On the way to life, each of us is Simba. Life will not be smooth, there will be a lot of bumps, there will be a lot of things to accomplish, but we must learn to grow, brave to bear their responsibilities, complete the transformation from the little lion to the lion king.