The international financial center is competing for the competition

As a hub of the international financial market, the international financial center can not only gather a large number of international financial resources, but also promote international capital flows, playing an important role in the economic development of a country and a region. Today, with economic globalization and economic financialization, the international financial center is still the commanding height of global economic and financial development, and will change with the shift of the global economic center of gravity and the rapid development of financial technology.

First of all, the international financial center is expected to tilt towards the Asia-Pacific region and form a “three-legged” pattern. In recent years, the contribution of emerging economies represented by China to the world economy has steadily increased and has become an important force driving the development of the world economy. The enhanced economic strength requires a matching financial system, which is the basic experience of the changes in the world economic and financial center. The rapid development of China’s economy will gradually make the Asia-Pacific region the next financial center gathering area. The Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places in mainland China have the potential and possibilities of becoming an international financial center. More importantly, the Asia-Pacific region itself has strong financial strength, and Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore are already important international financial centers. As the starting point of the “Belt and Road”, the Asia-Pacific region has the conditions and strength to become an international financial center. The future world economic structure will gradually evolve into a “three-legged” situation in the United States, the European Union, and the Asia-Pacific region. A similar pattern will appear in financial centers. In addition, along the “Belt and Road” is expected to give birth to a new regional financial center.

Second, the status of the European International Financial Center is expected to be further strengthened. The “Belt and Road” layout has an advanced vision and significance. The starting point is the most dynamic Asia-Pacific economic circle. The end point is the European economic circle with strong economic strength and high modern civilization. It will be the longest in the world and the most economically strong. The most promising economic corridor. The number of international financial centers in Europe is strong and strong, including London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, etc. It has a high degree of recognition worldwide and is more conducive to the promotion of the status of the international financial center in the region.

Europe has strong financial strength and a glorious financial history. With the opportunity of “One Belt, One Road”, European countries can better explore the development opportunities of countries along the route in the process of integrating the “Belt and Road” while cooperating with China. Participating in the “Belt and Road” will directly obtain considerable benefits and dividends, which will not only weaken its position, but also further consolidate and strengthen the foundation and strength of its international financial center under the huge financial needs.

Third, the development of financial technology will affect the connotation and form of the future international financial center. According to the data of the global FinTech Center Alliance, international financial centers such as London, Singapore and New York are also in the forefront of global financial technology development, which indicates that the international financial center is developing into a global financial technology center. Yi Gang, president of the People’s Bank of China, believes that the focus of competition in international financial centers lies in financial technology. Looking into the future, we must continue to pay attention to the evolution of the location of the international financial center, and also pay attention to the fact that financial technology has become an important part of considering and evaluating international financial centers. Financial technology will change the connotation of international financial centers and lay a solid foundation for the construction of financial centers. The development of financial technology and digital currency is likely to promote changes in the shape of international financial centers.

Finally, maintaining economic and financial vitality is the cornerstone for consolidating and enhancing the status of the international financial center. The Asian region has the world’s most concentrated population, the world’s largest and most dynamic city and the most promising large market. The future of global economic and financial focus will shift to the Asian region, and the international financial center in the Asian region will face major development opportunities. Of course, it also faces greater competitive pressures. As one of the most important financial centers in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong is highly commercialized, market-oriented and international. It has been rated as the world’s freest economy for 24 consecutive years, maintaining a “good judicial system, a clean society, and supervision.” The superior environment of efficient system and free market opening. The current situation in Hong Kong and the uncertainties in economic and financial development will definitely have an adverse impact on the status of its international financial center. Especially in the old financial centers such as London and Paris, and later in the competitive situation of emerging cities such as Singapore, Shanghai and Shenzhen, only by seizing the opportunity can they gain a dominant position in the future international financial center competition. To this end, we should maintain a stable and healthy economic development and guide global capital inflows; take financial technology as the core, accelerate the upgrading of the financial industry structure, occupy a new highland for the development of financial technology; deepen financial innovation, and play in the Dawan District and the “Belt and Road” Leading advantages in construction; using the advantages gathered by colleges and universities to strengthen innovation and become an important field to lead scientific and technological innovation.