The death of the US “sex scandal tycoon” detonates the conspiracy theory

The sexual assault transaction has not yet been decided, and billionaire Epstein committed suicide in the federal prison in New York! This mysterious financial tycoon has become the focus of public opinion since he was second in prison in July this year, because he was not only accused of invading underage girls, but also accused of trafficking and organizing underage girls to engage in sex trading activities, and his “Friends circle” includes US President Trump, former President Clinton and Prince Andrew of England. Just one day before Epstein’s suicide, the US federal court published more than 2,000 pages of documents, including a victim’s allegation that he was forced to become Epstein’s “sex slave” when he was a minor, allegedly in the client’s service. Including a former US governor, a former US senator,

Social celebrities such as “Another British prince.” The focus of the media’s suspicion on the 11th was: Epstein may not have died of suicide, but was killed.

How many secrets did he take away?

According to a report by CNN on the 11th, at 6:30 am local time on the 10th, Epstein was found to have no reaction in the single room of the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Manhattan, New York. He was sent to him at 6:39. The hospital declared death. The prison claimed that he was suicide, and Justice Minister Barr said on the 10th that both the FBI and the Ministry of Justice will investigate the cause of Epstein’s death.

“Epstein died too cheaply!” The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted New York Mayor Bai Sihao as saying on the 11th: “We all want to know how many secrets he has. How many millionaires and multi-millionaires are involved His illegal activities! Some of the richest people in the world have committed terrible crimes. If they think that Epstein is dead, they will sit back and relax, then they are very wrong. These secrets will not follow his death. Die.”

Before the death, Epstein was awaiting trial, and he was accused of selling minors and conspiring to prostitution for the purpose of sex trading. The US Vaux News Network said on the 10th that if the crime is committed, he will be sentenced to 45 years in prison. Qatar Al Jazeera said on the 11th that between 2002 and 2005, Epstein’s homes in New York and Florida sexually invaded dozens of girls, paying them hundreds of dollars in cash each time, and then assigning some victims to recruit new girls. . Some victims are under the age of 14. He was originally facing life imprisonment, but he was sentenced to a reduced sentence under the lawyer’s circumstance. He was only jailed for 13 months and released in 2009. And during his sentence, he can go out for 12 hours a day, go out for 6 days a week, and go to work in the office.

After the Miami Herald reported that Epstein’s commutation was sentenced, the New York prosecutor re-intervened in the investigation and arrested him again in July this year, and the court is scheduled to pronounce it in June 2020.

One day before Epstein committed suicide, the US Federal Court published more than 2,000 pages of new documents detailing some of the new details of Epstein and his associates recruiting and tricking young women. A woman named Roberts Frey said that she was a “sex slave” to Epstein when she was not an adult. She was former governor of New Mexico, Richardson, former Senator Mitchell, Prince Andrew of England, “another Celebrity princes, “a former president” and “a famous prime minister” and other celebrity services. These people were not accused when Epstein was in jail for the first time.

He died very badly

For Epstein’s suicide, many people’s first reaction is: impossible.

“Epstein could not succeed in suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre.” On the 10th, a prisoner who had served a sentence there said to the New York Post that “I have tried it many times and cannot do it.” He said that the ceiling and the ground of the cell are eight or nine feet away. If you use the sheets, even if you hang the ceiling, Epstein has 200 pounds. The sheets are not so strong, and it is impossible to make a self-defense. In addition, under the supervision of all-weather suicide, the wearing of prisoners in the prison basically eliminates the possibility of self-harm. Can you die from trauma? No, because the bed can’t move, there are no sharp objects in the cell. If you want to write a letter, the prison will give you a rubber pen. In short, there are no tools in the cell to commit suicide. Moreover, the guards patrol every 15 minutes.

On the 24th of last month, I also reported that Epstein committed suicide in prison. According to the National Broadcasting Corporation, Epstein was found to be in a “semi-coma” in prison, and his neck was still injured. He may have wanted to commit suicide. But the strange thing is that the Associated Press quoted a source on the 11th as saying that before Epstein died on the 10th, suicide surveillance was removed. The exact time of being removed is still unclear.

The US “Capitol Hill” website said on the 10th that the most basic question now is: Why is it appropriate for Epstein to live in a single room without suicide surveillance, especially for a prisoner with a high risk of suicide? Since he has committed suicide once, why not hold an all-weather guard?

The British “Daily Mail” said on the 11th that Epstein had told prison guards and prisoners a few weeks ago that he was worried that “someone wants to kill him.” A person familiar with the matter said that he had seen Epstein many times in the past few weeks. He looked “very spiritual” and there was no indication that he was trying to commit suicide. “As far as I can see, he has begun to adapt to prison life.”

“USA Today” said on the 10th that many members of Congress have asked for a comprehensive investigation into the cause of death. The member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Shather said: “Epstein’s death deprives the victim of the opportunity to confront him and plead guilty. It also makes it more difficult to disclose his criminal group and let other big people who commit the crime of rape accept punishment. difficult.”

His “friend circle” is very prominent

According to the New York Times reported on the 11th, 66-year-old Epstein was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1988, he founded the Epstein Investment Company and since then has established close ties with the financial giants on Wall Street. He has luxury homes in the wealthy Manhattan area and private jets. Known by Wall Street peers as “gates-like characters”, they are very close to political and business circles and fashion figures, including Trump, former President Clinton, Prince Andrew of England, Wimner of Wimkey, and so on.

A Clinton spokesperson said last month: “President Clinton knew nothing about Epstein’s terrible crimes in Florida a few years ago.” After Epstein’s death, Trump forwarded Twitter on the 10th – “publication of documents It shows that the top Democrats, including Bill Clinton, had privately visited Epstein’s ‘Pedophilia Isle.’ He also forwarded a comment: “Epstein has Clinton’s black material, and then he died. On the 10th, Trump’s supporters smashed the Clinton family as a criminal into one of the hottest topics on Twitter.

At the same time, many people commented on Twitter: “It was Trump.” Epstein was once a frequent visitor to Haihu Manor. When Epstein was arrested last month, Trump once clarified: “I am not a fan of him. I haven’t had a relationship with him for a long time, at least 15 years.” Former US Congressman Scarborough released on the 11th. Another “conspiracy theory”: “A guy who holds the lives of many rich and powerful people in his hands is dead in prison. It may be the Russians who helped.”

The “Capitol Hill” website said on the 10th that the pedophile Epstein died, leaving a puzzling ending in a bizarre, tragic and meticulous case. It is illogical and unconvincing that the most notorious prisoners in the United States commit suicide in prison. “It is obvious that the criminal justice system in the United States is flawed and unsuccessful, which makes us all feel uneasy.”