The best investment in life: choose the right wife

The best investment for a man in his life is not a house, not a gold, not a stock, but a right woman.

What kind of woman is what kind of man, even Buffett said that the best investment in his life is to choose the right wife. So, if you don’t meet a good woman, you will prepare your own whip and spur yourself.

A man’s life, standing tall and not far, depends on whether you can meet a good woman, this woman may be a girlfriend, may be a wife, may be a confidant, may be a lover who does not separate forever! Either way, the most important thing is your heart together! Feuerbach said: “Love is a person!” For men, the key to whether or not to cultivate and reach a certain level is to have a good and gentle woman who is gentle and considerate, and must avoid “situ people are not good.” Because a good man can be created by a good woman who supports, cares, appreciates, and prunes. There are no good women, where are the good men?

Five good women make good men in the future:

1: pure, knowledgeable experience of life experience

Like all mature women, she has had the process of simple, childish, confused, confused, dreamy and feathering of the girlhood. I laughed and cried too ; I was happy and painful; I loved it and lost it. It is because of such experience and experience that she is more connotative, pure, gentle, intellectual, inclusive, intelligent, confident and steady than a superficial, superficial, shallow, ignorant, butterfly-like woman. Such a woman has a wide range of knowledge and a broad vision. She can be “all-inclusive” and “have a hundred rivers”. She prefers and is faithful to her true feelings. She will not easily lose herself in the glamorous and drunken fans. She knows how to falsify the truth and recognize the gold.

2: a steady, tasteful woman.

Spiritual pursuit is higher than material pursuit, not necessarily reading and breaking through thousands of volumes, but it has thoughts and tastes. It is far from vulgar, shallow and frivolous. It pays great attention to inner communication and feelings, and has different aesthetic personalities and principles of life. . She knows better that “the little woman loves money and has a good way.” The man in her eyes may not necessarily be famous, but must have potential. Because she knows that it is not easy for men to fight alone in this world. Therefore, she can accept your contribution, struggle process, and even failure with an inclusive vision.

3: Peaceful, not greedy woman.

Meeting such a woman is the blessing of the man of the world. A woman who is not greedy is more peaceful and easy to be content. She knows that a soft heart is more important than a heavy substance. Today, this is a rare and very valuable quality. Because she is indifferent to Mingzhi, she is not profitable. She can cope with the challenges and temptations that arise in her life. She will not easily see forgiveness and forgiveness, and will not push her to the troubled lover. I am proud of you. When she is frustrated, she supports you for encouragement. If you are a real man-type husband, don’t let her down. You can be ugly or poor, but you can’t let her down, because, hope, for A peaceful, non-greedy woman means everything!

4: a sincere, open-minded woman.

While constantly learning about life, practicing, trimming, and perfecting yourself, we are constantly pruning, appreciating, and perfecting you. At the same time, you can pass on your true feelings, open-mindedness and happiness. She is not harsh, clear-cut, ignorant, and does not pick and choose. Faced with you, although she also has awkward time, it is also because of what you are not doing well to make her dissatisfied with a kind of “love you in the heart is difficult to open” blame. She can give you confidence, courage, courage, and strength. I don’t expect you to stand on the ground, but you must do something and do something. More often, she hopes that you can live happily, happy, honest, honest and dignified, because her eyes can hold everything under your eyes.

5: a sage, a woman who understands.

With her, you will have a kind of refreshing and pleasant feeling like a spring breeze. In front of her, you are relaxed, happy, true, and childish. You don’t need to deliberately disguise a look of arrogance and glory. Your exhaustion, heavyness, trouble, frustration, confession, impetuousness, stress, and hard work are all included in her sorrowfulness by her understanding. She is water, it can dissolve you; it is fire, it can burn you, her charm lies in: the most understanding of your gentleness!

If you have such a good woman around you, be sure to grasp it! Be sure to cherish! She must be a good treat! Certainly there are too many men envy you have such a good blessing gas