Syrian “Airporters” help refugees find new homes

After seven months of detention at Kuala Lumpur International Airport last year, Syrian refugee Kangtar became a world-famous “airport man”, and he chose to repay the society after he finally obtained asylum in Canada, helping refugees like him to find a new home.

According to a report by the BBC on the 18th, when Kangtar shared his escape experience on his social networking site, refugees from Nauru and Manus Island asked him for help. So he worked with two non-profit organizations in Canada to try to get 200 refugees currently in Manus and Nauru to Canada through private sponsorship. The initiative was called “unforgotten action” and the action was endorsed by the Australian Refugee Council.

The reason for the recognition of Australia is because these refugees were transferred from Australia to Nauru and Manus Island. Since 2012, Australia has moved to asylum-seekers arriving in Nauru or Manus Island refugee centres in a controversial policy aimed at preventing more refugees from coming. The United Nations and other human rights advocates say that the human rights of asylum-seekers in these two places are often violated, including sexual assault and physical assault. Experts say that the days of detention centres are not visible at first glance, and asylum seekers are highly likely to commit self-harm.

Cantal was deeply disturbed by the above situation and exchanged information with Laurie Cooper, a volunteer from the Canadian Care Association. Cooper helped Cantal to come to Canada. Cooper said that one night, she told her daughter about the “desperate situation” of Manus and Nauru last May, and said to her daughter, “Damn, we should sponsor everyone there.” “. Cooper and Cantal then reached a consensus on the rescue of refugees.

According to reports, the University of Cantal worked in the UAE after graduation, during the Syrian civil war, because the Syrian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates refused to extend his visa, and he was worried that he would be conscripted to fight the civil war after returning home, so he decided to stay illegally. In the UAE. In 2017, Cantal was expelled from the UAE and sent to Malaysia for a three-month visa-free visit to Syria. Before the end of the visa-free period, he tried to fly to several countries but was sent back to Kuala Lumpur Airport. Cantal was eventually blacklisted by Malaysia and stipulated that he was not allowed to step out of the terminal. He was trapped in the airport transfer area for seven months. He filled his stomach with donated air meals, washed in the toilet and slept in the chair. On, the real version of the Hollywood blockbuster “Happiness Terminal” was performed. In the end, with the help of Cooper, he left Kuala Lumpur, arrived in Canada and obtained asylum status.