Slow life in the early summer

Fast and slow, groaning and whimpering, hovering and flowing, four seasons and dawn, freezing and transpiration, falling flowers and fish, sunny and rainy snow, such a wonderful natural gift can never slow us down to chase the “future” pace. Life needs a sense of rhythm, but how to properly grasp it, it is meticulous. On a hot summer day, why not take a quiet, slow life to temporarily live a fast-paced life?

“How much time do you spend coffee?” “Have you ever participated in the tea ceremony?” In urban life, people always go to the store to order a cup of coffee, rush to finish, pay, and then hurry to do things. This only takes a few minutes at most. Usually, deafening music is played in the store. While listening to music, while watching others rush to sip coffee, my heart is calculating what to do while staying, but forgetting to smell the scent of coffee, even overlooking the window. A golden sunset.

In daily life, we are easily lost in the self-accelerating mourning, worrying about the future, and not knowing the beauty of the present. The advocates of “slow life” have a fresh name called “youke.” Because the essence of “slow life” is to make people “leisure”, to slow down properly in work and life, to feel the people and things around them with open-mindedness and appreciation.

Under the influence of slow life, the diet is not only about the fruit. The Chinese people like to say “slowly use” to the guests at the table. The travel is not only about taking pictures, but also about the fun in the mountains and rivers. Slow work allows people to make real and meaningful contact with people, people and culture, people and work, people and food… with everything in life.

Slow food
In 1986, when McDonald’s opened its first store in Italy in the Plaza of Spain in Rome, it triggered a group of Italians from the heavy food association. They said that we don’t want to “fast” meals, we want to “slow” meals!

The “slow food” movement believes that the standardized fast food culture takes away not only the food and beverage market, but more importantly, other things, such as love. When the meal only has the meaning of energy supplement, the time of love that belongs to the loved ones, friends or colleagues will be deprived. The “slow food” movement has developed rapidly, and specialized institutions have been established in more than 100 countries including Switzerland, Germany and the United States. Chewing slowly can increase the amount of saliva secretion. After the protein in the saliva enters the stomach, it can react in the stomach to form a protein membrane that protects the stomach. Therefore, “slow food” not only keeps you away from digestive ulcer disease, but also diets to lose weight.

Slow tour
I don’t know when it started, we have a group of “slow tourists” around us. They will not choose to go on a group tour with three or four attractions in one day, but stop and go with them. Everywhere, they will slow down, from slow to slow chat, from slow shopping to slow leisure, suitable for high-end self-help travel, but also suitable for working poor. Slow tourists pay attention to richness and richness. People who are thick enough at home have more energy to pursue the pursuit of new ideas in life. For those who are poor, you can also swim out of personality and excitement. Stay in a family hotel for dozens of nights, buy an IC card and take a bus, and eat for a small food stall where locals gather. A sunset, a torrential rain, will add a lot of fun to their journey. Slow travel is also roaming, not emphasizing the kind of travel, but walking as you like.

Slow motion
Slow motion is a combination of slow speed and slow motion. It can consume a certain amount of physical strength, but it does not make you feel tired, which makes people harvest the peace of mind and the health of the body. Its forms include jogging, tai chi, yoga, golf, fishing and more. In a fast-paced, high-stress life, the rhythm of the past, too intense exercise will cause damage to the body joints. Sometimes we understand the essence of exercise one-sidedly and equate it with intensive and intense training. In fact, the goal of our campaign is not to be more exhausted, but to be healthier. Slow exercise is a way to achieve balance between body and mind. It can help you solve your troubles, harvest the peace of mind and the health of your body.

Slow fashion
One of the characteristics of “slow fashion” clothing is to admire nature, pay attention to environmental protection, and at the same time, it is easy to replace the nylon and resin materials with “cotton cloth and hemp material” and return to it. The subtext of “slow fashion” clothing is that shopping can also save the planet. Slow fashion has not only appeared in big-name fashion shows such as 缪缪, Fendi, but also quickly occupied the star’s wardrobe.

Slow love
The so-called phenomenon of leftover women has penetrated into every aspect of our daily life, and the fast-food love model is the way for various media to cope with this phenomenon. Ever since, the TV show is true, and the people’s meeting is endless, and there is a tendency for you to sing. You have a five-minute chance to get to know the gentleman or lady in front of you about the TV show, the real person show, and the 10,000 people meeting. His character, character or other is not so important to you because you still have Many chances, there are a lot of blind date meetings, and there are many people waiting to learn with a “5 minutes.” Contrary to today’s fast-food, too unprincipled love pattern, “slow love” emphasizes simple and pure love. It is necessary to slow down yourself and appreciate and praise the things around you. Otherwise, loneliness is eternal.

It’s better to be slow in the world than to plunge into the world of craftsmanship.
To say that the origin of the cloud craft class is very pure, it is the word “like”. The former career of Eden was a media person, but in her heart, there was always a deep love for traditional crafts, and the turning point of marriage and birth was just an opportunity. In May 2013, the Suzhou embroidery class of Yun Craft began. In the absence of previous experience, the first time I recruited 15 like-minded students (usually about 10 students), almost everyone has the same Trouble: I usually study at school, go to work, especially tired, especially when I am resting, I don’t want to think about it, I want to learn a few crafts, but I don’t know where to go. “In cities, especially first-tier cities, economically developed regions, the pace of work is too fast, the pressure is generally great, and craftsmanship as a meditation lifestyle can relieve stress, bring fun, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. In fact, it has extremely strong charm and attractiveness,” Eden said. The facts also prove that this is true. The students are widely distributed, ranging from three to four years old, up to the age of 50 or 60. Many of them come from cities outside Shanghai and even from abroad. From Suzhou, Beijing, Paris, etc. Fly to learn. Eden said with a smile: “The world of crafts is actually like a river, even if the same craft is divided into various factions, and what I have to do is to build a school full of tolerance and openness. Let the people who want to learn the craft have a place to learn the craft, so that the craftsman with a skill can accept the apprentice, let a craft continue and have new development.”

The grass-dyeing course of the Cloud Crafts Class has been vacant because of some objective changes. The Eden Garden, which is full of dyeing and enthusiasm, has been topped up now. From the compilation and preparation of course materials, to the development and practice of dyes, etc., all of them personally take the lead and firmly believe in practice. Even if she knew her, she couldn’t help but think of the dyes on the course, even if she saw her plants at home. Even her daughter became a “small sapphire expert” with her ears. From the camellia to the sweet fruit of the citron, even the ginkgo leaves that are absolutely impossible to dye in rumors, etc., she was brought home to practice the possibility of dyeing, and she enjoyed it. If she is abroad, she will not forget the heart of a craftsman. During her vacation, she strolls around and sees the crafts related to the craftsmanship. The store communicates and consults with the craftsmen and directly plans how to transform into a teaching course. At the end of last year, she went to the Kyoto dyehouse to study in the middle class for the grass dyeing. After a week of intensive training, she introduced the cutting-edge grass dyeing technology to her own craft class. “I have always liked crafts very much. I didn’t have anyone to do it before. Then I did it. In order to make myself happy, after doing it, I found that many people like craftsmanship very much. They are very happy in the cloud craft class, learning and happy. It is too All right.”

In the cloud craft class, the calm time of the slow board is condensed, and the teachers and the students are here to meditation and meditation. Although for the fast-paced urbanites, few people can patiently spend three years and five years to learn a craft, but at least you can choose to take some leisure time outside the 8 hours of work. Do something that you like and can be happy from the bottom of your heart. Give your brain a whole day of vacation, liberate your hands from the keyboard, and plunge into the world of meditation, and experience the true Zen of slow life.

Beauty comes from the inner feelings
Quiet, indifferent, this may be the impression that many people who have contacted Li Le for the first time will have, but if you look through her Weibo named “Lezi砚”, I can always see her resilience and rate between the lines. . Li Le, who is a graphic designer, did not follow the pottery, but was inspired by the old friends who graduated from ceramics, the students who practiced ceramics together, and the family. From the introduction of hobbies to the present, they have their own personal ceramics. Exhibition, this process, she spent 4 years.

In the ever-changing technology, new materials are emerging in an endless stream, but there are always a group of craftsmen who are still sinking their hearts to spend time and energy, using their hands to create unique works, so that more people can slow down and touch the natural ones. Texture and texture, and Li Le is also one of them.

I like to collect leaves and shoot leaves, and maintain a simple personal space; my favorite idol is Li Bai, with his poetry companionship, you can travel far and wide… In Li Le, you can’t see those camps, The survival mode bound by the high-speed urban life is more of a kind of enthusiasm and sincerity.

In the Chinese culture, ceramics is the “art of life” rather than the “art of art”. The material of ceramics is familiar and quiet to the oriental people. Talking about the characteristics of his works, Li Le said with a smile: “My pottery is based on the classic style of the Song Dynasty. The unique shape of the fight will naturally be held in both hands. And my current feature is to present’ Have fun in the quiet.”

From the prime embryo to the tool, from the initial shape to the fire, in every step of the ceramic production process, the fragility of the ceramic is undoubted, but the magic is: its toughness is also accompanied. “This process is just like I see myself. The road to life is similar to the ceramic process. It can only move forward and cannot return to work.” Li Le said.

How to sneak in when inspiration is lost or irritated? “The moment when the inspiration is missing is when the heart is closed. At this time, I will stop the idea of ​​creation, first deal with some techniques and everyday things. Inspiration will not find itself when relaxing, but can also handle trivial things. Let the mood relax.” In the moment we seek the fast pace of life, we live simple, work lightly, appreciate the current grass and trees, understand the beauty of the moon, blue sky, cypress, perhaps the length of time It is no longer important.

Talk to plants and find initial calm in life aesthetics
Can you imagine the appearance of flowers in a picture frame? Don’t be too surprised, this can really be achieved. With the natural color as the main tone, the wood-colored photo frame, green leaves, grass and elegant flowers, plus a small amount of orange flowers as a decoration, a flower-filled photo frame is completed, this is the work of the flower artist Zhang Jie one.

Why do flowers have to be inserted in the bottle? In the process of studying the art of flower arrangement, she had a whim. Beautiful flowers should be ubiquitous, so she tried to combine a variety of household items with flowers and create a unique piece of floral work. Zhang Jie pointed at a thick and thin bamboo cut with a diagonal cut. “This is what I saw on the roadside in Japan. I feel good when I come back.” Follow her fingers and see the corners of the studio. There are rustic imported Japanese pottery, transparent glass bottles marked with English, test tubes, and small jars or pots that look completely unremarkable. “These are all flowers, some are bought by me, some are awkward. I have a red brick on the construction site. I am also awkward. After I matched some plants, my friends said that I didn’t expect the bricks to be beautiful. “”

Before studying the art, Zhang Jie was a white-collar worker doing trade work in Tokyo. He was busy with work and had no personal time. In order to relieve work pressure, she tried to learn flower arrangement. At the beginning, the Japanese flower arrangement class she enrolled was not only complicated but also strictly followed the teacher’s flower principles. Until then she met the Ma Mihua Design School and found out that it was the flower she really wanted to learn. After returning to Shanghai, she opened her own floral studio in the city.

Follow Zhang Jie to study floral courses. The choices are very diverse. They can be one-on-one. They can also be friends, or even three or five people. You can relax in leisure time or weekend for 1-2 hours. In the workroom, throw away the troubles and trivial matters, make close contact with flowers and plants, and make your own floral works. If you want to study in depth, you can also choose long-term courses or participate in interest courses to learn the flowers for various festivals and occasions. In her floral course, there is no repetition, unity, shackle from the borders of the borders, try to maximize the beauty of raw materials, and exert imagination and creativity. Take the material from life and integrate it into the overall style of the modern family. Just use the materials you can find everywhere, don’t be bound by the genre, and show the beauty of the flowers to the greatest extent, which will bring people the best feelings.

In the art and quiet atmosphere, you can enjoy the fragrant and pleasant life of the flowers and the flowers of the heavens and the earth, with flowers and flowers, flowers and hearts, flowers and friends, in a plant. Under the guidance of the flower, a flower meeting that meets unexpectedly begins. “Smell the flowers and observe the artistic conception” – floral art can make people slow down their lives and do not concentrate on their utilitarianism. The process of flower arrangement can make your irritating mood settle down and quietly understand the beauty of nature. When you are no longer chasing something, you will be able to get your senses and interpret your life with a refined temperament.