Several practical methods for enhancing endurance

Exercise pelvic floor muscles, enhance endurance
Exercise can not only make your body fit, but also make you have enough stamina. Paul Frediano, author of “The Power of Sex”, said: “Aerobic exercise can transport nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, including the reproductive organs.” Specific practice: It is best to carry out 30 ~ every day 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. In order to improve the endurance of the lower body, Freddiani also recommended that both men and women exercise on the pelvic floor muscles. Here’s how to do it: lie flat on the bed, bend your knees; contract the pelvic floor muscles, then contract the buttocks and abdominal muscles, slowly push the hips up, hold them in the high end for a few seconds, then lower them to their original position. Take 10 times as a group and do 3 groups every day.

New stimuli make the climax come quickly
It is a good thing to be familiar with the body of both parties, but sex requires the stimulation of fresh elements. New stimuli can activate certain parts of the brain to make the climax come faster. Specific practices: new environment, different order, relaxing vacations… these can make each other feel fresh, give up all kinds of taboos, and open more in sex life.
Don’t just stay at the physical level
Steve Stagatti, author of the Sexual Guidebook, said that if men pay too much attention to women’s flesh and ignore emotional and emotional exchanges, women can feel this sense of break and slowly refuse to share the same room with each other. . How to do it: Develop a common hobby, and you will find that sometimes you will suddenly feel like you are talking about speculation. Men also pay attention to the communication after the same room, which is also an important performance of gentle and considerate.
Massage strong kidney
First of all, massage the foot of the Yongquan point, massage at the foot before going to sleep is particularly suitable, massage 81 times left and right. Next, massage the Shenshu point (the lower back part), and make a ring massage for 81 times with both hands. Once again, massage the scrotum and the small abdomen, massage one hand from the lower part of the scrotum, and massage the other hand from the navel, and massage the hands for 81 times.
Try to lead women
The old concept will make both sides lose a lot of fun. The most common is that “sex life should be initiated by men” and “change position is very embarrassing.” Specific approach: Try to let women lead the process of the same room. According to the survey, 60% of men believe that “always asking for sexual requirements will reduce their desire for sex life”. In the midst of sexual life, men are also very eager to change their position with female partners. Generally, they will feel very surprised and willing to cooperate.
Look less at porn
The results of a study show that watching too many porn films can lead people to not feel the real sex life. Marie Ferry, a marriage and family relationship therapist, said: “The pornography distorts people’s body and perceptions of sexual desire, which can make people feel disappointed with the actual sex life and have unrealistic expectations for their partners.” : Use some love movies or comedy films instead of porn, which can help both parties communicate and re-recognize feelings.
Do enough foreplay
Andrew Tries, author of “Deciphering Love,” said that foreplay is very important for the same room, and both men and women can’t live without it. The correct foreplay can add lust and mobilize lust; without it, sex will become monotonous and boring. Specific practice: It is recommended to start from the age of 25, for every 5 years of age, the foreplay time is extended by 2 to 5 minutes. You can also use some small toys that help “sex” or play some small games that help “sex”.