Seize the opportunity of “industry by the Internet”

The Industrial Internet is a huge opportunity for the next decade. why? Because new technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence are rebuilding the deep industry value chain of traditional industries, the core competitiveness of each enterprise is being reshaped. Of course, the future industry Internet is not “industry + Internet” but “industry × Internet”.

Seize the opportunity of “Industry × Internet”

In the course of the development of the Internet, every digital builder and leader has faced challenges. I have summarized seven important summaries, which I call “seven sins.” First, the chimney type: the traditional IT system is like a chimney, but the number is large but each is independent and not connected; the second is big and heavy: each system is large, stupid and heavy; the third is the data “pot”: each system has A lot of data, but the data can not be effectively used; the fourth is old-fashioned and not innovative: the system that has been used for many years is not easy to abandon, not dare to make big changes; the fifth is to control rather than empower: managers are always habitual Control; Six is ​​possession rather than link: Many companies like to build their own teams, do not share resources with the market; seventh is the leader’s self-restraint.

The digital transformation of the industrial Internet faces these seven challenges. What should we do? How do we break through our shackles? What is the way to grow? If we can find the way to grow, we can find the same in change, no matter what complicated situation, we can be calm.

The emerging technologies of the Internet have brought profound impact to every enterprise and every industry, and many scenes have changed. New technologies break the boundaries between people, and technological innovation, business model changes, and management model changes will create an Internet multiplier effect.

How do we take advantage of this opportunity to seize this opportunity? I want to share with you the experience of my study. I summed it up as a philosophical path, that is, the “Heart-Tao-De-Thing” quad.

When we encounter everything and encounter bottlenecks, if we work hard on “things”, we will have little effect. Focusing on “things” will constrain our vision to only deal with things in front of us, only seeing the appearance and not seeing it. Essence; but if you work hard on “German”, it will be fruitful. “German” is benevolence, mind, wisdom, energy, courage. We have the courage to dare to face the challenge. If we don’t put these constraints in our eyes, we can overcome it. Overcome; but benevolence, mind, wisdom, energy, courage are fluctuating, we should work harder at a higher level, that is, “dao”, “dao” is the realm and pattern.

If a person has a higher realm and pattern, he or she will have a “de”, and the bottleneck on the “thing” can be solved quickly and smoothly. “Tao” is the realm and pattern. What does it have to do with us?

Where does the “Tao” come from? Many of us want “de” to be ten years, and we want “dao” to even use a lifetime. Where does “dao” come from? In fact, the Tao is from the “heart”. As long as we are clear-minded and pure-hearted, we can have “Tao”. Find the “dao”.

We have encountered the traditional IT bottlenecks such as chimney, bulky and data “pot”. In the past, we were still conservative and dare not move. In this context, we must transcend “Tao” and “German” to a large extent. “Things”, working hard on the “heart”, breaking through the bottleneck of “heart” injury, through the clear heart, the net heart can overcome the challenge, break through the bottleneck, and change invariably.

Leaders are self-restraint because of uncertainty and greed

Why are leaders self-restraint? In fact, it is mainly two inner thoughts that make us dare not move, dare to face challenges, and dare not break through the bottleneck:

One is unknown. Unknown is not knowing that “I don’t know myself”, that is, we have no higher realm and pattern, we can’t see the above. If there is a higher level and pattern, see below can also be clear.

The second is greed. What is greed? Greed is bad thoughts and bad behaviors. People’s longing for a better life is not greed, but over-the-top, hoping to have something that should not belong to you, is greed. Keeping old, controlling, and possessing these are all greed.

This is the bottleneck encountered in everyone’s transformation. How do we break through? In accordance with the “Heart-Tao-De-Is” four-part series, the quality of your soul determines your achievement and life. The quality of your heart determines whether your transformation can succeed. How can we improve the realm, pattern, and spiritual quality of everyone? That is to break through the constraints of the leader himself. I have two ways to share with you. One is to use the clear heart to break through the unknown, and the other is to use the net heart to overcome greed.

How is it clear? There are two beliefs: First, I believe that there are endless treasures in my heart. In the process of dramatic digital transformation, in the past, our IT encountered many problems and a series of bottlenecks, just like the “data pot” and ” Big and bulky, “chimney-style”, but the treasures in our hearts are many times larger than those difficulties, and thinking of these has the courage to overcome the bottleneck.

The second is to believe that the great truth of life is the action and reaction, that is, cause and effect. Everyone seeks fruit, and the wise man seeks cause. As long as you work hard on the cause, your heart is hardworking, such as walking on thin ice and fighting, we must not have bad thoughts and do not have bad impulses. We believe that enterprises will be good.

Breaking the boat and smashing the boat

In the transformation of Kingdee, I also have a deep understanding. For example, on May 4, 2014, I got rid of the laptop. So we did the mobile work of Cloud Home. On August 8 of the same year, I got rid of the server. At that time, our cloud computing was zero, cloud service was zero, nothing was there. We broke the boat and believed that there was more energy in our hearts. After we lost it, we started the innovation and entrepreneurship of Kingdee Cloud Service.

On May 4th, 2016, the office partition was cut off and the boundaries of the business were removed.

On May 4th, 2017, I got rid of the boss chair and ERP, activated the organization and everyone.

Last May 4th, broke the wall of finance and business.

Today we are completely liberated, breaking the bondage of the body. I believe that the future of Kingdee will be even better. We have sufficient confidence in the transformation of the industrial Internet, so we must have these two beliefs.

In fact, digital transformation is not so easy. We will encounter great difficulties and obstacles, but as long as we believe that there are endless treasures in our hearts, we can overcome these challenges and difficulties by believing in behavioral actions and counteractions.

Three years ago, Kingdee’s Kingdee Cloud and Starry Sky business grew at a high speed. Under this circumstance, we started the construction of a larger platform. This platform is Kingdee Cloud and Cangwu.

We have been working in this industry for 26 years. We have a dream to surpass international friends and believe that the wisdom of Chinese people is no worse than them. The era of industrial Internet began to invest hundreds of millions of yuan to build Kingdee Cloud three or four years ago. Cangwu, can have today, because I believe that our team, like the lyrics written by Yan Fei, is “the vastness of the sky, I have made countless stars for you, and I am so eager to keep my true love for my dreams.”

It is because of trust, because we have dreams, because of our “heart”, our team can persist until now, we can proudly say that we play an important role in the transformation of the industrial Internet, we can work together with you mutual encouragement. At the end of last year, I launched the WeChat public service number “Xu Shaochun Personal Number”. Now I can receive letters, complaints and even complaints from hundreds of customers every day. However, I don’t panic after seeing it, but I am very happy. In the past 26 years of business, we have been too far away from our customers. Today we have the opportunity to stand with them again and listen to his inner call. I am very excited.

Let me tell you how to be clean. The heart of a person is like a mirror. We need to wipe and remove dirt frequently. Therefore, we must observe each heart and mind, and reflect on bad thoughts and guide good thoughts. The net heart is a commonplace for me. I have countless times of introspection every day. Every time I reflect, it makes people feel particularly relaxed.

Therefore, a net heart, a person who is good at reflection, a person who is good at self-criticism, his life will continue to progress, and he will become more and more free and easy to grow. “Heart”, “Tao”, “German” and “Thing” seem to be very simple, but it is the path of our transformation of the mind, philosophy, and success. I hope to help everyone.

In the era of industrial Internet, as a digital leader, what is the “dao” of our growth? I think that the “dao” of growth is “heart-dao-de–things”. In one sentence, it is “the heart is clear, the bottleneck is broken, the symbiosis is achieved, and each other is achieved.”

As long as we achieve our customers, our customers will be good to us. We only have “direct symbiosis, in order to create a win-win situation.” By studying Yangming’s psychology and practicing our conscience, we have determined our business philosophy: the desire of business operators for growth is our goal. Growth is not only to help expand the scale of business, increase profits, and enterprises. We grow up, and we also have the responsibility and mission to help everyone in the company grow.

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