Rumors about litchi

Litchi is known as the “fruit king”, and its nutritional value and medicinal value have long been known to all. However, for the rumors of “bubble water”, “lowering blood sugar”, “can reduce fire” and “can lose weight”, how many do you believe?

Proverb one: Litchi “bubble” water color preservation

Truth: The so-called “bubble syrup” is actually just a way to preserve the lychee by citric acid and salt mixed with ice water. This is a double insurance method for fruit farmers and wholesalers. The former can reduce the fungus on the surface of the litchi shell and leave the peel in a slightly acidic environment to delay its discoloration. The latter is a plant that uses low temperature to inhibit the respiration rate of lychee, which serves to preserve freshness and prolong storage time.

It is impossible to smear the sulphuric acid and dilute hydrochloric acid. The lychee itself is a weakly acidic fruit. After spraying with a diluted 100 times diluted hydrochloric acid solution, the lychee also exhibits strong acidity. This so-called preservation method is simply not desirable. If lychee is treated with sulphur dioxide or hydrochloric acid, it will have a pungent odor, and it will easily cause deterioration of the flesh, which is not worth the loss for the trader.

Proverb 2: Children who eat “pour lychee” will get hand, foot and mouth disease

Truth: Hand, foot and mouth disease is an acute infectious disease caused by enterovirus. The syrup used to soak the lychee is used for preservation and preservation. It does not produce enterovirus at all, and it does not help spread the virus at all.

Proverb 3: Diabetic people eat blood sugar lowering

The truth: Litchi is very sweet, with more than 16% sugar. The reason why a large amount of lychee causes hypoglycemia is that the sugar contained in lychee is mostly fructose. Excessive consumption, insulin is stimulated a large amount of secretion, resulting in lower body blood sugar. At the same time, fructose does not have time to be converted into glucose, can not be timely added blood sugar, under the dual effect will produce hypoglycemia symptoms. The insulin secretion function of diabetic patients is not good, and eating more lychee will make the disease worse.

The rumors are not credible, how to eat lychee healthily, we should also know these points:

1. Soak the lychee with salt water to remove the heat. Peel the lychee off the outer shell (do not peel off the white film outside the pulp), soak it in 30% brine with salt for 1 hour and remove it.

2. Do not exceed 10 foods at a time. Eating more will cause the liver to rise, the throat is dry, and it will cause discomfort such as nausea, weakness in the limbs, and dizziness. Especially for children, you can eat 3 to 4 capsules, and eat more heat.

3. Drink some soup to prevent getting angry. You can drink more salt water while eating lychee. You can also drink lean meat, pork bone soup, or drink with candied dates to prevent getting angry. You can also take mung bean soup or green tea water in moderation to reduce the symptoms of litchi.